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Best trekking places in kerala

Agasthyarkoodam trekking Agasthyarkoodam (Agasthyakoodam) is the second highest peak in Kerala and one of the best trekking places in Kerala. The mountains are almost at a height of 6,129 ft. above sea level. The trek to the peak is almost 28 km from the Bonacaud and it will take 2 days to complete the trekking. View from Agasthyarkoodam This trek can offer an experience like never before. One will never disappointed in the trekking because it can offer such an amazing delight of spectacular views. Definitely this is an experience of exploration. The splendor of nature, the stillness in the valleys, the astounding views of vegetation, the ardent display of Flora and fauna, the delight of tenderness in the air all will be a new experience for the traveler. Unlike other trekking places, Agashyarkoodam trekking needs permission from the Kerala Forest Department and we have the provision to book the same online from their official website As per the latest information it will cost 500 INR per head and maximum 100 people are allowed in …