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Master Collection of world’s best travel blogs

Master collection of top travel blogs

PART 1: General Travel Blog Categories


  1. Nomadic Matt – Everyone knows Nomadic Matt – a nomad, vagabond, and NYT best selling author of “How to Travel the World on $50 a Day”.
  2. Expert Vagabond – Matthew Karsten is an adventure travel addict, photographer and great storyteller. His curiosity of the world took him to many places around the globe. For the last 4 years he shares his entertaining stories, beautiful images, and useful travel tips with us.
  3. Chris Guillebeau – On his blog The Art Of Non-Conformity, Chris is sharing unconventional strategies and stories on life, work, and travel. His recipe for happiness is simple – Live the life you want, not the way other expect.
  4. True Nomads – Justin Carmack travels and dives for a living. Permanent nomad, he believes that travel should be a lifestyle, not a vacation.
  5. Nomadic Samuel – A blog by Samuel Jeffery, a travel blogger and YouTuber. For over 8 years he is trotting the world sharing quirky travel stories and photos along the way. He spent a lot of time as an English teacher in Asia.
  6. Wandering Earl – Long term traveler Derek Earl Baron shares his best secrets for travelling the world on a budget for years. Human interactions and first-hand education that travel provides is what he searches for.
  7. LandLopers – Matt travels the world in order to share how to experience the best the world has to offer. Tips for everyone from the novice to the pro traveler.
  8. Velvet Escape – Keith Jenkins award winning blog about some hidden gems of the world.
  9. The Travel Tart – An Australian travel blogger with a silly sense of humor. Anthony writes about the funny, weird & offbeat things about travelling.
  10. The Expeditioner – Travel site for the avid travelers founded by Matt Stabile. It features travel articles from some of the best travel writers in the world.
  11. Wandering Trader – Marcello Arrambide day trades in the stock market and travel the world for a living. He has visited 80 countries on all 7 continents.
  12. Man on the Lam – Raymond, a cubicle-escapee who writes about quirky getaways, offbeat attractions, & unique adventures.
  13. Leave Your Daily Hell – Robert has started this blog to share travel related information, inspire, entertain and empower other to travel.
  14. Banker in the Sun – Rashad decided to pursue his dreams of travelling and writing instead of 9-5 job. He shows how to achieve financial freedom and freedom of soul.
  15. Travels of Adam – Adam from Boston, MA is on his quest to try the coolest cultural things that are to do around the world.
  16. One Step 4Ward – Johnny Ward from Ireland is living his dreams traveling, studying, working, volunteering and backpacking around the globe.
  17. Dont’ Stop Living – A blog about a lifestyle of travel by Jonny Blair from Northern Ireland. Blog covers all 7 continents and 100 countries that Jonny has visited during last 10 years.
  18. Time Travel Turtle – A blog by Michael Turtle. Great stories from around the world, with deep insight about culture and people.
  19. Nomad Revelations – Joao Leitao’s blog is an archive of 15 years of travel narratives and adventure chronicles to get you inspired and explore the world on your own.
  20. Vagabonding – A round-the-world travelogue documenting Mike’s solo, one-year quest through Asia and Africa.
  21. Going Awesome Places – Will is a travel blogger, photographer and social media expert, specializing in affordable luxury adventure travel.
  22. The Aussie Nomad – Chris can make travel easy for use, answering all your questions about visas,budgets, destinations and expat life.
  23. The Longest Way Home – A global quest in search for a place called home spiced with beautiful photographs.
  24. Budget Traveller – Kash Bhattacharya motto is “Travel in style, on a budget”. He discovers great places around the world.
  25. foXnoMad – Travel the world smarter with tips, tricks, and tech advice by Anil Polat, digital nomad traveling the world indefinitely.
  26. Triphackr – Learn how to stretch your dollar and travel for less with travel resources and inspiration from around the world.
  27. Tynan – Witty blog about adventure, working hard, traveling, and following good habits. Tynan is writing books about nomadic lifestyle and RV living.
  28. Go See Write – Travel blog detailing the mostly overland travels and RTW travels of Michael Hodson. Excellent travel photography, travel stories and travel video.
  29. Nomadic Notes – James Clark is a full time digital nomad, working round the world since 2003, running an online media business.
  30. The Broke Backpacker – Will, a wandering adventurer, travel writer and amateur photographer shows you real adventures with no cash, £10 per day, or less.
  31. Off the Path – Sebastian Canaves, half Spanish, half German, loves life and is always up for an adventure.
  32. Bren on the Road – Every Monday Brendan from NZ post new story, tip or inspiration, showing you how to live a life of full time travel.
  33. Journey Wonders – Raphael, from Mexico, is a renowned photographer and storyteller. He blogs about his passion to culture and adventure travel.
  34. Backpacking Man – Jonny Duncan, adventurer, travel blogger, hiker, photographer. Traveling since 1997 on a budget.
  35. Dave’s Travel Corner – Long running travel blog created by Dave, with the focus on promoting experiential travel.
  36. Flights and Frustration – The rants, ramblings and ruminations of a frequent traveller flight expert from Ireland.
  37. See the World in My Eyes – Historical architecture and cultural adventure around the world through the eyes of a German architect.
  38. GloboTreks – Norbert, an Architect on a mission to visit all UN Countries by 2020.
  39. Lee Abbamonte – Blog of travel expert Lee, the youngest American who have visited all the countries in the world.
  40. Backpacker Banter – Surfing Aussie on the road since 2009, covering everything from how to plan a gap year to guest posts from our network of backpackers.
  41. Travel Feeder – Cecil Lee is an avid traveler and advocate for budget traveling.
  42. The Hungry Partier – Drew has been eating & partying his way around 50 countries since 2012. Currently in India.
  43. The Road to Anywhere – A comprehensive travel blog with a strong focus on independent, cultural and adventure travel.
  44. Travelling Blogger – Blog by Kar, travel addict of Chinese descent, born and raised in London, sharing his experiences.
  45. Art of Adventuring – Slow travel blog edited by Michael Tieso, showing simplicity of backpacking.
  46. Stop Having a Boring Life – Rob left everything behind and start traveling the world, in search of his favorite place on Earth. Loads of travel info.
  47. Hobo Traveler – Andy Lee Graham started traveling in March of 1998, visiting over 100 countries he can teach you how to travel for less than 1000 $ per month.
  48. Runaway Guide – Leif ran away from home at16 and traveled the world with nothing but the clothes on his back.
  49. Francis Tapon – Francis Tapon is an author, global nomad, and great hiker.
  50. The World or Bust – Jeremy is sharing his personal experiences abroad, providing helpful tips to inspire and educate future travelers.
  51. This World Rocks – Dan is traveling the world to see as many places and meet as many people as he can.
  52. Virtual Wayfarer – Backpacking and solo travel blog with focus on sharing stories, musings, and advice.
  53. Escape Hunter – Epic travel stories, photos, reviews and a lot more by the incognito traveler.
  54. Go Travel Your Way – Josh Cahill is a travel journalist and loves everything off the beaten track. He was awarded Australia’s Blogger of the year 2014.
  55. Dauntless Jaunter – Destination guides, tips and travel how-to’s from Christian from New York.
  56. Aussie on the Road – Chris on a quest to avoid ever having to lead an ordinary existence. Great part about travel in Australia.
  57. Intrepid Escape – Travel, adventure & video. Scott is a British travel writer asking you to ‘escape your routine’.
  58. Yomadic – A long term travel and photography blog by Nate Robert from Australia. He loves to travel to lesser known destination.
  59. TravMonkey – Paul’s blog focuses on solo adventure travel and new technology.
  60. A Backpacker’s Tale – Stephen is a twenty-ish something backpacker and nomad, traveling around the world for the last 2 years.
  61. Bemused Backpacker – Michael is an author of numerous gap year and travel guide books. Teaching, empowering and inspiring people to travel RTW independently.
  62. Geeky Explorer – Bruno is a digital geek learning how to travel smart in the real world.
  63. Spartan Traveler – A personal travel blog, logbook of travel hacks, and and forum for thoughts on lifestyle design and working in the 21st century.
  64. Pause the Moment – Ryan is a location independent blogger and world traveler with a passion for adventure.
  65. Travel Wonders – Mark’s articles cover over 25 years of travel and 80 countries.
  66. The Travelling Fool – History buff, lover of cigars, freelance writer and traveler off the tourist path.
  67. Vagablogging – Blog by Rolf Potts, an author of An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel, is known for promoting the ethic of independent travel.
  68. Where the Hell Is Matt – Matt Harding is that famous guy who danced his way around the world. Those videos of dancing in front of landmarks went viral.
  69. Breakaway Backpacker – Jamie is on his second RTW trip with no return date. He has a lot of stories to share with you.
  70. A Travellers Journey – Nico from England just want to travel, nothing more or less. he volunteer and work abroad.
  71. Waegook Tom – Meet Tom, very funny, perpetually hungry guy, who love travelling and has just adopt a dog in Taipei.
  72. Mallory on Travel – Iain is an ex-member of the Armed Forces turned amusing travel writer/photographer.
  73. Backpacks and Bunkbeds – Neil started his blog in 2005. You can find here all sorts of useful info on backpacking, road trips, hostels, weekend breaks, volunteering.
  74. Romancing the Planet – Karthik, from India, after completing his M.B.A, decided to get away from a routine and travel the world.
  75. I Dreamed of This – Nathan Allen documents the world’s most fascinating destinations.
  76. Travelholic Nomad – Off-the-beaten path cultural travel blog, focused on finding unique experiences on the road less traveled.
  77. Travel Freak – Inspired stories for the curious traveler. Jeremy a long-term, solo traveler on his way around the globe.
  78. My Wanderlist – Brad’s experimental travel and personal quest to find the most extreme and unique experiences.
  79. What’s Dave Doing – Dave from New Zealand is a wanderer for 15+ years, corporate refugee turned travel and tech writer.
  80. Garfors – Author, visitor of all 198 countries and 7 continents, radio advocate, holder of world records.
  81. Nick’s Travel Bug – Adventure travel blogger & craft beer enthusiast encouraging others to live vicariously through themselves.
  82. The Travelling Editor – Dylan Love is a storyteller, writer, hitchhiker, foodie, seeker of kindness and life enthusiast.
  83. Stay Adventurous – Craig writes tales of adventure to inspire others to take and make adventure in their life.
  84. Lost Boy Memoirs – Ryan, self proclaimed artist, travels the world and learn about cultures, people and countries through experience rather than through opinion.
  85. Backpacking Diplomacy – Andy is a part-time nomad. A site for travelers, adventurists, backpackers, language lovers, and more.
  86. Rexy Edventures – Ed Rex blogs about his unexpected adventures around the world. he is on the road for 3 years.
  87. Finding the Freedom – Alex is an off the beaten path expert and master of adventure.
  88. Bohemian Traveler – Stephen Bugno for more than a decade has traveled, worked and volunteered his way across the world.
  89. Travel with Pedro – A London-based hotel management professional, with passion for all things travel, foreign languages and culture.
  90. Active Planet Travels – Ronald is a travel blogger, television host & food enthusiast on a mission to backpack every country in the world.
  91. Tripologist – Jim is an avid traveler and wonderer.He proves that even if on a budget, you can still enjoy a fantastic trip.
  92. Tales Told from the Road – Articles by Dick Jordan for independent thinkers & travelers.
  93. Mai Travel Site – A budget minded traveler Federico is visiting world famous destinations and explore those less known.
  94. Headed Abroad – Clay is a traveler and a student who is always looking for new tips and tricks to reduce the cost of his next adventure.
  95. Nomadic Lives – Stories, tips & destination guides focusing on local culture, home-stays & off-beat experiences from twenty-something Indian exploring the world.
  96. The Bohemian Blog – An alternative travel journal by Darmon Richter, dedicated to exploring the bizarre, the macabre and other secret wonders of the world.
  97. Ivan About Town – Filipinos on a quest to join the Travelers’ Century Club.
  98. SuitQais Diaries – Adrian was born in England and raised in Oman. He backpacks the world and is specialist in everything Japanese.
  99. Travel Dave – Dave and for the past 10 years I have studied, worked and travelled around the globe visiting 70+ countries.
  100. Escaping Abroad – James is an avid traveler that can’t get enough of the world. Jungle explorer, beach bum, scuba diver, wildlife seeker and digital nomad.
  101. Eff It, I’m on Holiday – Romanian travel addict visiting the world one holiday at the time.
  102. Joao Cajuda – A blog by very gifted videographer and traveler from Portugal.
  103. The Modern Nomad – A blog about living life without a fixed address. Through travel, exploring what makes life exciting, meaningful and authentic.
  104. Backpacking Worldwide – Carlo Cretaro from Ireland has been volunteering in East Africa, Interrail around Europe and backpack in SE Asia.
  105. The Traveling Dutchman – Jasper is a full time traveler, part time internet entrepreneur. His mission is to explore the world’s coolest places and do the things he is passionate about.
  106. Open Road Before Me – Nathan’s collection of the travel stories and the things he learned during over 2 years on the road.
  107. Arctic Nomad – For Jarmo, an expat from Finland, traveling is more than just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.
  108. Tony Wheeler – A cofounder of LP, travel and discovery have been at the heart of his life and career.
  109. You’re Not From Around Here – Since leaving corporate life in London in 2006, Steve has been travelling, working, volunteering and living in over 90 countries.
  110. Backpacking Travel Destinations – Tom used to teach English in Honduras, still on the move. He is sharing the experiences he has along.
  111. Free Me – Philip breakaway his workaholic life to spend more time traveling and enjoying the planet.
  112. Gutter Pup Adventures – Entertaining travel, adventure & photography about often overlooked people & places.
  113. Phil in the Blank – Phil practice slow travel, collects and makes music and teaches people how to draw camels.
  114. Aaron’s Worldwide Adventures – A world traveler since the age of 4, Aaron’s got a taste for setting his sights on the incredible and unusual.
  115. I Live to Travel – Raul Pino’s travel writing starts from emails to friends and family, to change with time into travel blog.
  116. Imperator Travel – A lot of info and tips about smart travelling, great places to see, pictures and videos from Romanian traveler Cesar.
  117. Tell Them I Said Something – Tyrhone have got stories that’ll make you chuckle, and tales that’ll make you weep.
  118. Nerdy Travels – Self confessed Nerd, blogger and wannabe digital nomad. Going from rock bottom to backpacking the world on a quest to level up his life.
  119. I’m Black and I Travel – Blog created by Greg, Black American traveler who shares his experience from around the world.
  120. Victor’s Travels – Victor’s archive of stories, tips and travel photos. One of his project was to travel from the North Pole to the South Pole.
  121. Travel Experience Live – An adventure travel and lifestyle blog by Belgian backpacker Bram.
  122. Man vs Clock – Anthony left UK with only £1000 and started his new life…check how is he doing now.
  123. Travel Tales – Srinivas is a wandering thinker and an aspiring author. On his blog he shares travel stories from India and beyond.
  124. Exotic Gringo – Kaushal from India backpack the world and blogs about exotic and offbeat places around the globe.
  125. Nomadic Experiences – Marky from Philippines is an avid traveler, photograph and writer. He started his blog in 2007.
  126. This Life in Trips – Shaun is a lover of memorable experiences and overall awesome times.
  127. Expedition Hobo – A blog for people with the love for travel and the beauty of the world and allowing for people to share ideas, photographs and experiences.
  128. Ikimasho! – Justin’s blog is a mix of writings, drawings and photography from around the world.
  129. Leon Logothetis – A global adventurer, motivational speaker & philanthropist. Good Guy and the author of a book The Kindness Diaries.
  130. Maiden Voyage Travel – Travel blog for 20somethings by Josh, travel ninja from Canada.
  131. Adventure Rob – Personal blog documenting places, thoughts, photography and advice on all things travel.
  132. Ah Trini Travelogue – Rishi is Trinidad & Tobago’s most traveled blogger through 92 countries.
  133. The Travel Camel – Shane Dallas travels to the world’s less appreciated countries and explore what they have to offer.
  134. What an Amazing World – Bama is a big enthusiast of art, culture and history tavelling as often as he can.
  135. Ramble and Wander – Malaysian wanderer with the interest in photography.
  136. Curious Nomad – Mig follows his dream to travel the world and make difference through volunteering.
  137. The Orange Mango – Jason Noronha’s collection of travel ideas, experiences, stories, videos and pictures from all over the world.
  138. Planet and Go – This blog will teach you why you don’t need a travel agent to travel.
  139. The Red Head Explorer – A RedHead guy from Iceland who loves to travel to unique places around the world.
  140. The Candy Trail – Global nomad backpacking across the planet – perpetually, for the pure love of travel and to off-the-track places, since 1988. Michael has been taking great pictures too.
  141. Travel Andy – Practical budget travel advice from the point of view of a person with an Indian passport.
  142. GlobalGaz – Blogger and author seeking adventure off the beaten path.
  143. Chris Travel Blog – Chris is combining leisure & business travel in a very efficient way.
  144. Nomadical Sabbatical – A nomad’s musings on long term travel.
  145. Adventures with Dan – Dan is world traveller and proffesional photographer from UK.
  146. Justin Was Here – Justin Jones is travel writer and a host of the Radical Travel Podcast, an online travel radio.
  147. Vagabond’s Log – Jens is a Berlin-based archaeologist by trade and traveller by passion.
  148. Go Travelzing – Jeff has became obsessed with travel after his first trip to Europe.
  149. Rising Roads – Tales, travails, and travelling tips of a worldwide vagabond – by Hugh Hamilton.
  150. Fly Brother – Travel blog form a point of view of Black American traveler, Ernest from Florida.
  151. DigiDrift – Jason enjoys inspiring others through his writing and photography to take the path less traveled.
  152. Journey Tom – Tom’s blog about travel, new experiences and journeys.
  153. Travpacker – Intrepid traveler from South Africa that’s been to all 7 continents.
  154. Inside Other Places – A travel blog giving you insight into a selection of squalid third world dictatorships, tourist dead spots and all the crap stuff no one else tells you.
  155. The Most Alive – Ash Clark, a travel writer and photographer from Australia shares all things backpacking and backpackers travel related.
  156. Net Nomad – Pete called himself digital nomad, travel blogger, coconut drinker, and risk taker. He travels the world while working online.
  157. Borderless Travels – Canadian guy, Ian, worked, studied, and traveled to 40+ countries around the world.
  158. My Travellicious – A Solo Backpacker from Borneo Island. A Marine Engineer who travel around the world without boundary.
  159. Travel Tall – Travel Tall aims to write, film and photograph his way around the world without the use of airfare. Currently in Africa.
  160. Vagabonding Life – Greg Rodgers escaped his corporate cubicle in 2006 to pursue a happier, lower-paying career as a vagabond and travel writer.
  161. Max Globetrotter – Max’s observations of travel. Unusual places, curious people and the industry itself.
  162. Wandering Stray – Nature lover with no plane. Currently roaming through India.
  163. Londoner Abroad – Ricky Carbis left UK in 2012. He is a young journalist, travel lover and, for most, animal lover – he Skype call with his dogs back home.
  164. Nomads Nation – Aaron has created this site to be the ultimate resource for experienced and aspiring travelers.
  165. Shoestring Adventurer – Gerard de la Pena, TV news correspondent and a radio show host, invites you to take the road traveled for less.
  166. Kyle The Vagabond – Based in Maui, Hawaii, Kyle is a freelance travel writer who seeks out adventure around the globe.
  167. Beats the Office – Richard got a travelling bug after his 6 month trip around the world.
  168. Itinerant Londoner – For Geoff travelling is a hell of a lot more fun than staying at home.
  169. Sam’s Playground – Sam’s photos and musings on backpacking, travel and life.
  170. Simon’s Jam Jar – An award-winning travel blog, with pictures, stories, videos and adventures from around the globe.
  171. Twenty First Century Nomad – Novelist and traveler with almost 20 years of experience on his perpetual global adventure.
  172. Globetrek – For the past 14 years Robert has been working for a major airline which allows him to enjoy one of his biggest passions, travels.
  173. Tao West Ventures – Wayne Seto, a mid-lifer travelling and exploring the world with a new set of eyes offering travel tips, tricks and hacks.
  174. Wanderlusting – The greatest interests of Wanderlusting lie in languages, history, politics and experiencing cultures in a truly intimate and personal way.
  175. Global Citizen – Personal blog of Tom Grundy, a British multimedia writer based in Hong Kong.
  176. Farflungplaces – Simon is a big fan of history, volcanos and a specialist on remote places, like Turkmenistan.
  177. Troy Story – Troy loves the outdoors, nature and wildlife. He wants to inspire everyone to travel solo at some point, especially those who are too shy to give it a try.
  178. The Nomad Notes – Canadian lover of the night life with passion for the outdoors.
  179. Engineer on the Road – After graduating Josh combined his profession and passion for travels and landed a job as a traveling water engineer around the globe.
  180. Backpacking Addictz – A site about independent & adventure travel.
  181. Roy Marvelous – Adventures of Roy from New Zealand who once won a contest to hitch-hike naked from Pukekohe to Auckland.
  182. Go Power Kick – Mike is now studying and teaching in Thailand, traveling through Southeast Asia.
  183. Peter Moore – Australian travel author Peter Moore has a funny way of looking at the world.
  184. That Time In – An Asia & Europe photography & travel blog by Carl from England.
  185. Joe’s Trippin’ – Canadian Joe, has been on the road, literally, since ever and will not stop, moving freely around the world.
  186. Discovering Your Truth – Is about personal growth and the journey we travel, physically and spiritually.
  187. The 5K Challenge – Myles on the quest to travel for one year on a budget of £5,000.
  188. Holes in My Soles – A shoemaker’s travels around the world.
  189. Pilgrimito – Thoughts and stories about travel and other things.
  190. Sparkpunk – Zak is a full-time traveler and designer.
  191. The Black Backpacker – A twenty-something traveller with Nigerian background and raised internationally on three continents. And bitten by the travel bug.
  192. Jonas Journeys – A twenty-something year old guy who is absolutely passionate about traveling.
  193. I Ran So Far Away – Joshua is a traveler, foodie, and international school math teacher living the expat life in Taiwan.
  194. Vagabumming – Will has a big experience in working abroad, he lived and worked in all 7 continents.
  195. Global Junkie – A personal adventure travel blog by Christian.
  196. Globe Stompers – Around the world trip without a deadline.
  197. Sand Dollar Adventures – After a fulfilling career Frank became a global adventure humor writer – and he has a business card that says so.
  198. Inspired by Krissi – A mindful traveller, perpetual wanderer, part time meditator and newbie blogger.
  199. Drink Just Drink – A guy that want to run off and travel the world.
  200. Backpacker’s Guide to Earth – adventures of a bearded Canadian blogger Logan.
  201. The Life Less Travelled – Ara enjoys his journey and growing through the process.
  202. Go For It – Icelandic traveler who started backpacking around the world in 2010.
  203. Vagabond Impulse – Travel, adventure and in search of a point to it all.
  204. Man Versus World – A Kiwi on the road in search of a life of adventure and cheap beer.
  205. Small World Travels – Josh is taking the rest of his twenties off to travel around the globe and visit 100 countries by his 30th birthday.
  206. One Dusty Camel – Paul a.k.a. Dusty lives life to the fullest, pushing boundaries and keeping the dream alive.
  207. Voyage au Bout du Jour – A French clumsy nomad exploring the art of living.
  208. Jones Around the World – Share one man’s passion for world-wide adventure and to inspire others to conquer the globe.
  209. Traveler Legacy – Yassine writes about personal development and shares his travel stories.
  210. Indie Traveller – Marek is a long-term traveler since 2012, sharing travel inspiration and advice.


