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The enchanting meadows of Uluppuni, Idukki


Kerala is blessed with so much of greenery unlike other destinations in India. The meadows and tea estates are the real contributors of this natural beauty. Meadows are of ecological importance because they are open, sunny areas that attract and support flora and fauna that couldn’t thrive in other conditions.


The Vagamon and Wayanad are so popular for the green meadows and most of you (From Kerala) might have conquered these destinations by this time. Now I have a charming destination to share with you near Vagamon.

The lush and green meadows

Travelers visiting Vagamon can definitely consider this beautiful destination in their travel bucket. Uluppuni is around 16kms from vagamon towards pulikanam route.


The major attraction of Uluppuni is the picturesque meadows. whoever visited Vagamon might have seen the real beauty of meadows there. One can see the even better version of the meadows at Uluppuni.


Uluppuni journey will be a very good trekking experience and worth putting some efforts to see the majestic scenery. The route is completely in an off-road condition which can offer you certain level of adventure also.

Almost 7 kms needs to be traveled in this off-road for the view points. You can see the Kulamavu Dam reservoir from the view point which is exceptionally beautiful from the hill top.


One of the famous malayalam action drama movie, Iyobinte Pusthakam (The book of Iyob ) has shot in Uluppuni. This enchanting beauty is not yet commercialized like Vagamon and Nearby destinations.

I am recommending this destinations for the adventure trekkers and nature lovers. The fresh air and the cool breeze at the Uluppuni will never make you feel returning from there.

How to reach Uluppuni

Basically there are two routes to reach Uluppuni. One is through Chottupara Junction before reaching Vagamon. Next is through Moolamattam , which is a complete off-road route. You can not take your four-wheeler till the hill station.

Did I tempted you for another trip ? share your thoughts in comments.

Image Credits :  Nikhil John


  1. It was very usefull. Is there any option to stay at night in ulupuni hills? If we are arranging tent.

  2. Alby T.Roy says

    This is Alby
    I’M form Piravom
    Uluppuni it’s off road or normal road..
    I have Ritz and I’m planning for a family one day trip..please advise me how to reach n near any greenery attraction..
    Regards ,

    • MovingShoe says

      You can find a lean passing on the side of Church in Uluppuni. From there 1.5 km drive takes you to a beautiful land. Keep in mind that you can reach destination only in Thar or Jeeps capable for offroad drive.I don’t think it will be a good idea to take Ritz with you for the trip.You can also reach Uluppuni by foot walk.

  3. Hai
    Thanks for your information regarding this unknown destination in Kerala. Planning next trip to Uluppuni. I think the Natural beauty of Kerala can be visible from here!

    • MovingShoe says

      Yes you can.There are areas where road is slightly lean where you need to showcase the real driver cum adventurer in you 🙂

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