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Pulikode Waterfalls Kasaragod

Pulikode waterfalls, the least exposed beauty of Kasaragod

Kerala is enriched with number of majestic waterfalls as a gift of Western Ghats. Athirappilly waterfalls, Meenmutty Waterfalls, Palaruvi Waterfalls, Soochipara Waterfalls and Maramala waterfalls are some among them. Almost all districts of Kerala is having at least one waterfall except Alappuzha. But when it comes to Kasaragod district, waterfalls are least exposed to the outside world. Kasaragod is often named as land of Lords and Forts and one of the most beautiful districts in Kerala state endowed with 9 rivers, hills, beaches, backwaters, as well as temples. Pulikode waterfalls Kottodi Pulikode waterfalls at Kottodi is now drawing tourists in droves. Many people are visiting the spot to enjoy this spectacular view, a gift of the monsoon season. The waterfall is formed by the tributaries of area Prayampallam, Chulli, and Kollampana. Water from all of them falls from a height of around 40 feet. Badiyadka panchayat has launched efforts to invite the attention of tourists to the waterfall, which is situated in a border village, and thereby boost the tourism potential of the panchayat. Badiyadka …