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How to raise money for trips

How to raise money for trips

So many people has asked me, how to raise money for trips? The answer is simple! There is no well written solution for that but definitely we can fund our trips, If we have a strong desire to travel. In my conversations with people who want to travel, many have told me that cost is a barrier for them. I can agree that it can be a barrier for wander lusters but we can definitely overcome that.

Here are some ways to raise money for trips.

Save each and every penny

Save each and every penny

Saving is really important in the life of a traveler. How can you save something if you are not getting paid well? (This question was there in mind when I started traveling).

Saving is not only keeping something from what you are getting, but the way you spent also matters. So spent each penny wisely.

Planning a trip well in advance would definitely save some money for you. Last minute expenses like peak time ticket costs can be saved if you do so.

Also make a good idea about the destination which you’re going to visit which can give you heads up on possible additional expenses.

Sell your talents

Sell your talents

In my experience, most of the travelers have some taste of photography, panting, illustrations or some kind of aesthetic skills.Why can’t you sell that if you are really good in that? Can’t that make you some small contributions to your trips?

If you are a creative person, this can be your way to earn money. What to create is up to your imagination: aren’t you the creative person? Some common items sold on the road are earrings and jewelry, paintings, portraits, origami and colored fans.

The disadvantage is that you’ll have to carry the products in your backpack and the tools and materials to make it.

Online crowd funding campaign

Online crowd funding campaign

One of the best fundraising ideas in fact is to choose one of the many websites offering Crowd Funding. The most famous is Kickstarter, claiming to be able to fund completely more than 50% of the projects.

But I personally recommend FundMyTravel website which is exclusive for the travelers.

FundMyTravel is an online crowd funding platform developed specifically for travelers. Large crowd funding sites contain campaigns for everything from new businesses to community projects to family emergencies, making it complicated and challenging for travelers to find their voice.

If you are someone who wants to volunteer, study, intern, and make a difference abroad, you can depend on FundMyTravel.

FundMyTravel makes it easy to raise money for trips, incentivize donors to contribute, and even request offline support. They will make it possible for anyone to take the trip of their dreams!

Make your own website

Make your own website

If all of the other ways to raise money are not appealing to you, then it’s time to work at your own website! It doesn’t have to be about travel if you don’t want to, it can be about any other passion of yours.

Also this is not a quick way to make money, and it requires a lot or work.I can give you some insider tips from the experience we accumulated with

First of all we did it all by ourselves, we didn’t hire anybody to help us. This means that I had to learn how to make a website from scratch and then also to design it.

Only this initial process took me something like 3-4 months of daily work. Then you have to learn about SEO optimization and online marketing, and it’s not all, because then you have to create the content and keep it constantly updated: this can be challenging while you are traveling.

Hope this can help you to raise money for your next trip. You can suggest your ways of raising fund for the trips, Happy to include that as well to the post

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