About us

Movingshoe.com…!!! How’s it?

Yes dude..!! This sounds perfect. It resembles us, our dream and overall what we intend to do.

This was our feeling when we came up with the name of our website. Movingshoe.com is an innovation of a group of six individuals, who like to call themselves ‘travellers’. We are basically a group of IT Professionals from India who are passionate about travelling and exploring the globe. Our day starts with looking up some place of the world on the internet, and then there’s a wild craving in us to cover that place some day. Soon, we indulge ourselves on planning our weekend trips. We believe that world is a beautiful place and we dream to witness its beauty.

Frankly speaking, we are living in a very busy world. Unknowingly, our life has become confined to our workplaces,where we are spending most of our time. We are getting stuck in the shackles of targets, PowerPoint presentations,deadlines, milestones deliverable and what not? In the process of coming out from these shackles, we are forgetting the fact that, there lies a beautiful world outside our workplace.

We should consider ourselves lucky and blessed to be a part of the only known planet which supports flora and fauna.Earth is a majestic place with so much of diversities, like you have several landscapes, deserts, forests, various kind of people, cultures, festivals, cuisines, monuments, natural wonders, phenomenal architectures, ocean, beaches,caves and what not. Isn’t it going to be bad on our part, if we don’t witness the wonders we possess.

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.

Through the evolution of internet, the world has become a smaller place. This is our biggest advantage, as we have all the information on our fingertips. Almost all attraction of the world, are available on the internet with photos and several descriptions. What the internet doesn’t provide us is the experience of enjoying that place, witnessing that place and enjoying every bit of that place. As the saying goes:

Investment in travel is an investment in you.

What we intend to do

We at Movingshoe.com, aim to provide a platform where people can virtually take a tour of the place that we have been to till date and get benefitted in planning their trips. We don’t believe in the fact that there is nothing to see and experience in a particular place. We believe that each place is unique and it definitely has something mesmerizing to offer. We tend to experience a place with a difference. We plan hard, in fact harder to get all the things in place. Before leaving for a trip, we do our research and we believe in exploring and enjoying that place in a ‘never seen/done before way’.

Via this platform, we thrive to provide every minute detail of the places that we have covered, so that it benefits you in every possible way. It is our constant effort to improve in our way of highlighting our experiences; therefore yourcomments and suggestions are highly welcomed.

What you can expect

Our team is dynamic and we all belong from different parts of India. Hence, you can expect us to deliver wide verities of experiences from different parts of India and globe. It gives us immense pleasure to explore the ‘Never heard of places’in a unique way. All our trips are unique and give us different challenges and pleasures. You can expect us to describe all these challenges so that you can ignore those and make your trip an unforgettable one. Apart from that you can expect us to mind all minute details and information that can be a huge help for you to plan your trips.

Check out for the ‘Never heard of places’ explored by the Movingshoe.com team and plan your itinerary and prepare yourself to experience the inexperienced.“Our mission is to witness and experience all the countries of the world and we commit ourselves to share our experience in order to help any fellow traveler to plan and experience the same.”

Have faith in yourself, have courage to take the first step, have a determination to travel, make a plan to execute and let yourself experience the wonderful planet named Earth.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.

We invite you all to join us and to make a move and keep exploring the world. You can subscribe to our newsletters for getting the latest updates. Wanna talk something personal with us? Don’t hesitate you can contact with us through [email protected]

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s make a move…!!!