  1. Global Gallivanting – Anna is a modern nomad and travel addict originally from Suffolk in the UK. She has been on an indefinite journey around India, Southeast Asia and Australia since December 2012.
  2. World of Wanderlust – Brook Saward, an Australian girl with restless feet and eyes wide open, travels the world solo full time. Check also her YouTube channel.
  3. Adventurous Kate – Kate McCulley is a solo female traveler with a goal to clear the myths about women traveling solo and show you how you can travel the world on your own – easily, safely, and adventurously.
  4. Young Adventuress – Liz Carlson lived as an expat in Spain and now she has moved to New Zealand. Her blog is a space where culture, travel, and misadventure collide.
  5. Just One Way Ticket – Sabrina Iovino, half German-half Italian graphic designer, has made travelling her lifestyle. Find out how to follow your dreams and just take off.
  6. Alex in Wanderland – Alexandra Baackes is a New York native obsessed with photography, scuba diving, and reading guidebooks to countries she has no immediate plans to visit.
  7. The Shooting Star – 20-something Shivya Nath is India’s best female travel blogger.
  8. Hippie in Heels – A blonde hippie & girlie girl at times travels around the world. She is now living the beach life in Goa, India.
  9. Breathe Dream Go – Mariellen Ward is a travel writer and India travel expert. The blog also covers meaningful adventure travel to Canada, Costa Rica, South Asia, Ireland.
  10. That Backpacker – Audrey Bergner slowly travels around the world, usually in search of markets, street food, jungles and beaches.
  11. My Wanderlust – Kami Napora is a Polish solo traveler and blogger, interested in alternative spots, street art, off the beaten path places with difficult history.
  12. Lemonicks – For solo Indian female backpacker, Nisha, traveling is counting number of memories, and not places.
  13. Keep Calm and Travel – Cle is an Italian travel blogger, sea lover and globetrotter since the age of 19.
  14. Twenty Something Travel – Travel adventures of Stephanie, twenty-somethings girl who can’t sit still. She blogs about travel for twenty-somethings and why your twenties are the best time to travel.
  15. Dangerous Business – Meet Amanda, Ohio girl, who tries to balance a “normal” life with a desire to discover the world.
  16. The Travel Hack – Monica Stott is a travel addict in search adventures with a splash of style, that won’t break the bank.
  17. Neverending Footsteps – Physicist turned digital nomad/travel writer, travelling full-time since 2011. Author of How Not to Travel the World.
  18. Inside the Travel Lab – Abi is a writer and photographer who swapped a career as a doctor for a life on the road. On her blog she writes about her unusual journeys.
  19. I am Aileen – Aileen from Philippines is a digital nomad living a sustainable travel lifestyle. She wants to prove that a life of travel is not only for the rich.
  20. Bunch of Backpackers – Manouk is a Korean girl from the Netherlands. On her Dutch-English travel blog she writes about adventure and cultural explorations around the world.
  21. Lakshmi Sharath – A travel blog of an Indian Backpacker who journeys around India, world, people and places.
  22. Travel with Kat – Kat is a writer, photographer and human rights and sustainable tourism active supporter.
  23. My Yatra Diary – A blog focusing on spiritual destinations complete with extensive description, photographs, places to stay and eat, shopping, etc.
  24. Be My Travel Muse – Kristin is traveling the world in the most genuine way possible, always talking to locals and delving deep into the culture.
  25. Bitten by the Travel Bug – Nicole’s solo journey around the world in search of adventure, culture and just a little bit of luxury.
  26. Just Travelous – Ivone’s motto is “Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere. Be travelous.”
  27. Globetrotter Girls – Dani went nomadic in 2010. The first-hand account of a girl exploring the world.
  28. Women on the Road – Leyla shares her first-hand travel experience to inspire and inform your travels with ethical, practical and fun advice.
  29. The Professional Hobo – Nora is travelling full time in a financially sustainable way. Lots of great financial travel tips.
  30. Mags on the Move – Weird activities and awkward encounters at home and abroad.
  31. Heart My Backpack – Silvia blogs about offbeat travel through 60+ countries, trying to challenge misconceptions we have about countries due to representation in Western media.
  32. No Money Will Travel – An eighteen year old Canadian gal whose planning a backpacking adventure under the idea that to live life is to explore life.
  33. A Lady in London – Expat Californian living in London, with over 100 countries under her belt, bringing you the best of London and the rest of the world.
  34. Curious Cat Expat – Inta has her smile and cameras always with her. Find here travel inspiration, photography, expat diaries and living overseas tips.
  35. Girl vs Globe – Sabina is an international troublemaker, with passion for fashion, travel and food.
  36. My Travel Affairs – The Luckiest Girl in the World aka.Crazy Polish Girl, Marysia tweet about photography, travel and her quirky views on life.
  37. Anna Everywhere – For the last 10 years, Anna has been traveling and living in different places around the globe. On her blog she shares travel advice and expat tips.
  38. Heather on Her Travels – Travel inspiration and information for seasoned traveller and city escapes.
  39. Lash World Tour – Cultural insights, travel tips and stories form 14+ years of Lash on the road.
  40. Blogger at Large – Megan Singleton’s travel blog of honest reviews, great advice, photos and video of destinations all over the world.
  41. Bucket List Journey – Annette is a travel writer, restaurant owner and new experience collector exploring the world in search of bucket list adventures.
  42. Eat Sleep Breathe Travel – Hannah, a Canadian travel addict who has been dreaming of adventure since she I first watched Indiana Jones.
  43. This American Girl – Two years ago Camille left her conventional city life for the jungle in Costa Rica. You can follow her travels and adventures through the blog.
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  1. Green Global Travel – Saving the planet one story at a time. Bret & Mary are adventurers with a passion for ecotourism, wildlife conservation and the preservation of indigenous cultures.
  2. The Crowded Planet – Margherita and Nick, a writer from Italy and a photographer from Australia, specialise in adventure and nature travel on a budget, with an eye on sustainability.
  3. Go Green Travel Green – Go Green Travel Green is the top online resource for sustainable travel. Simple steps anyone can take to travel greener – from green hotels and public transportation to local food and environmentally friendly products.
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  5. Ethical Traveler – A nonprofit organization, founded to empower travelers to change the world. Check their Ethical Destinations 2015.
  6. The Travel Word – How to travel responsible, sustainable and support local economy.
  7. Travel 4 Wildlife – Website dedicated to wildlife travelers, crated by zoologist Cristina Garcia and her husband, wildlife photographer Hal Brindley. Their goal is to promote wildlife conservation through responsible wildlife tourism.
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  12. Dodo Films – A multi-media production company dedicated to keepin’ life on earth. Run by Hal Brindley. Must see!
  13. Greg Goes Global – Greg Snell is the winner of the Australia’s ‘Best Job In The World’. He’s next project is Travel Global Think Local.
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  1. Heart of a Vagabond – An inspirational blog focused on responsible travel, traditional vegan food, yoga and mindful living.
  2. Angloitalian Follow Us – Slow vegan travel blog by Dale & Franca, with focus on architecture, art and design.
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  10. North and South Nomads – The computer nerd, poutine eating Canadian, and the beach loving, vegan Aussie Lawyer travel the world together.
  11. Bounding Over Our Steps – Travel adventures and nomadic life of the lesbian, vegan couple, Ligeia and Mindy.
  12. Burger Abroad – Mnimalist travel blog about green, vegan, slow, solo, budget, female travel written by an artist and pet-sitter Amanda.
  13. Travel and Tofu – Vegan girl traveling around the world.
  14. World Wide Vegetarian – Katie’s food and travel blog sharing vegetarian and vegan recipes plus tips for veggie travel.
  15. Vegan World Trekker – Valuable information about traveling the world as a vegan/vegetarian.
  16. Vegan Nom Noms – Vegan solo female traveler with a never-ending case of wanderlust. Recipes, reviews and travel tips from a plant-based perspective.
  17. Mostly Amelie – A solo vegan world traveler with a knack for healthy living. Currently in Malaysia.
  18. Vegan Food Quest – Caryl & Paul find, eat and writing about the best vegan food in the world.
  19. Taste of Slow – A green travel blog which shares travel stories and tips on travel, vegetarian food culture and a green lifestyle.
  20. Vegan in Brighton – Vegan scene and stories from worldwide travel escapades.

