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Eravikulam National Park reopened for visitors

Eravikulam National Park reopened

The famous place to watch the Endangered species Nilgiri Tahr, Rajamalai has been reopened from April 11,2016 for visitiors. Eravikulam National park is one of the most prominent tourism places in Kerala and must go place for the nature lovers. The tourism area of the park is at Rajamalai where Nilgiri Tahr is one of the most famous attractions.

As the main birth season for the Nilgiri Tahr is from January to mid February, the park had got closed for tourism activities by January. This year, the closure time had got extended till April 10 for the protection of the new borns. This year has been recorded as the year with maximum number of births with an estimated 98 newborn tahrs.

Apart from the Nilgiri Tahrs, there are around 26 different species of mammals in the Eravikulam National Park which includes Elephants, Langur and Marten. There are around 120 species of birds like the Nilgiri wood pigeon. black and orange flycatcher , etc as well. The rajamalai area is the prime tourism area where trips are conducted by Forest department inside the forests.

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