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Chokkana, The unexplored offbeat destination in thrissur

chokkana thrissur

Travel leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. This story is about a village called Chokkana in Thrissur,Kerala. Nowadays people are giving more importance to travel rather than spending hell lot of money just for the weekend shopping.

Some people are traveling just for the sake of doing it, some are experiencing the adventure. You should always fall under second category. All travel experience should have something explored newly, adventure and unlearned lessons.

Chokkana Thrissur

Travelers who are usually visiting Thrissur will mostly cover the well known travel destinations like Athirappilly Waterfalls, Marottichal Waterfalls and Cheruchakki Chola.

Chokkana Thrissur

This time i am introducing a least known travel destination called Chokkana. Chokkana is a village in Kodakkara, Thrissur. The very green lush meadows there will be definitely a feast for your eyes.One can feel the cool breeze touching on your cheeks smoothly.

If you are a travel nomad, Chokkana won’t dissatisfies you for sure. Kindly don’t expect any big hotels and restaurants there like other known travel destinations.

All together, Chokkana is a wonderful destination for the travelers where the hands of modernity is untouched.

How to reach Chokkana Thrissur ?

How to reach chokkana

There are two roads which will take you to chokkana. One need to follow the vellikulangara/kodali route from the Kodakara N.H 47 junction to reach chokkana. Another option is to take a right turn from palappilly junction on the amballor – chimmini dam route.

PS : As per the update from recent visitors, we came to know that entry to this place is somewhat restricted. So always keep an alternate plan for your this destination.


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