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Best trekking places in kerala


Agasthyarkoodam trekking

Agasthyarkoodam (Agasthyakoodam) is the second highest peak in Kerala and one of the best trekking places in Kerala. The mountains are almost at a height of 6,129 ft. above sea level. The trek to the peak is almost 28 km from the Bonacaud and it will take 2 days to complete the trekking.

Agasthyarkoodam TrekkingView from Agasthyarkoodam

This trek can offer an experience like never before. One will never disappointed in the trekking because it can offer such an amazing delight of spectacular views. Definitely this is an experience of exploration.

The splendor of nature, the stillness in the valleys, the astounding views of vegetation, the ardent display of Flora and fauna, the delight of tenderness in the air all will be a new experience for the traveler.

Unlike other trekking places, Agashyarkoodam trekking needs permission from the Kerala Forest Department and we have the provision to book the same online from their official website

As per the latest information it will cost 500 INR per head and maximum 100 people are allowed in one day.

The trekking program has designed in such a way that, first day will cover the 20km from the Bonacaud base station to the forest camp at the hill top.

Elephants and wild bulls are in abundance in this part especially in the evenings. Second day can cover the 8kms from the Athirumala camp to the top of Agathyakoodam.

A trek may take a toll on our body and mind. There are moments when every step forward required enormous effort. There are moments where we can see our camp at a distance but strongly feel that we can’t do it. Push yourself and make a move.

Meesapulimala trekking

Meeshapulimala, an unheard but one of the most adventurous place to reach in the Kerala’s own Western Ghats for all seasons got into many minds recently. Yes again, it’s the magic of Cinema which bought it so many fans like Gavi.

The exact feeling of the Meeshapulimala trek is to be felt rather than to be written. Being to the second largest height (first goes to Anamudi which is inaccessible for public) of Kerala is always special. More when it is in the beauty of Western Ghats.

MeesapulimalaMeesapulimala [Photo Credits : Akhil Venu ]

Munnar, famous for its tea estates and climate is the best place to start your journey to this amazing place. As it is an already established and a popular tourist place of Kerala, there are a number of lovely spots and attractions.

The trek for Meesapulimala starts from the base camp about 30 KM from Munnar. The trekking distance is roughly 12 KM which will take you to the highest point of Meesapulimala.

It’s tiring and adventurous at the same time but the beauty of the peak makes you feel the excitement more. Never miss Meeshapulimala in your trip to Kerala.

Stay details will be available in the following link

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Chembara Peak trekking

Chembra peak adjoins Nilgiri hills in Tamil Nadu and Vallarimala in Kozhikode. From the town of Meppady you can reach the peak through walking. Eight kilometer south of Kalpetta, near to the town of Meppady, lays the highest peak in Wayanad, the Chembra Peak (2,100 m).

Chempara PeakChempara Peak

It will take at least three hours to reach the top point of Chembra peak. On the way to this peak, you can sight a heart shaped lake, which is said to have never dried up. It is one of the topmost attractions of this peak.

From the top of the peak, you will get wondered by seeing the whole Wayanad. You can also sight Kozhikode, Malappuram and Niligiri districts from here. You will get amazed with the enthralling beauty of the nature here.
There are numerous peaks nearby Chambra peak.

But it is difficult to climb into those, as they are covered with dense forests. The trekking charges for a group of 10 members to Chembra peak, is Rs.500 and for international tourists the amount is Rs.1000 for a group.

Total length of trek is about 4.5 Kms (onside). Distance between trek starting point till watch tower is about 1KMS. From watch tower to Heart shape lake is about 2 KMS far. Distance between heart shaped lake and Chembra peak is about 1.5 KMS.

This is moderate trek for average trekker. Trek from starting point till watch tower is pretty easy. From watch tower till heart shape lake trek difficulty level is easy.

Actual difficulty starts from heart shape lake. From heart shape lake till peak trek is difficult. Camping at Chembra peak is not permitted

Chembra Peak is worth visiting all year around. But it might be good, if you avoid the place on rainy season, as the descent can be quite slippery during heavy monsoon seasons.

There are lots of bus services, both government and private, to reach Chembra. You can get down at Kalpetta and from there to Chembra.

Chembara Peak Nearest railway station: Kozhikode, about 79 km
Chembara Peak Nearest airport: Calicut International Airport, about 92 km.

Braemore estate trekking

The Braemore estate was originally established by the Europeans in 1800s and planted with Tea, Rubber, Coffee and other spices. The British had realized the beauty of the landscape and have preserved the same for us.

View point from the braemore hillsView point from the braemore hills

Braemore Hills shimmers in the mystifying nature enriched by greenery and mist touched hills and valleys which provides shelter for a wide range of flora and fauna. The hills are blessed with numerous streams and water falls too.

The adventure travelers will love this place because of the richness in the number of trekking paths. The main trekking routes are towards Ponmudi hills and towards Kallar river, both will take around 1.5 hours to complete.

The shortest trekking path will be the Marigold valley peak of 1 hour. The challenging one will be towards the Sree Sarma Golden peak which will take around 4 hours to complete.

Jeep safari is also available on rent from 8AM to 6 PM for visiting various tourist spots. The jeep safari will cost 1500 INR for 5 persons.

You can read this post about braemore estate for more travel information

Ramakkalmedu trekking

Ramakkalmedu-is the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu and located centrally between the famous tourist attractions of Kerala such as Periyar Tiger Forest of Thekkady, Kuttikanam and Parunthumpara, Munnar Hils station and many more wild life attractions and spice farms.

Ramakkalmedu statue of Kuravan and Kurathi

Ramakkalmedu is located in Karunapuram Panchayath, just 15 km east of Nedumkandam in Thekkady. Ramakkalmedu stands on the Western Ghats at an altitude around 3500 ft above the sea level.

While reaching Ramakkalmedu, you can only find wind all around. The place is known to be the land of wind. You will feel that the wind will make you fly and it will be very difficult for you to stand still resisting the wind.

Here the wind blows at a speed of 35 km/hour, which is said to be recorded as maximum in Asia. Blessed with this wind energy, Ramakkalmedu is the second place in Kerala, where you can find a wind energy farm with a capacity of 12.5 MW.

Ramakkelmedu is also famous for the statue of Kuravan and Kurathi. The statue is placed on the top of the Ramakkalmedu hills

Best season to visit Ramakkalmedu is from September to May. Rainy season can be avoided. The destination is around 36 km from Kumily.

You can hire a taxi from Kumily to reach this place.The nearest railway station is Chenganashery (90 km) and nearest airport is Madurai (145 km).

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