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Why you should not miss this beautiful sunsets

Best sunsets in the world

The beauty of sunset is something which has never failed to any. It is a treat to watch the sun bidding good bye for the day and passing on the baton to the moon. Both sunset and sunrise are something which is no doubt the most photographed events in the world. Avid nature lovers never fail to describe this beauty and go that extra mile to witness it and capture those moments. The way sky changes it’s colors, the way birds starts returning to their nests, the way temperature starts dipping, the way sun’s heat subsidize is absolutely phenomenal and a treat to witness and experience. The beauty of sunset is such that it holds a special significance in any language’s literature and had imesmerize nspired numerous writers and poets. In this article we have tried to present a compilation of sunset to celebrate the beauty of nature.

People say that the best place to witness and enjoy the sunset is at beaches. Watching the sunset at beaches is an experience of its own. The reflection of the sun on ocean and the sea waves makes it an absolute joy to enjoy the sunset.

lighthouse beach sunset

Light House Beach of Cochin

This picture was taken at the Light House Beach of Cochin. It was a cloudy and we waited for this phenomenon and the sun didn’t disappoint us.

Kappil Beach sunset

Kappil Beach near Trivandrum

We stated with a determination to enjoy the beauty of Kappil Beach and backwaters. Of course, the sunset was there on the agenda. We had to drive really fast to be on time to capture this beautiful scene of the sun bidding good bye for the day.

Kannur Beach Sunset

Drive-in beach Kannur

The drive-in beach of Kannur is the only drive in beach of Kerala and a wonderful place to be during evenings. With the white smooth sand and the sunset at the background is something really special.

Kovalam Beach Sunset

Kovalam Beach Trivandrum

Kovalam beach has earned its name at international stage and is one of the most famous beaches of India. It attracts a lot of tourists throughout the year and a view of sunset on any evening is something to look for.

Kochi Marine drive sunset

Marine Drive Cochin

Marine Drive is one of the best places in Cochin to hang around in evening with your friends and family. Enjoying the sunset with a cup of tea at Marine Drive is an experience of its own.

Varkala Sunset

Varkala Beach Trivandrum

This offbeat beach is now swiftly gaining popularity among Indian and foreign tourist due to its sheer beauty and cleanliness. The beach really fascinated us and so does the sunset.

Now it’s proved that beaches are the best place to enjoy sunset. But, the pictures below might force you to re think on that statement.

This picture was taken at the Century Park of Shanghai. Century Park can easily be listed as one of the best parks of the world. This park spreading in an area of 140 hectare is a mix of Eastern and Western landscape architecture. This sunset picture can just give you an idea about the beauty of the park.

Century Park Shanghai

Century Park Shanghai

Well, ever imagined how a sunset will look form an airport. Yes, it sounds very unfamiliar, but the scene of flights taking off with the sunset at background is just phenomenal. Just have a look.

Hongqiao Airport Shanghai

Hongqiao Airport Shanghai

Another flight takes off while the sun bids good bye.

Hongqiao Airport ShanghaiHongqiao Airport Shanghai

Hampi, the UNESCO World Heritage site is the most famous tourist destination in Karnataka. Apart from the beautiful monuments and landscapes, Hampi offers one of the best places in India to enjoy the sunset. How about enjoying the sunset from a hilltop with a panaromic view of the Hampi city at your disposal? This picture was taken at the Malayavanta Raghunatha Temple, the best place to enjoy the sunset in Hampi.

Raghunatha Temple

Malayavanta Raghunatha Temple, Hampi

Well, let’s think of some unusual places to witness the sunset. Mind you, it is a real thrill to witness the sunset through city landscapes. Here are few samples for you to enjoy.

Here you can witness the sunset through the city landscape in Shanghai, China.

Sunset at Shanghai City

Sunset at Shanghai City

This one was clicked at the ancient city of Qibao Shanghai. The picture displays the modernization, history and nature in one string.


Qibao Ancient City, Shanghai

Namma Bengaluru never fails to surprise us, and it was the same what we felt while compiling the sunset pictures.

sunset at banglore

Prestige Tech Park 2, Bangalore

West Lake is considered to be the most beautiful sights in China. West Lake is situated in the western suburbs of the historic center of Hangzhou, China. West Lake is the symbol of Hangzhou, and the sunset here on a chilly evening is as beautiful as the place.

West Lake, Hangzhou, China


West Lake, Hangzhou, China

Well, forests can also be an exciting place to enjoy the sunset. This picture was taken at one of the best natural beauties of Kerala, Nelliyampathy.

Nelliyampathy Sunset

Nelliyampathy, Kerala

We hope you have enjoyed our compilation, and this article would encourage you to further enjoy this natural beauty of sunset.

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