PART 2: Thematic Travel Blogs and Sites


  1. Sacred Destinations – An ecumenical guide to sacred sites, religious buildings, and pilgrimages around the world.
  2. Traveling Thru History – Erin has been a history junkie since she was a kid. This blog is a combination of her love for travel and learning about the history of the places she visits.
  3. Cosmos Mariners – Follow Natalie and learn about history, literature, and culture around the globe.
  4. Hillman Wonders – Howard Hillman’s the Top 100 wonders of the world with great info.
  5. Travel World Heritage – A travel blog focusing on evaluating the 1007 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  6. Eat This Poem – A literary city guides for bookworms.
  7. Travelling Book Junkie – A travel blogging duo who have a passion for all things cultural, historical and literary-based.
  8. Sateless Suitcase – Cultural travel through the eyes of a geeky art historian and professional medievalist.
  9. Adventures of a Carry-On – Penny is a slow traveler and an Italophile, with a focus on culture, architecture and traveling for the joy and adventure of it.
  10. Legendary Trips – Itineraries inspired by movies and books.
  11. Go Historic – The encyclopedic travel guide to history, architecture & historic preservation.
  12. A Traveler’s Library – Find books and movies that enrich your travels.
  13. Archaeology Travel – A guide to the best archaeology sites and museums, archaeological tours, and archaeology travel guidebooks from around the world.
  14. Unurth – A collection of street art around the world.
  15. Take Me to the World – Alouise, a travel enthusiast, music nerd, and a lover of performing arts, showcases a variety of performance arts from all over the world.
  16. A Year Of Reading The World – A writer Ann Morgan set herself a challenge – to read a book from every country in the world in one year.
  17. Travel Thru History TV – TV show & blog focused on fun, educational ideas for family travel.
  18. Cheryl Keit – Cheryl writes about travel and music.
  19. Groove Traveler – Explore the world through music.
  20. Culture Tripper – A Toronto-based blogger specializing in travel, art, culture, history and legendary landscapes.
  21. Journey To Design – A blog about travel and design.
  22. Outbound Adventurer – Follow Tara and Jessi as they geek out about everything from languages to paleontology, and learn how to incorporate affordable travel and experiential education into your journeys.
  23. Travel Between The Pages – The Intersection of travel, books & art.
  24. Travel Thru History – Stories featuring the historical, archaeological, and cultural aspects of a destination.
  25. Museum Chick – A blog with focus on visiting intriguing museums from around the world.
  26. No Onions Extra Pickles – A travel guide to contemporary art and culture.
  27. Nights In The Past – The guide to historic hotels in the UK, Europe and USA.
  28. 7 Wonders of The World – Learn a bit about the history of each world wonder.
  29. Amazing Temples – Informational articles about temples, churches and other places that are or have been of religious interest.
  30. Travel Sketch – Travels and sketches of Katherine Tyrrell.
  31. The Faithful Traveler – A travel blog exploring Catholic shrines and places of pilgrimage throughout the world.
  32. World’s Heritage Travel – A list of all UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


  1. Pasation Travellers – Travel photographers who blog about family adventure travel .
  2. Style Hi Club – An outdoor adventure for family with toddler.
  3. Bring the Kids – Find out how to raise exceptional kids, one adventure at a time.
  4. A Little Campy – The campy mom’s guide to family camping.
  5. AKontheGO – Family adventure fun in Alaska.
  6. Adventurous Parents – Exploring the transition of outdoor adventurers to parenthood.
  7. Ski Mom – The source for family skiing, outdoor adventure and more.
  8. Adventurous Moms – The travels and adventures of two moms and their 3 little boos.
  9. Day Trips LA – A guide to road trips and day trips from Los Angeles with kids.
  10. Mommy Hiker – Rediscovering the wonder and beauty of Mother Nature through the eyes of our kids.
  11. A Nature Mom – Family outdoor adventures around San Francisco Bay and beyond.
  12. Moosefish – A family of adventurers in the Pacific Northwest. Hiking, snowshoeing, mountaineering, flyfishing, and living in nature.


  1. Sheldon Brown – A collection Of bicycle technical articles.
  2. Crazy guy on a Bike – Very informatve collection of bicycle touring blogs from around the globe. There is a great one The Really Long Way Round by Chris Pountney.
  3. Adventure Cycling – America’s bicycle travel expert.
  4. The Adventure Junkies – Over the past 2 years Antonio and Amanda have been exploring The Americas by bicycle.
  5. Hike Bike Travel – Leight, an avid world traveler, shares her outdoor and adventure travel inspiration. Biking, hiking and kayaking guides.
  6. Warm Showers – Free worldwide hospitality exchange for touring cyclists.
  7. Dave’s Travel Pages – Dave cycled from England to South Africa, Alaska to Argentina and is cycling RTW from 2015.
  8. Tom’s Bike Trip – Travel adventure blog by Tom Allen from England. Tom has been cycle-touring around the world since 2007, also to some lesser-known and unusual travel destination.
  9. Pedaling Nowhere – A growing collection of bikepacking routes, gear reviews, and bike touring.
  10. Cycling the Globe – A 4 year 50.000 km long cycling trip through 40 countries around the world by Thomas Andersen.
  11. Family on Bikes – Inspiring mom who decided to go for a bike ride with kids – on the longest road in the world – and cycled from Alaska to Argentina.
  12. The Practical Nomad – Bicycle travel and around the world travel articles from Edward Hasbrouck.
  13. My Five Acres – Stephen and Jane have cycled the back roads of Europe and Asia, travelled independently in the Middle East, and lived in cities around the world.
  14. Going Slowly – Tara & Tyler are documenting their bicycle tour around the world.
  15. Bicycling Street Smarts – A compact tutorial on how to ride a bicycle in mixed traffic.
  16. Mark Beaumont – Mark is a record breaking round the world cyclist and ultra endurance adventurer.
  17. World Bicyclist – Patrick Schroeder is visiting every country in the world, on foot, bicycle or public transport.
  18. That Emily Chappell – Emily works as a cycle courier in London. She cycled across Asia, from Wales to Japan, across Iceland and from Anchorage to Seattle.
  19. Cycling Dutch Girl – Dutch girl’s life on two wheels, living on the road since 2001.
  20. Daniel Carruthers – Daniel’s cycling travel and races in Asia and New Zealand.
  21. Cycling Gypsies – Photos and stories about biking the world and resources page for cycling with dogs.
  22. Paul Jeurissen – Paul is a freelance photographer specialized in cycle photography.
  23. The Cycling Canadian – Doug from Canada explores the world on his bicycle. Has been biking in Ethiopia, Guinea, Cambodia, Taiwan and the Philippines.
  24. Grand Cycle Tour – The journey of two Australians as they cycle around SE Asia, Europe and North America. They share photos, video and details of how the trip was planned.
  25. Willie Weir – Willie is an adventure cyclist, writer, public speaker, bicycle advocate. He has cycled over 60,000 miles throughout the world.
  26. No Hanging Around – An Irishman cycling 11,000km unsupported through Africa while living in a tent.
  27. Call of the Road – Joff’s around the world journey on a Penny farthing bicycle.
  28. Dervla Murphy – Dervla is an Irish cycling icon. She has written many adventure travel books based on her over 40 years of biking experience.
  29. Bike49 – A bike ride through 49 states, covering 15,000 miles and taking 14 months.
  30. Cropcycle – A couple cycling the Americas, while visiting and working on sustainable farming projects.
  31. Green Travel Antics – Darby shows that ecofriendly travel is wallet- friendly travel.


  1. Horizons Unlimited – The premier source for information on motorcycle and overland adventure travel.
  2. Long Way Round – Iconic motorcycle trips, Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman circumnavigate the globe.
  3. Modern Moto Diaries – Alex Chacón is a motorcycle adventure rider and a video producer capturing unique experiences around the world.
  4. We Are West America – Inspirational, informative and fun blog about two friends on their crazy motorbike trip through America.
  5. Yarets – 72-years old Vladimir Yarets from Belarus is the first deaf person to go on a round-the-world trip on a motorbike.
  6. Free Wheelings – Brandon’s motorcycle trip to South America.
  7. Fuzzy Galore – A girlie motorcycle blog written by Rachael from New York.
  8. Travelin’ Gringo – Glen Abbott’s tales from the road, motorcycle touring experience throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
  9. 1 World 2 Go – Father and son travel the world on motorcycle.
  10. Roadside Wonders – Pictures of the crazy things seen and found while on motorcycle trips.
  11. The London Biker – Matthew crossed Europe, Morocco, the Baltic’s and Russia on motorbike.
  12. Motorcycle Memoir – An epic around the world expedition on a motorcycle to end world hunger. Christopher rides his motorcycle around the world to raise funds and awareness for the number one cause of death in the world: hunger.
  13. The Itinerant – Writings and wanderings of Ants Bolingbroke-Kent: writer, TV producer, traveller and lover of gin, motorbikes and tuk tuks.
  14. Bike and Boots – Brian Setzer’s motorcycle travel blog about touring the Americas on a Suzuki V-Strom.
  15. Riding the Dream – South America by motorbike in search of rock climbing, surfing and experiencing different cultures along the way.
  16. Defylife Adventure – Random thoughts on my motorcycle adventures, travel and fun.


