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How I make time for travel despite a busy schedule

travel in busy schedule

I have seen so many people who are really interested in traveling but giving excuses like I don’t think I will be able to make it alone, I am not a professional in that, it’s very expensive etc. But the one I will always hear is I don’t have any time.

Time is really tricky. It can run out, it can fly and be up. Time can be spent, killed, and passed. There are people who believes the time as money. Whatever it is, the funniest part is people don’t have it.

I can understand that managing a heavy workload and a burning desire to see the world can be a tough balancing act.

Everyone cannot take entire one week or one month vacation just for traveling. In fact, most of us are subject to work restrictions, busy schedules, and limited vacation days.

On the top of that, it’s honestly painful to see my friends and colleagues are posting beautiful travel pictures on Facebook and Instagram while I am stuck at my desk.

Everyone is busy

every one is busy

Believe it or not, I’ve also got enough excuses for why I wouldn’t have “enough time”. I work full time, I have active social media accounts, and I used to go for weekend movies.

I need to write posts in my travel blog and share it for my followers. By the way, I need to travel to make it happen.

It’s kind of a hectic schedule like you right? Then there’s all the normal other things like sleeping, eating, walking and shopping etc.

Other people have much better excuses than I have. They have a family to take care, school going kids and completely dependent parents.

Surely there are people who have no hope for making any travel plans, but few things I can share which may help you to wake up the traveler in you.

Plan as early as possible

plan your trips

Planning is really important in traveling, if you are busy with hectic schedule. The biggest advantage of planning is not only the cost cutting but also can avoid the unnecessary schedule slippages.

You can make your leave plans accordingly and accumulate it for your vacation. Unplanned journeys are also fine but that can sometimes impact your leave plans due to unexpected delays.

If you are jobless and completely independent, then only you will be preferring unplanned journeys. Solo backpacking is also nowadays becoming unplanned, but it will be good if you know the solo backpacking tips also.

I used to spend more time in Facebook and WhatsApp which was killing my time unknowingly. Now I used to cut short it and started looking for some travel destinations. See how I am managing my little time for planning my next trip.

Don’t be silly! Of course you have time!! Lack of time is just another excuse. No matter how busy you are, how much you work or spend time for other things in your life…you always still have some time left over that you may be currently wasting!

So plan the trips well in advance to avoid last minute surprises in your busy schedule.

Weekend Trips

Sometimes a weekend getaway can be enough to temporarily satisfy the traveler in you. If you can combine one Monday or Friday along with that will be an excellent decision.

Unless and until you are in Antarctic there will be some places within 150 kms from your home where you can visit once. What you need to do is just explore. Like I mentioned, this can be done in your free time.

It would be always better to select some destination which you can easily cover by driving. To make the most of your short break, plan your activities ahead of time, but leave a little room for spontaneity.

Combine it with your official trips

Business trips

As part of your work, you will be traveling to different places for attending business meetings. Exploring some nearby places over there will help you to refresh rather than sitting in the hotel room or waiting in airport for the flight for long hours.

I have seen people who are efficiently utilizing the time for travel in between their official trips or tenure at onsite work location.

This is also a way of traveling and make most out of it. Identifying some nearby destinations will help you to execute your short time travel plans.

Holidays has to be treated in different way

Hello, the busiest person of the world! I know Christmas and other government declared holidays will be there in your holiday calendar.

Why can’t you think of an international trips at that vacation time? If you don’t mind skipping out on your usual traditions, these are actually ideal times to go on vacation. Make advantage of this free time off by including some vacation days on either end.

There are other people who will be really busy in squeezing you at holidays. It’s none other than travel agents and airlines industry. So plan your journeys accordingly to minimize the traveling expenses.

Make Travel a Priority

Travel priorities

Priorities will decide what needs to be what needs to be skipped. The most important thing you can do to help incorporate travel into your busy life is to actually make it a priority.

Sometimes the perfect trip drops into your lap, but more often finding the time, money, and energy to travel takes a bit of effort.

If you are wander lusting, definitely there is a way to make it happen. Keep an eye out for gaps in your schedule and leverage your vacation days for maximum efficiency.

With a little bit of effort and an eye for opportunity, you’ll be out of the office and under a beach umbrella in no time.

These are some of the idea which came to my mind. If you have more ideas on how to squeeze more time out of the day, or thoughts on my suggestions here, please do share them in the comments


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