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Kalvari Mount (Idukki), View which the nature redesigned

Kalvary mount idukki

One would marvel the nature’s ability to redesign itself to the human intervention at Kalvari Mount. This is the place where you will see the mighty Idukki dam and its reservoir from one of the highest points. The panoramic view from the top is simply exhilarating and refreshing.

Just 5 KM from Idukki town and in the Idukki Kattappana route, Kalvari mount serves both as a refreshing picnic spot and as a Christian pilgrim centre called Kurisumala. It also gives the view of Kamakshy and Mariyapuram, the most prominent tribal villages of the region.

Such big is the view of reservoir that it looks like periyar river itself from the highest point of and unless you know that this is actually formed after the implementation of the Idukki Hydroelectric project on 1975, you will not identify it. This simply shows us there is no better designer than the nature itself. This reservoir, got created after the construction Idukki, Cheruthoni and Kulamavu dams which holds the water of the Periyar river and uses it for Hydroelectric power generation at the power plant in Moolamattam.

kalvari mount viewFeast  to your eyes , the view of Iduki dam reservoir from Kalvari Mount

Ideal time to go for Kalvari Mount

Better you set the journey before March as sunny days wont give you the exact misty experience in the valley. Don’t wait for the summer, make it on January or February or else plan after monsoon from September onwards.

The best time to go to Kalvari mount is when the Idukki and Cheruthoni dams are opened for visitors. The marvelous engineering of the two dams should not be missed. In fact the Idukki dam is an arch dam which is one of the very few of its kind. After the long walk on top of the two dams, Kalvari mount provides a rejuvenating effect for the traveler who can enjoy its cool breeze and spectacular views.

Emerging Tourist Place,Kalvari Mount

Kalvari mount was not known to many until recently. The Forest Department of the Government of Kerala has set up cottages which can be rented for day or day/night basis. This place is definitely a great place for nature lovers, trekkers, photographers and bikers.

Huts Built for hangoutHut built for the visitors

Before You go

Bikes and car can go near to the top point of Kalvari mount. Larger vehicles need to be parked in the Idukki kattapana road which is about about 1.5 KM downhill. So if you are planning to go as a large group, better take some refreshments along with you as shops are not present on top as of now. Please make sure not to litter the area with plastics.Always carry an umbrella as the chances of rainfall is high in hilly areas.

Reaching there

Idukki valley is 121 KM from Kottayam and 111 KM from Ernakulam. Kalvari mount is situated in the Idukki Kattappana route. Buses ply frequently in this route and taxis are also available from Kottayam or Ernakulam. Both Kottayam and Ernakulam has railway stations with Ernakulam being a larger one.

Chruthoni Dam, Meesapulimala, Idukki Dam are the nearest point of attractions.

The nearest Airport is Cochin International Airport.

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