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Seetharkundu Viewpoint Nelliyampathy

seetharkundu viewpoint

Seetharkundu Viewpoint is situated at a distance of 8 Kms from Nelliyampathy. This view point should be there if you are compiling a list of places to visit in Nelliyampathy. When I heard the name of the place for the first time, even I thought of the relation of Ramayana (The Ramayana is a Sanskrit epic poem ascribed to the Hindu sage and Sanskrit poet Valmiki).

It is said that Lord Rama, Goddess Sita (She is King Janaka’s daughter and Rama’s beloved wife) and Lord Lakshman rested at this place in the period of their exile.

One of the prime attractions here is the waterfall. A stream runs down from here to form a small lake. Sita took bath in the stream here and hence the place is called Seetharkundu, the legend says.

Breath taking view pointOne of the breath taking view point

Seetharkundu view point is inside Poabs Tea Estate, which is spread in hundreds of acres in Nelliyampathy. We need to walk for around 10 minutes to see the waterfalls which was pretty distant but worth it.

There is a shop inside for tea, snacks and drinks but I recommend to carry something in your bag which you likes most. The options are very limited so better have it something in your bags.

Adorned with Seetharkundu Waterfall falling from an altitude of 100 ft and flanked by paddy fields, you will also find the aroma of coffee in the air from coffee fields as well as tea plantations. Tea plantations in this area is really a visual treat for your eyes

Tea estate seetharkundu viewpointTea estate Seetharkundu Viewpoint

.Monkeys are plenty enough in this area so keep your kids very close to you, If you are traveling with your family. When you see the breath taking viewpoints you can’t shut your mouth, definitely you will say marvelous.

Seetharkundu viewpoint is amazingly beautiful from where we can see the area view of Palakkad city.

gooseberry plantThe very common gooseberry plant at Nelliyampathy

How to reach Seetharkundu Viewpoint

By Rail: Nearest railway station is Kollengode(PGT) railway station.
By Air: Nearest airport terminal is Coimbatore International Airport.

Where to stay in Nelliyampathy

Palakkad has a wide range of hotels to choose from. Of all the accommodation options available Green Park Hotel is a recommended place to stay. Misty valley resort is also a good option if you are really adventurous.

Season/When to visit Seetharkundu Viewpoint

The waterfall has pleasant climate throughout the year except in summers. Ideal time to visit this waterfall is from July until March.

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