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Doubled the cancellation fee for reserved train tickets

Doubled the cancellation fee for reserved train tickets

Indian Railways, has doubled the cancellation fee for reserved ticket cancellation. This has been done with the aim to helping genuine passengers to get confirmed tickets. There is a general opinion that, bus operators book tickets during the early stages of booking which reduces the number of available seats and thus makes the passengers opt for buses. The new move will certainly reduce this practice done by the bus operators as the cancellation charges are too high. The Sleeper ticket cancellation fee before 48 hours of departure of train has been hiked from Rs 60 to Rs 120, the Third AC fee has been hiked from Rs 90 to Rs 180.

Also, there will be no refund after the departure of a train and one has to get the refund four hours before the scheduled departure as per the revised refund rules. This mainly applies physical tickets as e-tickets are automatically cancelled if not confirmed. Earlier from 48 hours to 6 hours, the cancellation fee was 25% of the ticket and from 6 hours to 2 hours, it was 50%. Now it has been changed to 25% for 48 hours to 12 hours and  50% for 12 hours till 4 hours.

A fact regarding e-ticket

Most of us has moved from the traditional way to purchasing the tickets standing in queues to e-ticket through internet. This has in turn reduced the long standing queues in most of the railway reservation centers throughout India. Here is a fact regarding the e ticket. Earlier, IRCTC used to charge only Rs 10 per ticket. Now, the charge is Rs. 22 for Sleeper , Rs. 45 for Third AC and Second AC. In addition to this, most of the banks will charge Rs 10 extra for the transaction.

For people, who need to travel a good deal of distance to reserve tickets, this extra cost will not matter. But to those, who can conveniently go to a reservation office, the best suggestion is to reserve your tickets from there itself, if you are planning your trip in advance. This can save you at least Rs.64 for a trip to and fro.

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