Author: Emma Lewis


7 tips for organizing your first overseas travel with your kids

Going overseas with your family means being able to share some truly precious memories, as well as introducing your kids to a whole world of new possibilities. However, it can be daunting that first time, as there is so much more to think about than when you were travelling without them. Use these seven tips to help you get it right. Plan as much as possible When you’re on the move with kids, it’s difficult to work things out on the fly. You might think that you will play things by ear, decide when and where to go based on how you feel, and just wander around until you find a restaurant for lunch or dinner. The reality is that kids often require a lot more planning. You don’t want a grouchy toddler crying about being hungry, or refusing to walk any further because they’re tired. Know the area you’re going to, and research where you’ll be able to go and how to travel. But be flexible.. At the same time, it’s important to remember …