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To Meenmutty, the beauty in Kallar

The parts of Western Ghats in the most remote areas of the Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram) district is always known to be amazingly beautiful. Meenmutty is undoubtedly one among them. The beauty and the easiness to attain perfect refreshment make it a regular getaway place. We chose to go to Meenmutty to get refreshed and to welcome the weekend.  If we go there, we have the luxury of extending the trip to Ponmudi hill station located only 15 KM from Meenmutty. Additionally the road condition is also fair. So all in all, the ride is be worth going. The stones on the trekking path to Meenmutty waterfalls  At a distance of only 45 KM from Trivandrum, Meenmutty will not take much time. Any vehicle can be used for Meenmutty with Bike or Car being the best among all. We started off in a car in the Trivandrum Nedumangad Ponmudi route. You will find any type of restaurants in the route and we chose a budget Aryaas restaurant ( which is the most common vegetarian restaurant name you …