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How to pack lightly for a long trip

How to pack lightly for a long trip

There is a misconception that long trips needs long luggage and huge trolleys with you. Do we really need all these junk items to travel with us? Are you a person who used to carry all the clothes and gadgets with you while traveling?

If your answer is a big Yes, then this article will give you some insights on how you should pack your bags for the long trips.

I know that long trips will take days, weeks may be months which need enough clothes, food items and all your gadgets. But, can’t we actually sort out some them into inevitable items and minimize our luggage?

The way we pack our bags are also important for long trips. The backpackers are expert in that since they can’t carry hell lot of items with them like luxury travelers or Glampackers.

So as promised, let’s see how we can pack a lighter bag for the longer trip.

Make a packing list first.

Make a packing list

This step is actually really important which most of the travelers will skip. The reason I am recommending this step is because, then only you will come to know the volume of your actual luggage which you are planning to take with you.

We are not mathematicians to do mental mathematics on the volume which we are going to pack without a list. So be honest, do some home works.

Maintaining list will help you not to forget some important item which you may need in your trip. Incase if you would have missed to buy anything, you have the time to purchase it also. That’s why I am recommending the packing list before long trips.

Roll the clothes instead of folding

I know most of you might be knowing this tip but still I am giving this tip for the first time readers. Whatever be the case, you must agree to me that rolling is superior to folding.

Tightly rolled clothes take up less space than folded ones. Plus, they’re less prone to getting deep wrinkles from fold creases. Try to roll all your clothes and pack the bag wisely.

You should love the trilogy

Three pairs of socks. Three pairs of underwear. Three shirts. Wear one, wash one and dry one.

You can get more miles out of leg wear, so two pairs of pants and one culturally appropriate pair of shorts or a skirt should suffice.

Choose light, flowing, quick-dry cotton-poly blends in matching colors that handle wrinkles well.

Wearing is not carrying

Wearing is not carrying

You know what I am talking about right? Wearing a sandal and packing the shoes are not really a good idea. So wear the shoes and pack the sandals.

Similarly, there can be other items which you could have simply stuff in your pockets. As I mentioned, this will not be considered as your luggage. You will come to know the importance of this while you are at airport.

Understand the multi-uses

I’m a big fan of objects and items that can perform a double duty. For example a sarong, it’s a changing room, it’s a blanket, it’s a privacy wall, it’s a towel, it’s a bag, it’s a sunshade, it’s quite possibly the most versatile piece of cloth in your bag.

Bungee cords are another perfect example of this, so identifying similar items will be really reduce your bag size

Know the technology

Know the technology

Some twenty years back, travelers used to carry maps, travel guides and compass with them in their trips. Nowadays do we really need them as separate accessories? There we will make use of technology.

Download guidebooks to your phone using the Kindle app to save weight and space.

Even though you are not a tech geek, keep an eye on the technology and mobile apps that will save our day. Nowadays you can see hell lot of travel apps are rolled out in Android and ios platforms. Go and give a try and pick your favorites.

Always keep a secondary bag

The best packing tip is to pack a daypack inside your full-size bag. Try to keep all your frequently used items in this bag.

This tip will be really useful at airports and wherever we have cloak room facility. There can be scenarios where you can keep the luggage in some trusted cloak rooms and travel with your secondary bags.

Avoid the universally available items

Avoid the universally available items

I have seen people are packing so many items which are mostly available in all tourist places. It would be good if you can avoid these kind of items. Also consider the weather of your destination which would help you to minimize the items like umbrella.

These are some of the small-small things which you can consider while packing your bag for long trips. If you have any other suggestions feel free to share in comments.


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