  1. Road Trippers – Guides for road trips in America. This application helps travelers plan road trips, calculate distances, travel time and cost of fuel.
  2. The RV Goddess Blog – A middle-aged couple from Oregon traveling over eight months a year in their motorhome.
  3. Gone With the Wynns – Jason and Nikki Wynn, traveling around the US in an eco friendly RV in search of adventure. Check their Make Money and Travel series for inspiration on how to fund full time travel.
  4. Cheap RV Living – Very informative site on how to live or travel in a car, van or RV.
  5. Technomadia – Cherie & Chris are full time RVers combining their hi-tech careers with a rich and fulfilling life of travel, community, adventure and amazing experiences.
  6. Tiny House Giant Journey – A couple, dog and tiny house on wheels travel around North America.
  7. Wheeling It – Nina and Paul RVing full time across the US with their furry friends.
  8. Van Dog Traveller – Quit job, built campervan and travel. Try the van life yourself with Mike’s tips.
  9. Trans-Americas – Eric and Karen’s overland exploration of North, Central & South America. they are on the road since 2006 with no end in sight.
  10. A Restless Transplant – Foster is traveling around North America camping and surfing.
  11. Snowmads – Kristin and Jason Snow’s nomadic RV adventures, exploring America with their three dogs in tow.
  12. HitchItch – Connecting people who loves RV lifestyle, RV travel resources, RV news.
  13. New Life On The Road – David and Lisa plus three of their five boys, living and travelling in a Motorhome.
  14. Campervan Trips – Fantastic campervan holidays and road trips from around the world.
  15. The World by Road – The World by Road Expedition: 2 guys, 2 trucks, 80 countries, 24 months. Blog awarded 2010 National Geographic Adventurers of the Year.
  16. Vaga Bloggers – Two free spirits who live in their van and travel full time in search of adventure and good deeds.
  17. BodesWell – A family of 3 travelling from California to the tip of South America by a hippie car.
  18. The Road Chose Me – From Alaska to Argentina in an Jeep Wrangler.
  19. Ardent Camper – Marie & Josh sold their house, bought an RV and are working full-time as they romp around the US.
  20. A Year in a Car – Travelling in a modify van.
  21. Wayne on the Road – One man, one truck, a camera and endless North American open roads.
  22. Kiwi Blog Bus – Campervan tales from New Zealand.
  23. 9000 Miles – Summer road trip across US in a conversion van.
  24. Overland Nomads – Two 40-something adventure travelers with a love for life and a desire for crazy escapades with a 1994 Toyota 80 Series Land Cruiser.
  25. Tarmo RTW – Tarmo’s solo driving trip to some extreme places.
  26. Simple Life on the Road – Matt’s blog about living a simple life on a budget, in a camper van, rock climbing as we go.
  27. Young Snow Birds – RV travel blog, Rob and Darlene’s motorhome adventure through the US and Canada.
  28. Mileometer – In a mini coper across US.


  1. The Man In Seat Sixty-One – Comprehensive blog about train travels around the world. By far the best train travel resource on the Internet.
  2. Railway Stays – A guide to the world’s best luxury trains, railway hotels & train-themed accomodation.
  3. Trains On The Brain – A blog about the highs and lows of travelling by train in this age of budget flights.
  4. 100 Trains – A blog documenting the greatest railway journeys and iconic trains in the world.
  5. Sophie On Track – Train travel in the Europe, Canada, US and India.
  6. Ultimate Train Challenge – A quest to set the record for longest continuous train journey, from Lisbon to Saigon in 30 days.


  1. BoardingArea – Required reading for Frequent Flyers, compiling the best business travel blogs on the Internet, all in one place.
  2. Seat Guru – Seat maps, seat reviews, flights shopping, and flight information to make your travel more enjoyable.
  3. The Points Guy – Brian is traveling the world in first class for (almost) free using frequent flyer miles and credit card points.
  4. Sleeping In Airports – The guide to sleeping in airports for anyone who get stuck in the airport overnight.
  5. Air Treks – Discount tickets for globe circling or complex multi-stop international air travel.
  6. Cranky Flier – A snarky consumer air travel blog.
  7. Airwise – Guide to airports and their facilities, including airline locations, arrival information, ground transportation, driving directions, parking, hotels, car rental.
  8. Let’s Fly Cheaper – Find and book discounted business class flight to any destination.
  9. Martha Stewardess – Insights into airline industry from a fictional character, Martha, a flight attendant for a major US airline.
  10. Flying Critic – An airline and travel blog with tips & photos.


  1. Hitchhikers Handbook – Two hitchhikers and their round-the-world adventures. Great hitchhiking resource for every traveler on a budget.
  2. Tomislav Perko – Thomas was hitchhiking around the world for 1000 days, following summer.
  3. World Tour by Hitchhiking – Impressions of Jeremy Marie who hitchhiked the world for more then 5 years.
  4. The Stupid Foreigner – Budget travel blog and guide to explain how to travel extremely cheap, in fact as low as €5 per day in some cases.
  5. A Girl and Her Thumb – Hitchhiking travel blog from a British girl. Vegan traveler interested in alternative ways of living.
  6. Mind of a Hitchhiker – A female hitchhiker exploring the world solo. Iris just got back from hitchhiking through Central America, the Caucasus, Turkey and Iran.
  7. Anastasia and George – Anastasia and George hitchhiking through Americas.
  8. Hitch the World – A collection of tales, told as experienced by Patrick and useful info about hitchhiking.
  9. Acrobat of the Road – Two Argentinians hitchhiking the world since 2005.


  1. Swell Voyage – A seafarer Liz Clark left California to pursue the dream of sailing the world in search of surf, knowledge, love, and truth aboard her 40ft sailboat, Swell.
  2. MJ Sailing – Jessica and her husband Matt have taken off to see the world on their 34 foot sailboat s/v Serendipity in 2012.
  3. Turf to Surf – Tasha is an adventurer at heart. Together with her husband they sail and overland the world.
  4. Get Lost on Purpose – A journal entries, photos, and videos from sailing and travel adventures.
  5. The Life Nomadik – А family aboard a boat. This is our journey sailing around the world.
  6. Ascension at Sea – The cruising adventures of Gord & Ginny, as they circumnavigate around the world.
  7. Sail Billabong – Tales of two young-ish fools sailing around the world for 5 years.
  8. Creative Cruising – Helping you realize your sailing dreams.
  9. Wizard’s Eye – Circumnavigating the globe in a 5-year expedition with his sailboat Wizard’s Eye and a kayak.
  10. Almost Native – Travel across the world in a catamaran.
  11. Mystic Sail – Sailing adventure of surfing, skateboarding, kiteboarding, and exploration aboard the “Natural Mystic”.
  12. The Two Captains – Follow Captains Gwen Hamlin and Don Wilson across the seas aboard Tackless II.
  13. Arie Travels – A sailor’s reflection on life at sea.
  14. Clark & Michelle Go Sailing – Sailing with Clark and Michelle Haley aboard sv Double Wide.
  15. Yacht Billabong – Bill and Caroline cruise the Mediterranean.


  1. Footsteps on the Mountain – Digital communications professional and mountaineering blogger; bit of a mountain history geek; currently writing a book about climbing Everest.
  2. The Morning Fresh – Katie lives according to her three rules: live well, adventure often, climb higher.
  3. The Rest of Everest – A video podcast created by documentary filmmaker Jon Miller. Is far more than a look into the alien world of high-altitude mountaineering. It is a look at the places, cultures, people, travelers and mountaineers.
  4. Nomadic Ambition – Mat’s writes about rock climbing, snowboarding, camping, mountaineering and hiking in Americas and Europe.
  5. Bare Pockets – A girl from Romania exploring the world to bring the most colorful traveling and climbing reports.
  6. Justin J. Wright – Lover of technology and science, addicted to exploring the great outdoors, especially mountains.
  7. Rock Climber Girl – Stories from women who rock climb and play outside.
  8. Mike Libecki – The Salt Lake City-based adrenaline junkie, explorer and dad with big passion for climbing.
  9. The Peak Seeker – Matt’s blog discussions about hiking, climbing, highpointing & mountaineering in the U.S.
  10. Chronic Climber Chick – Jes is a mountaineering junkie, addicted to the climb sharng stories, her happy trails and nutrition knowledge.
  11. Ardent Rambler – Memoirs of adventurous outdoor in America, Asia and Africa.
  12. Cheyne Lempe – Cheyne is an artist and athlete. He posts incredible photos from his climbing adventures.
  13. Raphael Slawinski – A physics professor from Canada sharing climbing stories, images and views.
  14. In Ice Axe We Trust – A website and podcast covering all aspects of mountaineering – from novice to expert, trailhead to summit, sea level to sky.
  15. John Cantor – Enamored with Alaska and The Brooks Range despite being a surfer from Noosa Heads.


  1. A Luxury Travel Blog – Great travel blog, mostly for those who enjoy the finer things in live.
  2. Urbane Nomad – Luxury adventure travel to Asia, Africa and Latin America.
  3. Spa Travel Gal – A blog specializes in Spa travel and luxury travel.
  4. Wandering Carol – The unpretentious guide to luxury travel.
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  9. Suitcase Stories – Luxury travel blog which provides travel tips, destination guides and stories to inspire the traveler in all of us.
  10. Overwater Bungalows – The guide to every overwater bungalow and water villa resort in the world.
  11. Spot Cool Stuff Travel – Reviews of unusual hotels and restaurants, great attractions, cool travel gear, places with amazing views.
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  14. Once in a Lifetime Journey – Mar journeys to the world’s luxury, rare offbeat, exclusive and extraordinary places.
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  16. The Cultureur – An award-winning luxury travel, culture, and lifestyle blog that focuses on the finer things in life.
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  28. Island Search – Guide with information about islands throughout the world.
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  36. The World’s Greatest Vacations – A blog for cruise goers, the definitive resource for exclusive travel opportunities.
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  38. Cruise The News – Cruise news and Information Feed. Learn more about cruise ships and cruise lines.


  1. Budget Travel – Inspiring by sharing the most useful, relevant, and interesting travel information, ideas, and deals.
  2. The Poor Traveler – Traveling at any cost, a blog with tips on budget travels mostly around Asia.
  3. Go Backpacking – Tips for planning budget trips, with a special focus on “around the world” travel, plus inspired destination articles, and large photos added daily.
  4. Cheapest Destinations Blog – The world’s cheapest places to travel, with advice on budgets, savings strategies, travel deals and cheap destinations.
  5. Travel Independent – Everything you need to know about budget independent travel, country summaries.
  6. A Long Dusty Roads – Andrew and Emily are street photographers travelling on a budget of £30/day and sharing their tips and tricks to travel longer for less.
  7. Hitchwiki – Information about hitchhiking and other ways of extremely cheap ways of transport.
  8. Budget Travelers Sandbox – Travel blog for independent budget travelers. Find out about local food, accommodation, attractions.
  9. What Boundaries Travel – Cheryl & Lisa use house-sitting to see the world and live like a local on a backpacker budget.
  10. The Backpacker – Comprehensive backpacking resources, reviews and hostel information and home to the popular Beer index – a database of beer prices from around the world.
  11. The Travelers Zone – Information on budget travel, travel destinations, tips and essentials and online help to plan your trip.
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  14. Budget Travel Tips – Budget travel advice, budget breaks ideas and backpackingtips for traveling on a shoestring budget.
  15. Start Backpacking – How to backpack the world, learn everything you need to know about backpacking travel and vagabonding around the world.
  16. 30 Traveler – Kate, a vegan digital nomad from New Zealand, is an expert on saving money on trips without sacrificing comfort.
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  20. Top Travel Tips – Practical travel advice that can save you both time and money when travelling.
  21. The Dromomaniac – Kent, a native Californian, will show you how to travel one way all over the world with a minimal amount of money.
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  1. Money Less – Guide on how to create rich life without money.
  2. Trashwiki – Something for freegans around the world, the collaborative world wide guide of creating value from trash.
  3. Falling Fruit – A collaborative map of the urban harvest. Uniting the efforts of dumpster divers everywhere.


  1. Smugmug – An online galleries for easy sharing, printing and archiving.
  2. Lulu – Publishing company helping you sell your books and ebooks around the world. It’s free.
  3. E-junkie – An easy solution for selling your ebooks online.
  4. Feed Shark – A free online tool that easily promotes your blog or website – with the simple push of a button.
  5. Travel Blog Success – Learn how to make money with a travel blog by joining Travel Blog Success, an online course and community just for travelers.
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  15. The Traveling Designer – Griffin has a passion for design and travel thus, the name of this site. He helps small business owners and entrepreneurs make their company and brand stand out.


