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How to get the best deals on hotels and resorts

get the best deals on hotels

You don’t need to spend hell lot of money for a hotel room.There are tricks and tips you can use to find the best deals on hotels and resorts for your trips.

Everyone will look for the best deals on hotels and resorts while traveling. Bringing down the cost of stay would be the necessity of a budget traveler.

There is no special magic for finding the best deal. I will tell you how to find the best deals on hotels and resorts. So let’s see the tips one by one and try which all will work for us.

Signup for the alerts on price drops

Rather than searching how to get the best hotel deals online, try to find the websites that will work for you.There are websites which will alert you by mail or message for the price drops or best deals.

We can’t keep an eye on hotel deals all the time, so any price drops will be notified. Websites like and Kayak are best in this since they won’t flood your inbox.

Check price index around the world

If you didn’t set the destination first, I would recommend you to take a look at’s Hotel Price Index, which provides information on where hotel prices are increasing and decreasing.

The results are based on bookings made on the website and prices paid by customers per room per night, including taxes and fees.

Comparison is inevitable for the best deals so make use of this feature in the website and find the best deals for your hotel rooms.

Use coupons as much as you can

There are many websites providing discount coupons. Even the bank credit card/ debit card offers will be there for bookings.

Makemytrip and Goibibo will have the tie-up will all reputed banks and hence you will get hand full of discounts.

Websites like and have entire sections of coupon codes for travelers. These include both discounts on hotel stays in various destinations and on flights.

Mention your special day

You might not have celebrated your special days in life, but while booking you can. Hotels can give you great offers on your Birthday, Anniversary or Honeymoon.

Mention the date at the time of booking or check with them any special offers are available for your special day.

Book within their cancellation period

Sometimes waiting until the last minute can help you to bag a better price tag. Typically, a hotel’s cancellation falls anywhere between 24 hours to 48 hours in advance, at which point rooms become available at lower rates.

best hotel deals at cancel hours

There are last minute deals which people usually ignores. If you have alternate plans for the stay why can’t you give a try waiting until the last minute ?

Combine your Hotel + Flight Booking

Travel companies are also recommending to do the same so that you can reduce the cost. Sometimes it can lead to great savings in your travel plan.

Best deals on hotels and flight

My best combination is booking the return ticket also along with my outbound ticket.

Register for a hotel’s loyalty programs

This is one of the excellent way to get best deals on hotels and resorts. Getting registered in the hotel’s website and sticking to their offers would be helpful in the future too.

I have seen people who always register with Club Mahindra for the great offers from them.

Loyalty programs can offer things like free Wi-Fi on each trip, and access to exclusive events and experiences, while other programs include free nights or free items with bookings.

Use your credit card or debit card perks

Another common opportunity which most of the travelers would skip. Using your cards definitely add some payback points in it, why can’t you use that for bookings ? Let’s check our cards and see how much it can help us to reduce the cost.

credit card offers in hotel deals

Most credit cards like Discover and Capital One Venture offers travelers everything from cash back, to bonus points or miles.

Try to book in new property, if there is an option

This is an intelligent way of making your stay comfortable and cheap. New hotels or properties will try to keep their business steady in the beginning stage.

In order to make all the rooms occupied they will give more offers in the early stage. This is one of the cheapest way to get a hotel deal, so grab these offers and enjoy your trips.

Hope this list would save you bundles the next time you plan to stay at a hotel. Free feel to share your ideas as well.


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