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6 Important Places to Visit in Vagamon

places to visit in vagamon

We all know that, no need to introduce the beautiful land of green meadows,Vagamon to most of the travelers.However your experience in Vagamon can be different, travel mates can be different, places you visited itself can be different.

I am writing this article for the travelers who were not lucky enough to visit the green lush meadows of Vagamon at least once. The green velvet meadows are really beautiful and going to be the feast for your eyes.

All trips will have some important places in the bucket that needs to be covered, not all but most of them. Here are some of the famous places to visit in Vagamon which you should not miss there in your trip.

Kurisumala Vagamon

Kurisumala is one of the popular christian pilgrimage center in Vagamon and usually flocked at the time of Good Friday week. Kurisumala means the mountain of cross.

If you are fit enough to climb the top along the way of the cross stations you will truly appreciate the nature, scenic beauty and spiritual satisfaction.


The view from the hill top is exquisite and beyond words. Normal sandals are not recommended for trekking here.
Trekking shoes will be a good option.

Roughly it can take up to 45 mins to reach the uphill which almost 1.5 kilometers. The trek is not going to be an easy one with steps but harden rocks.

Since it is an pilgrim place, Its followers come from various part of the country to climb up the hills with wooden crosses. Kurisumala is one of the most popular tourist spots in Vagamon.

Following the way of cross with 14 stations, you will reach the church which was built in 1904. The view from there is breathtaking and you will enjoy the mist over there.

Kurisumala is one of the best places to visit in Vagamon, but not recommended in rainy seasons.

Thangal Para

Thangal para is considered more as a pilgrim center rather than a tourist destination. Thangalpara is a large boulder of rock which is also the resting place of Sufi saint Hasrath Sheikh Fariduddin Baba.

Thangal Para view


It is considered as one of the most sacred places for Muslim pilgrims around this area. A small prayer center has been constructed for the pilgrims and tourists.

A very calm and quite place for the pilgrims and tourists, but it will take a long way to walk towards the hill that could feel adventure. It is very interesting to walk across the hills.

View from Thangal Para


Thangal para also holds some breathtaking view of the Vagamon town and the areas around it.

Green Meadows of Vagamon

This is one of the most iconic places to visit in Vagamon. Located in the Vagamon Elappara route, the meadows are unique for its vastness and beauty.

The green lush meadows like velvet is a common spot for film shooting for the south Indian movie makers. There are couple of areas where it demands an entry fee.


Tickets are available from DTPC (District Tourism Promotion Council) at entrance and the meadows are open till 5 PM on all days.

Visit to Vagamon is incomplete without undertaking a trip to the mesmerizing meadows out there.This place looks like taken out straight from a drawing book.

Vagamon meadows

The barren hills are popularly known for most of the travelers and one of the major attraction of Vagamon, the Scotland of Asia.

It’s very relaxing to take a stroll around and see some of the beautiful views that Vagamon had in store. Don’t forget to carry sunscreen as you might not find any shade around!

Vagamon Lake and Boating

The lake is the perfect companion for its silent and small town. Though not a big one as in Munnar or Kodaikanal, this lake is an ideal place to shed some calories and not feel exhausted at all.

Vagamon cover

A small lake with in a tea plantation, very close to the town with a little deviation from the main road. Across the lake there is a narrow walking bridge.

The walk across the bridge is really nice that both adults and kids will enjoy.Only few visitors reach here, hence the place is neat and tranquil.

Vagamon lake

Both Pedal Boats and rowing boats are available at very marginal ticket rates.Very scenic place with boating and zorbing options. Kayaking can also be done.

The location is too good and with mist backdrop kids will love this locale.

Vagamon Pine Forest

Yet another favorite spot for the movies, the pine forest of Vagamon is actually a man made one created during the British regime of India.

This enchanting valley of pine trees is also the most common place for visitors to Vagamon. This is also located in the Vagamon Elappara route hardly about 500 meters from the main road.

Vagamon pine forest

Good place to spend some time walking through the pine woods.The way is steep down and one needs to climb up while return.

Pine forest is one among the best places to visit in Vagamon, but I could see hell lot of alcohol bottles & water bottles are dumped here which is not a good practice.

Let’s keep the nature for the coming generations too.

Marmala Waterfalls

Marmala waterfalls is one of the best places to visit in Vagamon which located in the Erattupetta. The water is more closer to the Teekoy town rather than Vagamon town.

Though, it is slowly becoming popular for a tourist place, this amazing falls gives a refreshing experience to the mind and body.

Vagamon marmala waterfalls

Make sure, you don’t go too near to the falls as the depth and force of the water is too high to bear.

Though not much popular, Marmala Waterfall offers a really attractive and pleasing view to the beholders, the tourists.

It remains a good spot for trekking as well. However, unlike other spots, trekking remains a necessity for the tourists to reach the site as the road is too hard for the vehicles.

Most of you might have covered all these famous places in Vagamon. Next time, make sure you are covering all these important places in Vagamon.

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