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The Calm and Beautiful waters of Chittar

Chittar Dam cover

The ethnic beauty of Chittar in the Malayalam movie ‘Rithu’, can deceive you as the banks of a charming river. However the place is actually a dam and reservoir which has become yet another photographer’s paradise. It is picturesque for its calm waters  and the view of hills on one side. Quite far from the hustle and bustle of Trivandrum city, Chittar dam is a perfect getaway spot for a day.

Chittar dams were constructed as part of the Kodayar System Major Irrigation Project. The project got completed on 1906 with a cost of 1.51 Cr. Other structures associated with this project are Pechiparai Dam, Perunchani Dam, Puthen Dam and Thiraparappu Weir. The project holds the waters of Kodayar, which joins the Arabian sea near Thengapatnam, (at a distance of 56 km west of Cape Commerin) and uses it for Irrigation purpose. This has been a major boost to the agricultural needs of the Kanyakumari district which was part of the Travancore state then.

The reservoirs and dams are controlled by the Tamil Nadu state electricity board. There are 2 dams, namely, Chittar-1 and Chittar-2 in which the latter being larger.

Chittar Dam

Chittar dam
The waters are cool and depth of the dam is very less if it is during summer and even during monsoon, you can enjoy a cool and refreshing bath. As the depth of the reservoir is irregular, it is advisable not to go too far from the banks.
Even though photography is not promoted, it is an irresistible place for photographers. However, make sure not to take pictures of the sensitive areas of the dam. Chittar dam became more famous after the movie Rithu got released. The film has captured all the beautiful spots of this aesthetic place and it has driven a large number of tourists.

Reaching There..!

Chittar dam is around 52 KM from Trivandrum in the Kattakkada Pechiparai route. Enroute, you can also visit Neyyar dam which is already among the prominent tourists attractions in Trivandrum. It is also accessible from the Salem-Kochi-Kanyakumari NH 47 highway from Marthandam which is an important town near the Tamil Nadu Kerala Border.


View from Chittar Dam

Before you go..!!

Make sure to carry enough water and food if you are planning to spend more time. You will get only light refreshments near the dam area in some local shops nearby.

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