  1. Virtual Tourist – Travel community with more than 60,000 destinations travel guides written by real travellers.
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  5. Travellers Point – Worldwide community offering free travel tools and information to help travellers before, during and after their trip. Message boards, photos, tips and advice.
  6. TBEX – Travel Blog EXchange, the world’s largest gathering of travel bloggers, writers, and new media content creators.
  7. Tour By Locals – Connects travelers with local tour guides, worldwide. Is a marketplace for customizable private tours and shore excursions.
  8. Trover – Explore the world through the photos of other travellers, and find unique spots to visit.
  9. EatWith – How to join dinner parties in people’s homes around the world.
  10. Tourist Link – A virtual hub for travelers to get connected with each other.
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  19. Party With A Local – A free app that connects travelers and locals that want to party.
  20. Link Expats – Social network website for expatriates, foreigners, international students, and anyone away from home.
  21. Backpackr – Find and connect with other like-minded travellers across the globe.
  22. Exploguide – Online travel community ExploGuide to meet local explorers, discover unknown and unsual places.


  1. Maps – A premier online source of maps, atlases, globes and other mapping products and solutions.
  2. Map Happy – Practical tips and equipment reviews to get you ready for your trip.
  3. Too Many Adapters – Technology for travelers, hardware and software reviews, opinion and advice.
  4. Practical Travel Gear – The most popular travel gear site on the web, posting a new detailed review each weekday.
  5. The Travel Insider – News, views and reviews on travel and travel related technology.
  6. Tep Wireless – Pocket wifi rental website that provides you with wireless internet access around the world.
  7. Gap Year Travel Store – UK based travel store specializing in essential travel gear.
  8. Practical Hacks – Gear, travel hacks and DIY travel gadgets.
  9. Tech Guide For Travel – The geeky side of backpacking.
  10. Flashpacker HQ – A resource for flashpackers – tech savvy, budget travelers.
  11. Buy Travel Backpacks – How to buy a good backpack – reviews, tips, and forums for travel backpacks.


  1. Lang-8 – A language learning platform where native speakers correct what you write.
  2. Fluent in 3 Months – Unconventional language hacking tips from Benny the Irish polyglot; travelling the world to learn new languages to fluency.
  3. Guide to Japanese – Tae Kim’s guide to learn Japanese on line.
  4. Escape Velocity – Language hacking guides and tips on backpacking on a budget from Andrew.
  5. 101 Languages – Translate English phrases into many different languages.
  6. Talk to Me in Korean – Learn Korean with free lessons, make friends around the world, and ask questions about Korean and Korea.
  7. I Will Teach You a Language – Olly’s study hacks and mind tools for independent language learners.
  8. Women Learn Thai – Expat making her way through the Thai language and Thai culture.
  9. Mezzoguild – Donovan’s goal is to become fluent in at least one new language every year and to spend time living in that country while sharing his experience with you.
  10. Hacking Chinese – Olle’s blog is focusing on how to learn Mandarin rather than what to learn. Everything you need to know about studying Chinese but no-one will tell you.
  11. The Polyglot Dream – Luca from Italy shows you how to develop a solid language core, which will help you go further into a foreign language and get more out of the experience.
  12. Everyday Language Learner – On his blog Aaron is helping the everyday language learner be more effective, more efficient and have more fun.
  13. Chinese Hacks – Tips, tricks, reviews apps and websites to help you hack your way to better Chinese.
  14. BahasaKita – An Indonesian language online resource for non native speakers, Indonesian teachers & students.
  15. Ellen Jovin – Ellen is a language-learning blogger and product reviewer; she has very busy study schedule, currently learning Persian.



  1. The One Effect – Chris is working online, traveling the world and helping others. You can join him on his mission to change the world.
  2. International Volunteer Network – Leanne is interested in volunteering, charity and development work. She blogs about her volunteering experience.


  1. Idealist – Connecting idealists with opportunities for action all over the world.
  2. Go Abroad – The leading online directory for meaningful travel. Study, volunteer, teach & internships abroad.
  3. Work Away – Volunteer in exchange for food and accommodation and learn about the local lifestyle and community.
  4. Help Exchange – Free volunteer work exchange in Australia. Includes farms, home stays, ranches, lodges, B&B’s and even sailing boats.
  5. Peace Corps – Making a difference in communities abroad and in the US.
  6. Doctors Without Borders – All sorts of short-term opportunity for a wide range of health professionals.
  7. Volunteering Solutions – Safe and affordable volunteer & internship programs in over 20 countries worldwide. Prices starting from $200.
  8. WWOOF – Travel the glove volunteering in organic farms in exchange for food, accommodation and opportunities to learn.
  9. International Volunteer HQ – Provides affordable, safe and responsible volunteer abroad programs in 30 different countries around the world.
  10. i-to-i – Work or volunteer overseas. Teaching English jobs, volunteer travel and Gap Year travel.
  11. Grassroots – Free tools and services to help connects volunteers with charities.
  12. Green Heart Travel – Change your global perspective through studying, teaching or volunteering abroad.
  13. Worldpackers – Find unique places and hosts where you can exchange your skills for accommodation.
  14. Geovisions – Sustainable volunteer abroad projects, teach abroad and au pair abroad paid jobs, internships and the J1 US Work and Travel program.
  15. – Real hands-in volunteer opportunities in disaster regions.
  16. True Travellers – A community sharing information about free international volunteer work abroad programs and adventure travel.
  17. Oyster Worldwide – Gap years, career breaks, responsible travel, overseas projects for 2 weeks to 1 year in 14 countries.
  18. International Humanity Foundation – Half of International Humanity Foundation’s mission is to educate the poor and the other half is to educate the world about the poor.
  19. Grassroots Volunteering – Connecting travelers with grassroots initiatives and social enterprises all over the world to promote sustainable tourism.
  20. Plan My Gap Year – Affordable volunteer programs from two weeks to six months across Africa & Asia.
  21. Volunteer South America – This website lists the free and low-cost volunteer opportunities in South & Central America.
  22. See the Wild – Connects travelers with tour operators and non-profits who support wildlife conservation through travel and volunteering.
  23. Voluntourism – The resource on all things VolunTourism.
  24. Globe Drop – Connect to charities with GlobeDrop while traveling meaningfully.
  25. Volunteer Global – Connecting your interests with voluntary service.
  26. Green Volunteers – Volunteering with animals, wildlife and nature conservation database.
  27. All Out Africa – Wildlife conservation and community development projects in South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique and Botswana.
  28. Do Good As You Go – Volunteer programs for independent travelers around the world, using their professional skills to do good as they go.
  29. The Inside and Out – Humans helping animals through ecotourism.
  30. Kind Mankind – The open platform for independent change makers and volunteers.
  31. Free Volunteer Work Abroad – Find free ways to volunteer, cheap voluntary work and inexpensive gap years or career breaks abroad.
  32. Go Eco – Created by experienced volunteers for people who are eager to travel and contribute to the community, wildlife, and environment they visit.



  1. The Working Traveller – A blog by working travellers, Shane and Deirdre, who travel the world cheaply and look for the ways you can too.
  2. Around the World in 80 Jobs – Turner experiences the world doing different jobs. Many tips on how to find work overseas and great tales.
  3. String Knife and Paper – Highs and lows of 20 years of working abroad in Africa, Asia, Caribbean and Small Islands.
  4. Will Work 4 Travel – Lisa and Cheryl are working their way around the world and showing others how to stretch their travel dollars by house-sitting, WWOOFing, and volunteering along the way.


  1. Transitions Abroad – The traveler’s web guide for paid and volunteer work, living, study, internships, teaching overseas, working in a ski resort, summer camps, au pairing and farm work.
  2. Au Pair – Work abroad as au pairs, live-in nannies and senior caregiver from around the world.
  3. Overseas Jobs – Overseas jobs and international employment opportunities for professionals, expatriates and adventure seekers.
  4. Jobs Abroad Bulletin – Displays current vacancies from around the world.
  5. Hostel Management – The online resource for hostel professionals and enthusiasts.
  6. Bunac – Work and travel adventures on summer camps, working holidays, volunteer projects and internships in some of the world’s most exciting locations.
  7. Hostel Jobs – An online center for finding a hostel job abroad.
  8. Pay Away – Tips and advice to fund gap years and long term travelling, find working holidays, seasonal work and jobs abroad.
  9. Overseas Job Centre – Find work and live abroad or get paid to travel by finding seasonal travel jobs, working holidays, career breaks, gap years & volunteer work overseas.
  10. Taking a Career Break – Gap year travel, sabbaticals and volunteer work for older volunteers looking to take a career break abroad.
  11. Working Holiday Info – Country guides aimed specifically at working holidaymakers.


  1. ESL Cafe – The internet’s meeting place for ESL+EFL teachers and students form around the world.
  2. Wandering Educators – A global community of educators, sharing thair travel and teaching experiences.
  3. Reach to Teach – Reach To Teach places ESL teachers at destinations all over the world.
  4. Teaching Traveling – A blog to inspire more teachers to travel, and more travelers to teach! Also, great Global Education resources.
  5. A Journey in TEFL – Teacher with 20 years of blogging about adventure in teaching English.
  6. 2 Nomads 1 Narrative – A blog by couple teaching and travelling since 2009. After living in few countries in Asia, now they are in South America.
  7. You Can Teach English – All you need to know about teaching English abroad: country info, job opportunieties, interviews with other teachers.
  8. Teach English Travel Overseas – A resource for those looking to teach English and travel around the globe. Site offers country guides, teaching tips, articles, overview of the various types of teaching positions.
  9. Our Korean Teapot – A year as foreign teacher in Korea.
  10. Runaway Brit – A British girl teaching her way around the world until she find a place to call home.
  11. Teaching Expat – Information about teaching English overseas and living abroad for expats.
  12. Expat Teaching – A specialist recruitment agency that focuses on placing qualified teachers with suitable teaching jobs abroad.
  13. Konglish Adventures – Gina and Joel’s adventure of teaching English in South Korea.
  14. Live Learn Venture – Travel and learning experience in Asia. Nick and Natasha teach English and discuss living in South Korea.
  15. Tom’s TEFL – English teaching resources and ideas tailored for Hong Kong primary children. TEFL & ESL materials, games and templates – all completely free of charge.
  16. Teach Travel Play – Emily and Matt’s travel the world and teach English to support their passion. Currently living in Singapore.
  17. Join Chase – Chase is a world traveler, teacher and biker. He shares the beautiful, frustrating, and oftentimes awkward cross-cultural experiences of life as an expat. Currently in Myanmar.
  18. Notes from Over There – A long-running personal blog about living in Shanghai, teaching English abroad and other travel memories.



  1. Expat Woman – All the information women need before moving abroad.
  2. Travel Fashion Girl – Women’s travel resource for packing, fashion, and beauty on your adventures.
  3. Her Packing List – Talking about female travel gear and accessories.
  4. Journey Woman – The largest online travel resource for women, to inspire women to travel safely and to connect female travellers.
  5. Tuula Vintage – Travel and fashion blog.
  6. Wanderlust And Lipstick – The leading women-focused travel site, providing tips, reviews, information and inspiration written by women for women.
  7. Yes and Yes – Inspiring blog for women covering many fields of life with very useful Mini Guide series.
  8. Pink Pangea – The community for women who love to travel and have a desire to share authentic insights.
  9. Mademoiselle Le K – Travel, lifestyle, beauty & fashion blog. All posts in English & French.
  10. Travel Belles – An online magazine about travel for women, brings you everything from solo travel to adventure travel to small group travel to girlfriend getaways.
  11. Adventure Women – A unique adventure travel tours for active women over 30.
  12. Travel Go Girl – Weekly travel tips, event news and inspiration for women.
  13. Expat Women – Helping women living overseas, inspiring your success abroad.
  14. Diwyy – A girl’s guide to travel, studying, working and volunteering abroad.
  15. World Moms Blog – Connecting global mothers, telling their stories and making a difference. Over 50 women bloggers representing 20+ countries.
  16. Suitcase and Heels – Melissa’s travel blog for women who want to travel in style and on a budget.
  17. Savvy Girl Travel – A cultural magazine focusing on the female travel experience: from art to books to personal stories.
  18. Worldette – The daily email dedicated to getting you out in the world.
  19. Tango Diva – A travel site empowering women to explore the world and themselves. Includes a forum, links and online newsletter.
  20. Dame Traveler – A girly backpackers blog, looking for advice on fashion, beauty and everything travelling.
  21. Independent Travel Help – Expat life and independent travel for women aged 35+.
  22. Women Travel In Style – Exclusive travel essentials for women traveling in style.
  23. Urban Travel Girl – Thoughts on black women living globally through international travel.
  24. She Sees The World – A site dedicated to sharing authentic and inspiring stories of personal growth through travel.
  25. Rani And Katie – A girl’s guide to spirits, SPAs and travel in style.


  1. Thrillist – A magazine for men providing all that’s new, unknown or under-appreciated in food, drink, travel and entertainment.
  2. Man Tripping – A site dedicated to promoting mancations and guys weekends.
  3. Real Man Travels – Stories and thoughts from a group of very manly Canadian men.


  1. Curb Free With Corylee – Cory is 25 year old travel addict, hoping to inspire mobility impaired travellers to start rolling around the world.
  2. Wheels Traveler – An ongoing adventure of travel and living while using a wheelchair.


