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North Sentinel Island

Sentinel Island, World’s most inaccessible place!

You will be definitely surprised if you are hearing this story for the first time, the story of an Indian island where the intruders are not allowed to enter. Neither the travelers nor the government can enter there even though this island is part of India. They will receive you with bows and arrows! The Indian government has thus declared the entire island, to be an exclusion zone. Interesting? Well, I am talking about North Sentinel Island. North Sentinel Island is one of the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal. It lies to the west of the southern part of South Andaman Island. No need to panic if you have plans to visit Andaman Islands for your honeymoon, since this island is one among the 100 island groups of Andaman. The Sentinelese The usual tribes of Andaman Islands , The Sentinelese is almost similar to this group of tribes A group of tribes, the Sentinelese are the indigenous people lives on the North Sentinel Island. They are living there peacefully by managing with fishing …

Great flood of 99

The great flood of 99 , Which devastated Munnar

The Charming beauty of Munnar is not a new thing to write upon. When the British visited Munnar, they found one more thing other than the soothing climate. It was none other than the magic of Munnar for Tea plants. Rest is history. The 160 year old tea plantation in Kolukkumalai is still young and healthy. The World’s highest orthodox tea plantation has given the finest quality of tea leaves. The Kannan Devan plantations and others in and around Munnar are the most commonly heard in a visit to Munnar. One will not hear a fact that, one of the offices of the Kannan devan was an important railway station in Munnar about a 100 years back. Munnar Before 1924 The English men found reached Munnar on the year 1790. Very few native families were present during that time who were distributed in the Kerala and Tamil Nadu part of now. Soon, the advent of Tea plantations started in Munnar. By the year 1880, when the Kannan Devan plantations were started, around 50 acres of …


Pillar Rocks and David Gelli’s great tribute of love

Whoever visiting Kodaikanal can’t skip the majestic view of pillar rocks. Some travelers are lucky to see the clear view of pillar rocks and some are unlucky, they might have seen only the partial view of the rocks covered by mist. Pillar rocks were always a miracle for the tourists. Travelers who had visited pillar rocks at earlier point of time might have seen a big white cross of almost 30 feet height on the rocks. Once that cross was a point of attraction for all the visitors, but now that cross is not there on the rocks. The cross would have been a normal thing if there weren’t any story behind it, but it has a story to tell. This is not a fabricated story it’s a history. That cross is one of the saddest symbol of everlasting love. Story of David Gelli and the tribute of his love Some tourist guides and shopkeepers in that area knows this story very well. The David Gelli from England has fallen love with Kodaikanal and its …