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More than just a view, experience it.

Kalvary mount idukki

We have seen how the Idukki dam and its reservoirs has made the nature to redesign itself. Now, the forest department of Kerala has created an opportunity to experience it  more closely. Precisely, with just a ticket cost of 200 INR, you can experience a boating which will bring you as close as you can get to the point where the nature has changed for the man made wonder.

The boating starts from the Eco tourism office of the forest department .  In the next one hour, you will see the vastness of the Idukki and Cheruthoni dams and the reservoir, the forest areas, meadows and small lakes.

If you are lucky enough, some wild animals as well  The ride ends at the starting point which also holds the memorial of Adivasi Mooppan Kolumban, who identified the exact place for the Idukki dam between the two hills and Cheruthoni dam.

You can also visit the Garden of Rare species and Butterfly research centre managed by the Forest Department itself along with this ride. Also, the department will provide a pavilion having information about the wild animals in the area.

The best part is that, this boating and the related activities will be made throughout the year on all days even if the Idukki dam is not opened for visitors. But make sure to reach there before dusk as the boat ride is available only during day time.

So whenever you are planning for a trip to Idukki, never forget to experience this wonderful delight.

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