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Automatic Headlight On (AHO) for all two wheeler

Automatic Headlight On

Automatic Headlight On ( AHO) or simply Auto Headlamps are going to be mandatory for all two wheeler which are to be produced from 2017 onward. The central government of India has made it mandatory for all two wheeler  be equipped with Auto Headlamps. Both the scooters and motorcycles are set to get two new safety features.

This includes an auto Headlamp, and a sound device that can alert the people around for any accidents. The exact details for these enhancements  will be made available in time.

The Transport ministry has discussed regarding this safety measures with the automobile companies and thus a set of norms have been set up for the same.

No Headlight Switch

The new motorcycles and scooters which will come up with the Automatic Headlight On(AHO) feature will not have any switch for the riders to turn the headlights on or off.

It will be powered on automatically when the engine starts. Experts on the automobile safety said that the AHO system will have more use during dawn and dusk when the visibility is less.

Already an international standard

The Automobile Research Association of India ( ARAI), has already made a detailed presentation to the Transport minister Nitin Gadkari regarding the same.

The Supreme Court appointed committee on road safety had already pushed this feature to get implemented in India where the larger population depends on two wheeler rather than cars due to the fuel expenses.

This feature has been in place in Europe from 2003 onward.

Bike Trips can get more safer

As Bike trips has become one of the most common way of travelling nowadays, the need for safety during riding has been a keen factor.

These type of safety measures can definitely reduce the number of road accidents happening in India (which is at an all time high of 32524 people getting killed last year).

So if you are planning to buy a new motorcycle or scooter this year, check whether it can wait till 2017 so that you can be part of a new standard which can definitely aid you in long trips.

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