  1. The Travel Pharmacist – Trusted source for travel health information.
  2. Fit Travels – A blog by two full time Australian travelers, where a passion for health, fitness, balance and travel come together.
  3. Sick On The Road – Travel health tips, stories and advice.
  4. Health Conscious Travel – Melanie Haiken is a health and travel writer with over 20 years of experience writing about active travel, fitness, nutrition, and staying well.
  5. Fit When Traveling – How to stay fit, healthy and beautiful when traveling.
  6. Safe and Healthy Travel – A solo traveler and flashpacker from The Netherlands.
  7. WholesomeTravel – A meaningful travel resource for those looking for fitness, spirituality and personal development while travel.


  1. Bring Fido – A dog travel directory that provides unbiased reviews, pet policy information, pet friendly hotels, vacation rentals, and campgrounds that welcome pets in 150 countries worldwide.
  2. The Constant Rambler – Travel advice from a Kenin & Lauren, as they visit the world along with their two dogs.
  3. Dog Jaunt – A blog for people who want to travel with their small dog.
  4. Go Pet Friendly – Firsthand account of pet travel, information on hotels, campgrounds, restaurants, wineries, dog parks and beaches.
  5. How to Travel with Pets – A blog for travelers with dogs, cats, and other pets.
  6. And a Small Dog – Leila’s travel advice for you and your dog.
  7. Dog Wonderful – Plan dog friendly vacations and find hotels that allow dogs in US.
  8. World Woof Tour – Oscar was the most famous travelling dog.


  1. JetPunk – Entertaining website with many travel related quizzes.
  2. Out Traveler – Gay travel guide.
  3. What Doesn’t Suck – Travel. Gadgets. Lifestyle. Your go-to guide for what doesn’t suck in life.
  4. Bohemian Trails – A blog for the savvy and stylish traveler with focus on the underground art, music and fashion scenes.
  5. Travelling Shopaholic – Shopping guides for cities around the world.
  6. Travel Scamming – All the scams of the world to be aware off.
  7. Love Travel Life – Travel and lifestyle site with an interest in all things sex.
  8. Tinggly – Give someone a gift of a lifetime – one of the world’s best travel experiences.
  9. Grumpy Traveller – Opinionated, honest, entertaining and useful online magazine.
  10. Travel Times Mag – Your ultimate party destination guide.
  11. Around The World In 80 Girls – Neil has traveled around the world for nearly 3 years trying to pick up as many girls as possible.
  12. Alicia Explores – Alicia runs travel, dating & lifestyle blog. You can find there video city guides, interviews, dating advice and travel inspiration.
  13. Huge Party Travel – A blog focusing on the fun, culture and craziness that can be found throughout the world.
  14. Single Travel Guide – Travel information for singles.
  15. Killing Batteries – Bite-sized, travel-related quirks and news from Leif Pettersen.
  16. The Travel Pop – Learn about the world through a pop-culture medium.
  17. Couple Travel Tips – Couple travel tips for a great couples vacation, weekend getaways and around the world backpacking adventures.
  18. Tacky Tourist Photos – A collection of goofy pictures, offbeat travel discoveries & bizarre souvenirs.
  19. Travel Darkly – Practical information about visiting dark tourism sites.
  20. Bonjour Amigo – Probably the youngest blogger ever, 5 yo Lucia, with the help of her mom describes her global adventures.
  21. Cassidy’s Quest – Cassidy is a teen travel blogger, on a 2 year journey with her parents and siblings.


  1. National Geographic – A world leader in geography, cartography and exploration. Their mission is to inspire people to care about the planet.
  2. Matador Network – The web’s largest independent travel media site.
  3. Travel + Leisure – The world’s biggest travel magazine brand.
  4. Condé Nast Travel Intel – Conde Nast Traveler delivers inspiration and service to plan your perfect next trip.
  5. AFAR – The award-winning AFAR magazine inspires and enables those who travel the world seeking to have deeper and more fulfilling travel experiences.
  6. Fathom Way To Go – Travel information and inspiration for the way you like to travel. Travel guides, itineraries and tips.
  7. Jaunted – Daily updated pop culture travel guide for globetrotters.
  8. Adventure Journal – The online magazine for real outdoor adventure – stoke, inspiration, news, gear, people, photography, more.
  9. Gadling – Online magazin about fun, interesting & relevant travel written and edited by passionate travelers.
  10. Wanderlust – UK’s leading travel magazine for independent-minded and adventurous travellers.
  11. Go Nomad – This online magazine provides intrepid travelers with detailed articles, great photos and all the links they need to plan their next trip.
  12. The Cultureist – A media platform for travelers, dreamers & changemakers.
  13. Vagabondish – Dubious tips & essential ephemera for today’s curious traveler.
  14. Perceptive Travel – An online travel magazine that is home to interesting and award-winning narrative stories from some of the best travel writers on the planet.
  15. The Travel Magazine – Providing ideas for travel and exact information about the destination and how to get there.
  16. Bucket List Publications – Online magazine and blog portrays the beauty and limitless possibilities of the bucket list seeker.
  17. Open World Mag – OpenWorld magazine is the top resource for freedom fighters, adventure seekers, and courage souls who never stop following their dreams.
  18. We Blog The World – An online adventure travel, luxury travel and culture magazine focused on unique experiences and events for the savvy, discerning traveler.
  19. Travel Noire – The global community of black travelers who share their love of culture and exploration with you.
  20. Off Track Planet – A magazine style travel guide for “the young sexy and broke”.
  21. Active Traveller – Active Traveller seeks out the most inspiring places around the globe to have an active holiday.
  22. GoMad Nomad – An online magazine for independent travelers.
  23. Wild Junket Magazine – Digital magazine focusing on outdoor adventures and sustainable travel.
  24. Downtown Traveler – Magazine for urban travelers who crave arts, culture and adventure.
  25. Travel Squire – A digital magazine and travel therapist in one.
  26. In the Know Traveler – Resource for world travel and travel news. Covering over 165 countries from around the world.
  27. Vagabundo Magazine – A travel magazine for the independent traveller.
  28. World Travel Buzz – An online travel magazine, run by a team of travel bloggers from around the world. They are young, wild, free, and in-your-face.
  29. Butterfly Diary – An online magazine, with stories on how travel can transform one’s outlook.
  30. Dream Travel Magazine – An online travel magazine filled with travel tips, hotel and excursion reviews, favourite destinations and dream vacation destinations.
  31. Vagobond – Vagobond is an online travel magazine that brings you the world of quirky luxury, offbeat adventures, and delicious foodie travel.
  32. Off Beat Travel – An online magazine for those who appreciate offbeat places and unusual destinations.
  33. Travel Culture Magazine – A medium to share knowledge and educate the globe on responsible travel.
  34. Enduring Wanderlust – An online magazine and blog focused on compelling travel, food, and photography.
  35. Escapist Traveller – Inspiration for life changing trips.


  1. Trip Advisor – One of the world’s largest travel site, helping travelers to plan and book the perfect trip. Check millions of reviews and opinions from travelers and instantly compare hundreds of websites for the best hotel prices.
  2. Viator – A Tripadvisor company’s travel website and blog advising on the best things to see and do around the world.
  3. Cruise Critic – Complete guide to cruises, cruise lines and exclusive cruise deals.
  4. Rome 2 Rio – Multi-modal and door-to-door transportation planning site. Discover how to get anywhere by plane, train, bus, ferry and automobile.
  5. Hipmunk – Find cheap flights and deals on hotels in best destinations in US.
  6. Atlas Obscura – The definitive guide to the world’s hidden wonders and curious places.
  7. The Culture Trip – A website showcasing the best of art, food, culture, photography and travel around the world.
  8. Wikivoyage – The free worldwide travel guide that anyone can edit. It has mobile version.
  9. My Destination – A global travel resource powered by a community of local experts providing unrivalled local knowledge, deals, videos and virtual tours of the place.
  10. Touropia – The most amazing destinations around the world divided into numerous “best of” lists.
  11. World Travel Guide – Offbeat travel news, stories, quizzes and guides for the adventurous traveller.
  12. G Adventures – Travel blog by the top adventure travel tour company G Adventures.
  13. Gogobot – Discover where to stay, eat and play on your adventures and share your experiences with like minded people.
  14. Tripbase – Travel blog by destination finder and road trip planner Tripbase.
  15. Bootsnall – One-stop indie travel guide to destinations all over the world written by travelers.
  16. Tripwolf – The social travel guide written by globetrotters worldwide.
  17. Untapped Cities – A community of over 400 contributors uncovering the best of urban life from cities around the globe.
  18. Spotted By Locals – City guides apps with insider tips by locals in 60+ cities.
  19. Travel Dudes – Blog provides valuable tips, inspiration and advice from travelers based on their first-hand experience.
  20. Gap Year – A community for backpackers and gap year travellers ready to help you to research, plan, discuss and book your.
  21. Johnny Jet – A leading travel information website by money-saving travel expert Johnny Jet and his team.
  22. Peter Greenberg – An Insider’s Guide to travel by the The New York Times best selling travel author.
  23. Solo Traveler Blog – Solo travel tips, destinations, stories – the blog for those who travel alone.
  24. Travel Blissful – Up-to-date travel news, tips, interviews, videos and information from every corner around the globe.
  25. Expat Info Desk – Online city guides written by expats worldwide with advice on everything you need to know.
  26. The Vacation Gals – Expert advice on family travel, girlfriend gateway and romantic escapes.
  27. Vagabond Journey – A chronicle about life, culture, and events around the globe seen through the lens of vagabond travel.
  28. Urban Travel Blog – A collective blog of professional and amateur travel writers and photographers reporting on nightlife, culture, trends and experiences in cities around the world.
  29. Travelogx – A destination tool for smarter travel providing daily stories from world travelers.
  30. Travel With a Mate – Latest destination guides and travel advice from travel bloggers and guest writers.
  31. Travelvivi – Best travel destinations around the world.
  32. 10 Minute Travel – A community for travel articles, reviews and travel tips all organized in an intelligent manner.
  33. The Holidaze – A community of travellers comprised of over 100 different authors (most of whom have their own travel blogs) working to promote and inspire responsible foreign travel.
  34. Don’t Worry Just Travel – Precise and straight to the point travel information mainly on South East Asia, Europe and South America.
  35. Gap Year Escape – One of the largest backpacking and Gap Year Travel blogs on the web.
  36. Inspiring Travellers – Around the world travel blog with ideas for travelling the world and inspiration from fellow travellers.
  37. Meet Plan Go – Tips how to prepare yourself for a career break or sabbatical.
  38. Wicked Good Travel Tips – News of the latest trends in travel, unique vacation ideas, money saving travel opportunities and travel tips.
  39. Calculated Traveller – A blog offering friendly advice, informative reviews, and inspiration on all things travel.
  40. Travel Quest – Offers ideas for active, adventure and special interest holidays and vacations.
  41. Inspired Adventures – The leading fundraising agency in Australia and NZ, creating and managing fundraising adventures around the world.
  42. Gridskipper – Maps and news for urban traveler.
  43. Uncharted101 – Online travel resource providing safe and smart travel tips and stunning vacation spots.
  44. Where Sidewalks End – A leader in responsible travels with a focus on off-the-beaten-path destinations.
  45. The International Wanderer – All the information you need to travel, live or work overseas no matter what country you want to be in: country information guides, jobs, opportunities, expat community & blog.
  46. Road Junky – An alternative travel community for independent travelers – currently focused on organising meet ups around the world.
  47. Travel Geekery – Web for tips & tricks on travel. Written by travelers, dedicated to all those with wanderlust.
  48. 1000 Lonely Places – Inspiring you to travel by providing information about the various interesting destinations around the world.
  49. We Travel Around The World – Photos, adventures and interviews from around the world.
  50. Cultural Travel Guide – Carolina creates tailor-made itineraries for your culturaltrips, bringing history, art, science and entertainment to life.
  51. Paramount Travel – A group of travel bloggers sharing their personal travel experiences from around the world.
  52. TraveLinkSites – Destination tips and travel secrets shared by globetrotters from all around the world.
  53. Upgrade Travel Better – Tips for business and leisure travelers looking for comfort, style, and convenience, while getting great deals.
  54. Globocation – Ideas for the gap year, education through global travel.
  55. Travel And Tourism Guide – Destination guides for countries and cities across the globe and inspiration for next trip.
  56. EO Travel Blogs – Travel reviews and advice from like-minded travellers.
  57. Career Break Secrets – This blog, podcast and videos will inspire your career break and make it easy to plan.
  58. The Adventure Post – Insider tips, gear reviews and travel news to fuel your journey.
  59. World Easy Guides – A travel information point, where you can find many travel tips of cities, islands, countries, places, monuments, museums and more.
  60. eGuide Travel – Travel tips, news and articles about the best travel destinations. Information from eGuide Travel, travel guides to over 130 locations.
  61. World 4 Travelers – Tourist attractions in destination including cities, hotels, cottages, scenery, culture, food and events.
  62. Perpetual Travel – A round the world essentials travel guide. An extensive compilation of tips from travellers, focusing on long-term budget travel, also useful for short-term and business travelers.
  63. Roots Traveler – A blog promotes the mindset of roots travelling and inspire both seasoned globettroters or “wannabe” experience-rich travelers.
  64. You vs The Globe – World travel advice, insights and information about popular destinations around the globe.
  65. Be There Someday – A travel blog filled with helpful hints, how & why, destination snapshots, travel diaries, and a Travelgram photo experience.
  66. Travel Answer Man – Travel Answer Man’s mission is to provide you with the best research tool for information about world travel.


