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Jatayu nature park at chadayamangalam

Jatayu para

Jatayupara(Jadayupara) at Chadayamangalam is getting ready with the attraction of international standards. Soon the Jatayupara will become the Jatayu nature park. The Jatayu Para, having mythical importance, is a 1,200-feet high rock standing on an area of sixty acres.

The park will have the largest bird sculpture of the world on top of the hill(200 feet long, 150 feet broad, 70 feet in height and having 15,000 square foot of floor area). The sculpture is that of the mythical bird Jatayu, who is said to have fallen after the fight with the Asura King Ravan who Kidnapped Sita, the wife of Lord Rama.

History of Jatayupara

The place has connections to the stories in the Hindu Indian epic called the Ramayana. History says that, when Ravan the king of asuras, kidnapped “Sita” wife of Lord Sri Rama and tried to take her to his kingdom Lanka, Jatayu the huge bird opposes and result in a battle between them.

Jatayu is the son of Aruna and nephew of Garuda who has the form of a vulture. When Ravan was on his way to Lanka on his flying chariot after abducting Sita, he encountered Jatayu.

In the war Ravan slit Jatayu’s one wing and escaped to Lanka with Sita. With a fatal wound, Jatayu falls on top of a big rock. Later Rama & Lakshmana found wounded Jatayu and Jatayu passed the message and died on the laps of Rama. Hence, the rock got the name Jatayupara.

This noble souled bird could not bear to hear poor Sita’s cry for help and got into a fight with the mighty Ravan. Ravan cut off Jatayu’s wings and he collapsed. Jatayu Para is well known as a tourist destination and a place of pilgrimage.

Jatayu Nature Park

Jatayu nature park

Jatayu Nature Park unravels a journey that reveals to you the beautifully interweaved set of compositions by Shri Rajiv Anchal, which brings together an experience that touches the varied dimensions of art, epics, history, technology, siddha and adventure.

Jatayu Nature Park unveils the advent of new milestone in the history of Kerala tourism, the ‘flag off’ to an experience, which challenges and supersedes the existing! The curtain to the much awaited tourism destination is all set to rise.

The nature park is also set to have Ayurvedic Cave resorts and many adventure games like Paint ball, rock climbing, bouldering, archery, etc. The park is situated close to the Main Central Road in Kollam District of Kerala.

How to reach Jatayu Nature Park

Jatayu Nature Park  is easily accessible from the Kerala’s capital city Trivandrum as well at a distance of 48KM.

Nearest railway station: Kollam, about 38 km
Nearest airport: Trivandrum International Airport, about 51 km

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