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Bike trip essentials for the addicted riders

Bike trip essentials for the addicted riders

Bike trips are always more than a trip for the riders, it is more than an experience. Destination is not important the ride is all about. Bike trips became the most unforgettable memories as we see and feel every bit of it completely if we are following the right tips in every ride. Here we have compiled some bike trip essentials for the addicted riders

Full face helmet

it’s crucially important to your safety that you have either an open-face motorcycle helmet or a full-face helmet.The biggest advantage to choosing a full-face helmet is the safety one. Full-face helmets provide you with a greater degree of safety and protective covering than open-face ones do. Additionally, many people find that their faces become too cold with open face helmets, and full face ones provide an additional level of comfort.


Riding Jackets has become a style factor nowadays with all the universal brands offering various types. Of this the most expensive will be that made of leather. From a rider’s perspective, Jackets are essential for a long ride as it can give a protection to your body against strong winds.

Some riding jackets come with protective covering inside it for hands and chest which adds to the safety measures taken for a ride. These types Jackets can be used commonly for all climate. Bust mostly, its better to chose one that suits best to the climate of the places you are going.

Riding Gloves

Again all the leading brands are offering various varieties of riding gloves in the market. Of all types, Gloves covering your full palm will be the best to use for a ride. Most of them will come with a protective layer for your upper palm which will serve its purpose for some small accidents but its always better to not to get involved in one when you are in a ride.


sunglasses are not just for showoffs but that will help the rider from intense direct sunlight to the eyes. Wearing glasses will protect the eyes from dust as well. They will aid in protecting your eyes from any harmful debris that could be flying around.

Remember, injuries to your body can heal over time, but sometimes, physical damage to the eyes may never heal.And of course, sunglasses can really help pull together any sort of outfit or style that you’re aiming for.So sunglasses are inevitable in bike trip essentials.

Saddle Bags

Having a backpack all time during a long ride can hurt your back very soon. So its always better to chose a saddle bag for  long trips, which can be tied on top of the pillion seat of your bike. It can hold a good number of things and weight also. Please note that, the weights on both sides needs to be adjusted so that its even.

Bungee cords

Bungee cords are nothing but elastic cord composed of one or more elastic strands forming a core, usually covered in a woven cotton or polypropylene sheath. These cords are normally using for tying bags or other luggage on your bike. The easiness in hooking the cords made it so handy for travelers. Keeping a pair of bungee cords will be really helpful for your bike trips.

Sleeping Bags

Another useful thing if you are planning fro a long ride with minimum cost. Sleeping bags are also available based on different climates. So chose one suitable to your ride always. Always chose one which is portable and gets into your backpack or saddle bag easily.

Fold-able backpacks

Very useful for your rides, small backpacks are available which can be folded to the size of a tennis ball. It can hold camera and other small items which can get useful at any time during your trips. During long rides, it can be folded and kept inside the main bag as well.

What else we need bike trip essentials ?

It is good to have all these goodies with you in all your trips. Do you think we need to expand this bike trip essentials list for our fellow riders ? So far I have received Bluetooth headset, earphones, visor cleaner, rain gear Please comment your suggestions , all are welcome!


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