  1. Minitime – A vacation-planning site. Plan the best family vacation with reviews of recommended hotels, attractions and things to do with kids written by parents like you.
  2. Trekaroo – Reviews of kid-friendly activities, hotels, and travel tips for family fun in US and Canada.
  3. Traveling Mom – A blog network dedicated to improving, enlivening and empowering the travel experience of moms everywhere.
  4. Ciao Bambino – Global family travel planning resource. Read kid-friendly hotel & resort reviews. Access luxury family vacation guides. Plan the best family vacation ever.
  5. Pure Wander – Shauna and Eileen blog focuses on family adventures and unique travel experiences for the whole family.
  6. Vagabond Family – A family travel community. Resources for long-term travelling families.
  7. Little Nomads – A family holiday and family destination site, providing parents with useful tips and advice on finding the best family holiday, vacations and destinations.
  8. Quivertree World – Creating unique, life changing, customized family trips to exotic destinations.


  1. Mashable – Latest travel news from, the top resource and guide for digital culture.
  2. Tnooz – Tnooz is a global provider of news, analysis, commentary, education, data and business services to the travel, tourism and hospitality industry.
  3. Travel Weekly – An award-winning news coverage and analysis of the business of travel.
  4. Travel Pulse – Breaking U.S. & International travel news, watch amazing travel videos, discover great deals & learn all about the travel industry.
  5. Elliott – Elliott is a site that advocates for you. Travel customer service by Christopher Elliott, an author of How To Be The World’s Smartest Traveler.
  6. Travolution – Essential information, commentary, market intelligence and analysis for anyone running an online travel business.

🚀 PART 3: Regional Travel Blogs and Sites

Europe Travel Blogs

  1. American Black Chick in Europe – Dealing with these crazy Europeans one day at a time.
  2. Cheap Weekend Breaks – Exploring Europe best places one weekend at the time.
  3. Dream Euro Trip – A European travel blog that focuses on music festivals, fashion, food trips and unique travel adventures written by Filipino blogger, living in Germany.
  4. Drive on the Left – Two American Expats and one fearless beagle living in London and travelling through Europe.
  5. Eileen Barish’s Monastery Lodging Blog – Niche-travel blog about monastery logging in Italy, France, Britain and Spain created by award winning author Eileen Barish.
  6. EuroCheapo – Tracking down and recommending the best budget hotels, places and food in Europe’s most popular cities.
  7. Europe a la Carte – Tips on where to visit in Europe and the best European destinations.
  8. European Travelista – Sharing the love of European travel.
  9. Europe 4 Travellers – Great tips, advice, suggestions and guides for the informed cultural traveller.
  10. Europe Travel Destination Guide – City and country guides, destinations for all budgets (including luxury & backpacker), inspiring travel photos and lists on top attractions.
  11. Europe Traveler – Information on Europe as a travel destination.
  12. Europe Up Close – Comprehensive Europe’s destination information, travel tips and advice from experienced Europe travel writers.
  13. EuroTravelogue – Journeys through enchanting European destinations.
  14. EuroTribe – A blog focusing on budget travel to European destinations.
  15. Frog & Cheese – Europe travel blog.
  16. Karie and Scott – European adventure of Karie and Scott.
  17. Mangomanjaro – Hitchhiking through Europe and Middle East in the eyes of Swedish couple.
  18. Oh, The Places We Will Go – A Texas accountant who married a globe-trotting Englishman.
  19. Planes, Trains & Autobahns – An American girl living in Germany. Tabitha tries to visit at least one new place every month.
  20. Rear View Mirror – Andrea is mixing slow travel and fun with fast paced road trips driving her Fiat 500. Great resource on Europe trips.
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  40. Christopher’s Expat Adventure – An American expat adventure in Brno, Czech Republic.
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  44. Wandelion Blog – A blog for those who want to start planning their travel to Georgia and Armenia long before arriving at the destination.

  46. Berlin City Tours – A lot of info about what to see and do in Berlin.
  47. Fotostrasse &#8#8211; A travel and lifestyle blog with stunning photos written by Brazilian couple living in Berlin. Also includes other European destination.
  48. Nicole is the New Black – Black American Woman living in Berlin with her lovely daughter.
  49. Travel Glam – Living and working in Berlin. Originally from NZ.
  50. FRANCE

  51. Access Riviera – Travel advice on the French Riviera for families and/or persons with reduced mobility.
  52. All Things Riviera – Marlys and Michael on their journey to get to know the French and Italian Riviera.
  53. A Student Abroad – An American student in France, living and traveling around Europe.
  54. Destination Europe – Andrea moved to France in 2005 and set up ‘Destination Europe’ to share her Aussie expat adventures.
  55. Let’s Move To France – Serial expat from North America and French sabbatical expert.
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  60. The French Way Blog – John Reese specialises in everything to do with tourism in France.
  61. This French Life – News, advice and information for those from the UK, the US and other English speakers who want to live life the French way.
  62. ITALY

  63. At Home in Tuscany – Useful tips for planning your vacation in Tuscany.
  64. BuzzInRome – Rome travel guide written in English by locals for the international community.
  65. Dream Discover Italia – Italophile traveller, blogger and photographer writing about all things Italian.
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  81. French Foodie in Dublin – A blog about my food experiences in Dublin and beyond from the French point of view.
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  90. POLAND

  91. Never a Dull Day in Poland – A crazy American expat, follow her adventures and challenges while living in Poland.
  92. Polish Housewife – Culinary and cultural adventures in Poland and in the USA.
  93. Polska Dotty – A funny, touching portrayal of an Englishman’s submersion into Polish life.
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  98. An Adventure Abroad – An expat life in Portugal from the view of an Americana.
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  104. Piglet in Portugal – Tales of life and travel in Portugal, UK and France with a humorous twist.
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  106. RUSSIA

  107. Like The Vodka – Stephanie Smirnov and her life with the Russian husband.
  108. Moscowed – Inexplicable love of Russia brought Jessie to Moscow in 2013. She haven’t managed to get deported yet, so she’s still there.
  109. Must See Moscow – Moscow seen from inside, all those curious things of the Russian culture.
  110. My Destination Moscow – Videos, virtual tours and a guide to Moscow by the local expert.
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  113. Russia Lite – Moscow-based American writer, food blogger, and Russian historian about the life in the world’s largest country.
  114. Transform Siberia – Lifting the veil on a once forbidden place to reveal the beauty and warmth of her people.
  115. SPAIN

  116. 30 Days To Santiago – A website dedicated to the Camino de Santiago, one of the most important pilgrimage site in Europe.
  117. Barcelona Blonde – Read about Jessica’s adventure in Spain and discover why this California girl is so obsessed with the Catalan capital.
  118. Catalonia-Valencia – Travel tips about the communities of Catalonia and Valencia, by an Irish writer living in Spain for 11 years.
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  131. TURKEY

  132. Istanbul Eats – A serious eater’s guide to Istanbul.
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  138. Adventures of a London Kiwi – Kiwi long term expat living a London dream.
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  164. Snow in Tromso – A grad student from Germany in the Arctic of Norway – travels in Scandinavia and beyond.
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  166. – An insider look at expat life in Sweden, one day at a time.
  167. The Fourth Continent – Tale of a young Australian called Tanny, blogging from Greenland, Denmark.

  169. Albania or Bust – Ramblings about parenting, Navy and expat life in Albania and Belgium.
  170. An Englishman in the Balkans – Life in South East Europe. David and Tamara live in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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  177. Adventure Flair – Adriana blogs about her travels, Bulgaria and the Balkans. She works as a private tour guide.
  178. Great Places in Bulgaria – Great places to visit in Bulgaria.
  179. Uncle Bulgaria’s Blog – A blog by a British expat living and working in Balchik,Bulgaria.
  180. CROATIA

  181. Chasing the Donkey – An Australian-Croatian couple blog about the best of Croatia travel, food, culture, and life in rural Croatia.
  182. Croatia Tips – Tips for a great vacation in Croatia, best locations, beaches and overall great advice.
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  185. GREECE

  186. Greeker than the Greeks – The life and times of an expat from Britain, living in Greece for over thirty years.
  187. Life Beyond Borders – A travel writer, blogger and EFL teacher currently living in Athens.
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  190. Travel Passionate – Tips and ideas of what to see in Chrissy’s hometown, Athens and her beautiful country Greece.

Africa Travel Blogs

  1. Africa Attraction – Three explorers overland journey through Africa, driving from Namibia down to South Africa.
  2. Africa Encompassed – A comprehensive African travel blog, with tips and helpful pointers for planning your perfect African safari.
  3. Africa Odyssey – Full of impartial advice, information, photos and videos on African safaris.
  4. Amateurs in Africa – The guide to backpacking East and West Africa overland through projects, borders, foods and football.
  5. Bright Continent – Anton Crone’s collection of stories from journeys in Africa. Anton is a freelance writer and photographer based in Cape Town.
  6. Dunia Duara – A blog run by journalist from Denmark focus on East Africa & South Sudan.
  7. Getaway – A highly regarded source of all things travel related in South Africa and beyond.
  8. Mzansi Girl – An African travel activist from Joburg, RSA on a mission to visit all the major festivals in Africa.
  9. The Africa Overland Network – Portal hosting the best independent Africa overland travel websites.

  11. 2Summers – An American blogger living a quirky life in Johannesburg.
  12. Alternative Route – Guidebook for backpackers and other people travelling South Africa on a budget.
  13. Backpacking South Africa – Showing that budget travel is a fun and exciting way to tour South Africa.
  14. Expat Cape Town – An expat guide to living and working in Cape Town.
  15. Going Homeless – Stu is travelling his homeland. Great road trip resource for explore South Africa.
  16. SA-Venues – An online travel and accommodation guide for South Africa.
  17. Story Of Bing – Bing was born in Singapore, but spent several years living in Cape Town with her husband.
  18. The Great Adventurer – A South African blog which focuses on the outdoors, camping, surfing, events and adventures.
  19. The South AfriKhan – Adventures of Sarah Khan, Indian origin girl from New York, living in Cape Town.

  21. Namibian – Travel service for Namibia including car rental, accommodation, safaris, self drive itineraries, day trips and travel advice.
  22. ZAMBIA

  23. Two Hundred Degrees East – A Peace Corps blog. After volunteering in Nepal, Jenna is heading off to Zambia.

  25. Bewildered In Morocco – The realest Morocco from foreigner’s point of view, by Monika, a Polish expat.
  26. MarocMama – An American expat family living in Marrakech. They love to explore the world through food, language, and authentic cultural experiences.
  27. Moroccan Maryam – An expat life of an American family in Marrakesh.
  28. Moroccan Nomad – A Moroccan female traveler exploring the world solo since June 2014 and she loves it.
  29. The View from Fez – News and views from Morocco.

  31. Brightly Coloured Sunflowers – Observations of live, experiences and travels in Tunisia.
  32. LIBYA

  33. Diary of a Serial Expat – A blog for expats by a serial expat sharing her experience of planning a move abroad, settling down, working, immigration procedure and more. Currently in Libya.
  34. GHANA

  35. Ghana Guide And Blog – Travel, work and volunteering in Ghana.
  36. GABON

  37. I Moved To Africa – Travel adventures in a country I never heard of before, my experiences living on the U.S. Embassy compound.

Middle East Travel Blogs

  1. – A daily source of culture, life, politics and stardom from self denying hipsters in the Middle East.
  2. A Muslim Traveller – Experiences of a Muslim traveller across cultures.
  3. Girl Solo in Arabia – Carolyn McIntyre is traveling solo from Tangier in Morocco to Mecca in the footsteps of the epic journey of Ibn Batuta.
  4. Green Prophet – Sustainable news from the Middle East.
  5. Kitabiyya – Insights into Middle East world in French, English and Arabic.
  6. Living in Lights – A travel blog about Turkey, Palestine, Jordan, Israel, Bulgaria and Alaska.
  7. Middle East Backpacking – A guidebook to backpacking in the Middle East.
  8. Travel the Middle East – Maria is completely enamored with the Middle East, she lived, studied and has traveled extensively throughout the region.
  9. Quite Alone – Matthew Teller is a freelance journalist and travel writer, specialising in the Middle East.
  10. ISRAEL

  11. Get On In Israel – First hand information for expatriates relocating to Israel.
  12. Israel Travel Ideas – A travel guide written by a native Israeli family.
  13. Israel Travel Secrets – An insider’s guide to travel to Israel for the authentic local experience.
  14. Sightseeing in Israel – Ethan Bensinger explore historical, biblical and cultural off the beaten track sights in this beautiful country.
  15. JORDAN

  16. It’s An Expat Life For Us – Young, adventurous couple, teaching English as they go. So far they have lived in Taiwan, England, Canada, New Zealand and now Jordan.
  17. Middle East Moments – An Australian woman married to a Jordanian enjoying everyday moments in the Middle East.
  18. Tara of Arabia – An American girl studying Arabic in the Middle East.

  20. Ginger Beirut – An English woman living in Beirut sharing her expat life stories.
  21. EGYPT

  22. And Away We Go – An American living in Cairo, learning how to survive in a new culture and planning a wedding.
  23. Caribbean Girl in Cairo – Travel Information, food, culture, religion and musings of a Caribbean girl in Cairo.
  24. Egyptian Sidekick – A non-profit, fair-tourism network in-and-around Cairo & Lower Egypt run by English-speaking guides.
  25. Living in Egypt – Maryanne from Canada lives in Egypt since late 80’s and she wouldn’t change it for anything.
  26. Someday I’ll Be There! – The first blog by an Egyptian traveler – from an Egyptian point of view, about travels in Egypt and beyond.

