Author: Akhil Venu

phnom penh cambodia

The Phnom Penh of Cambodia

“Jholumoy” Sothama raised the toast and we joined him. Jholumoy means ‘cheers’ in the Khmer language. “In Spanish we say Salude”, said Almu. The Polish word was too hard that I can’t remember it at the moment but we all laughed trying to repeat it after Alex and his fiancée. “What do u say in India, Akhil?” Rothang asked. “Uhmmmmm…we just say cheers. Easy!” I excused! (But, seriously? Don’t we have a translation for this stupid little word?) It was the second day of my trip to Phnom penh, when I received Rathong’s message via couch surfing, offering to host me at Siem Reap. My budget and my gut feeling pushed me to accept the offer and stay with the “Angkor family home” which turned out to be a great move. If you are a budget backpacker and traveling to Angkor wat, this is the place for you. Great vibes, genuine hearts and a chance to make friends with nomads from around the globe. But before talking about Siem Reap, let’s go back to Phnom …