  28. Arabian Notes – An insight into daily life in the UAE with reviews, things to do, thoughts on life, travels within the UAE and beyond.
  29. Do In Dubai – An honest guide to life in Dubai. Eating, travelling and living in the Emirate.
  30. Expat Echo Dubai – Information to make moving and living in the UAE simple.
  31. Find Me A Break – Dubai’s blog of travel, food and photography.
  32. Footsteps of a Wanderer – Travel and outdoor adventure tips, advice and anecdotes, recommendations and reviews across the UAE, MIddle East and around the world.
  33. Ginger and Scotch – Two expats in Dubai. Ginger is always eating and Scotch is always drinking.
  34. The Desert Diva – An adventurer and blogger detailing on and offroad journeys throughout the UAE and the Sultanate of Oman.

  36. White Girl Arab World – Western perspective on 25 years of life, work and love in Bahrain.
  37. QATAR

  38. Follow Your Sunshine – A blog about British girl’s life in the Middle East. Expat journey of food, friends, fun, travel and everything in between.
  39. Gypsy In The ME – Canadian in the Middle East, working in Qatar.
  40. Ian Edelman in Doha – Ian changed his life, as he moved with his family from south Hampshire to the Arabian Gulf.
  41. Skeptic in Qatar – Living in Qatar since 2006 and breaking the Middle East stereotypes.
  42. KUWAIT

  43. American Girls World – An American woman married to a wonderful man from Kuwait. Living the life of an expat intertwined with the local community.
  44. Life in Kuwait – A California girl sharing everyday experiences in Kuwait and here to help those who find Kuwait overwhelming.
  45. OMAN

  46. A Nomad In The Land Of Nizwa – An American English teacher in Oman.
  47. Naija Expat Wife – Stella, a lawyer, wife and mother presently living in Muscat, Oman.
  48. The Duncan Adventures – An honest & funny account of a young Scottish expat wife living in Muscat.

  50. American Bedu – Experiences and observations of a former American diplomat now married to a Saudi and living in KSA.
  51. Blue Abaya – Learn about Saudi Arabia, the culture, the traditions and the local customs.
  52. Jeddah Daily Photo Journal – Daily photos from KSA capital by an American woman living with her Saudi husband in Jeddah.
  53. Markisapayne – My Saudi Arabia Blog – Life and travel in the Asir, Hijaz, Tihama, Jizan and Najran regions of Saudi Arabia.
  54. Susie of Arabia – Susie shares her experiences, observations, and thoughts about living in Saudi Arabia.
  55. The Pink Tarha – An online lifestyle guide to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and the winner of the Best Website Promoting Tourism in KSA.
  56. IRAN

  57. Iran Expat – Impressions of a non-conservative Turkish family living in Tehran.
  58. Iran Wire – News by a group of Iranian journalists in the Diaspora.
  59. Kane & Narelle’s Iran Trip – Chronicles from a trip to Iran.
  60. Travel with Me – Iranian freelance journalist and writer, based in London. She loves travel and sharing her travel experiences, covering Iran and other destinations.

Asia Travel Blogs

  1. Ambot-ah! – Offbeat adventures in the Philippines and around Asia.
  2. An Asian Traveler – An Asian destination, hotels, food, shopping, fashion and stuff.
  3. Asian Ramblings – A blog of photos and stories from China and Asia.
  4. Awesome Solo Travels – Travel stories, tricks and tips from Asia.
  5. Backpacking Philippines – Backpacking trip around Phillipines and Asia.
  6. Beach Holidays In Asia – A guide to an awesome beach holidays in Asia.
  7. Before You Backpack – Made by backpackers for backpackers. A community of vagabonds sharing their experiences of backpacking around Asia.
  8. Best Beaches In Asia – Ideas for beach holidays in Asia.
  9. FlipNomad – A Filipino backpacker on the road discovering Asia.
  10. Flip Travels – Great guide for Philippines and Asia destinations by Ron and Monette.
  11. Filipina In Flip Flops – Asia travel blog run by twenty-something cube-dweller from Phillippines.
  12. Footsteps In Asia – A website and blog by small, personalised travel company that specialises in budget trips in Asia.
  13. Ironwulf En Route – Chronicles of travel, adventure and photography of a freelance photographer and writer based in the Philippines.
  14. Just Wandering – Independent travel around the Philippines, Asia, and the world.
  15. Live Less Ordinary – Boutique travel, new tourism and foodie adventures in Bangkok and Asia.
  16. Living In Asia – A lifestyle magazine for location independent workers and long term travellers who are living in Asia.
  17. My Several Worlds – A world travel guide with a focus on Asian destinations and cultures.
  18. Pau Travels – A collection of the travels and adventures of Pau in Asia and US.
  19. The Travelling Feet – Information on budget travels, travel tips, budget food and accommodations within Asia.
  20. Travel + Leisure Asia – The regional edition of the Travel + Leisure magazine and website.
  21. Travels In Translation – Beth is Japan and Hong Kong expert, join her as she travel translated through culture.
  22. Unearthing Asia – An online magazin covering topics like lifestyle, culture and attractions, all over the region of Asia.
  23. Vo-Pulayya – Korean and Vietnam expat family living in traveling in Asia.
  24. Wild Navigator – Inspiring journeys in responsible tourism to the Indian subcontinent.
  25. CHINA

  26. Adventures Around Asia – Richelle from Seattle, currently live and study in China. She travels around China and Asia, blogs and eats a lot of spicy food.
  27. Chengdu Living – A blog about culture, politics, and life in China. It’s authored by a small group of Americans in Chengdu.
  28. China Mike – An uncensored look into modern China.
  29. China Travel Go – Brendon is a China travel addict! His blog is a very informative travel guide to China.
  30. Crazy Chinese Family – Everyday life stories from a guy who married into Chinese family.
  31. Day To Day In China – Daily life of an expat in China.
  32. Far West China – The ultimate resource for those who want to travel, work or just learn more about Xinjiang and the Silk Road.
  33. JG, Over the Sea – Jessica is a PhD student in China.
  34. Knee How Shanghai – Experiences, observations & randomness of living in Shanghai, China.
  35. Luggage Tags and Tickets Tubs – Sophie is a twenty something journalist currently living in Beijing. She’s been living in China for over two years.
  36. Sapore di Cina – A portal that offers firsthand information on how to learn Chinese, travel, study or work in China.
  37. Stuck In Beijing – A guide to living in Beijing.
  38. To China And Beyond – Information about Chinese products.

  40. Blue Balu – All about living, eating, hiking and taking pictures in Hong Kong – sprinkled with a few Asia travel tips.
  41. Hong Wrong – Hong Kong culture and news.
  42. Just Hong Kong Travel – All information you need to know to travel to Hong Kong.
  43. Ordinary Gweilo – Everyday life in Hong Kong from the perspective of a Brit.

  45. Adventures of the Seoul – A southern girl’s tale of living in South Korea.
  46. Attack Of The Killer Korea – Chronicles of one year of living in South Korea.
  47. Busan For 91 Days – A guide to Busan in South Korea, how to see almost everything that city has to offer.
  48. Eat Your Kimchi – Food adventures and travel videos from Korea and around the world, by Simon and Martina.
  49. Korea Diva – Claudine was teaching English in South Korea for a year.
  50. JAPAN

  51. A Modern Girl – A blog chronicles various adventures of a PhD student specializing in East Asian politics in Japan.
  52. Asia Is For Lovers – Practical information for living in Japan.
  53. Budget Trouble – A blog about travel in Japan, focused on Japanese festivals.
  54. Busan Kevin – Podcasts and YouTube vlogs about Japan and Korea.
  55. Foreign Salary Man – The Adventures of a Foreign Salaryman in Tokyo.
  56. Haiku Girl – Ali from England has been teaching English in Japan for 3 years.
  57. Japan Blog List – A list of blogs about Japan in English.
  58. Japanese Castle Explorer – Information, photos and maps of 150 Japanese castles.
  59. Japan Lost – All about Japan without the sugar.
  60. Japan Travel Mate – Personal blog and travel guide to Japan with stunning pictures.
  61. Japan Visitor – A travel and news guide to the latest happenings in Japan.
  62. Japan It Up – Adventures of Steve, an American living in Japan.
  63. Melibelle in Tokyo – A blog chronicling life as an American mother, writer, & teacher in Tokyo going about life with her bicultural, bilingual family.
  64. Muza Chan – Discover Japan through the eyes of a well seasoned traveler and frequent visitor in Japan.
  65. Our Man in Abiko – Japan-based UK blogger.
  66. Outdoor Japan – Travel and outdoor lifestyle magazine in Japan.
  67. Pearls And Passports – An experienced solo female traveller currently living in Japan teaching English.
  68. Shibuya 246 – Latest trends from Japan.
  69. The Green Eyed Geisha – Japan like you’ve never seen it before from the perspective of a Canadian girl.
  70. The Nomads Land – Sarah, South African girl, married to a Japanese scientist shares her thoughs about life in Japan.
  71. Tiptoeing World – Mima’s blog about living Tokyo daily life, photography, travel, food and coffee.
  72. Tokyo For 91 Days – A guide to Tokyo, how to see almost everything that city has to offer.
  73. Zooming Japan – A close-up view on traveling and living in Japan.
  74. INDIA

  75. 10 Year Itch – An award-winning India Travel Portal that provides travel enthusiasts with information on all major destinations in India.
  76. A Date With Delhi – A guide and information about the megacity – New Delhi.
  77. Admirable India – Find out all the tourist places worth visiting in India.
  78. Anki On The Move – Anki creates self-narrated videos, writes and interviews on many places in India.
  79. An Ace Guide – Kiran had been traveling to exotic and mystic places in India for the last 30 years.
  80. A Wandering Mind – Anuradha loves exploring less known corners of India and sharing them with the world.
  81. Desi Traveler – A family travel blog from India, with stories about people, places, palaces, forts, Holy Temples, foods, colors,smells streets and life in India.
  82. Drew Gilbert – All around travelling India by train from Almost Fearless family.
  83. Incredible India – Official page of Incredible India Campaign of Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.
  84. Indian Bazaars – A blog about the Indian shop and the traditional bazaars in India.
  85. Indian Columbus – Records of many years of travel experiences in India.
  86. Indi Tales – Travel tales about Indian art, history and culture.
  87. India Travel & Photography Blog – First hand experiences of exploring the riches of India. Travelogues, features and photography.
  88. India Untravelled – Off the beaten path India travel stories.
  89. Kerala Blog Express – See Kerala, one of the destinations in India, with the eyes of other bloggers.
  90. My Travelogue – An Indian travel blog on lesser known India.
  91. My Journey Through India – Anisha is exploring diverse Indian cult,cuisine and lifestyle.
  92. Mr. (and Mrs.) Luth Go to India – The expatriate adventures, travels, observations, and misconceptions of a married couple living in India.
  93. Photokatha – Various travellers share their experience, stories and photos from India.
  94. Rakhee Ghelani – Melbourne girl of Indian origin leaves Australia to travel solo across India.
  95. Tales Of A Nomad – Informative resource about travel in India.
  96. Travel Genes – All you have to know to survive your first trip to India and to experience it like never before.
  97. Wayfarers And Pathfinders – A collaborative travel blog documenting destinations in India.
  98. NEPAL

  99. BaseCamp Trek – Everest base camp trekking with local travel agency in Kathmandu.
  100. Mr. Smith Goes to Kathmandu – Trekking posts and photos of Nepal.
  101. O’Sullivans Abroad – Two educators from Portland, Oregon with two kids who love to travel. Currently living in Kathmandu, Nepal.
  102. The Kathmanduo – A couple trading life in corporate skyscrapers for expat adventure on the Roof of the World.

  104. A Year in Bangladesh – An experience of a year spend in Bangladesh as a VSO volunteer.
  105. WoodLand Travels – A Foreign Service family writing about impressions of this new life abroad.
  106. SRI LANKA

  107. Kan Can Do – A blog dedicated to the sights, sounds, and tastes of the paradise isle Sri Lanka.
  108. Sri Lanka For 91 Days – A guide to Sri Lanka, how to see almost everything that country has to offer.

  110. Defying Gravity – An expat living in Ulaanbaatar. Becky blogs about things to do and see, restaurants, and travels.
  111. Drinking Coffee Elsewhere: Mongolia – Expat life and travels in Mongolia.
  112. Everywhere But Home – News, musings, and lot of info about all things Mongolian.
  113. Mongolian Musings – An American teaching English in Ulaanbaatar.

  115. 99 Boomerangs – Brenden from Australia shares useful tips for exploring South East Asia.
  116. Adventure Travels SE Asia – Slow independent adventurous travel through SE Asia.
  117. Asia For Visitors – All the information you need to plan and book your trip in SE Asia.
  118. Blonde Traveler – Women advice for traveling and living in Southeast Asia.
  119. Da Social Climber – Travel tips and random insights of a female traveler, backpacker and mountaineer from Philippines, currently backpacking in SEA.
  120. Nomad 4 Ever – Christian from Germany is living a nomadic lifestyle in SE Asia.
  121. Octopus Diaries – Laura from The Netherlands on her journey through Southeast Asia.
  122. Solo Flighted – Edcel’s travels, adventures, and headstands in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.
  123. South East Asia Backpacker Magazine – A magazine for independent travellers through South East Asia.
  124. ThaHoliday – Comprehensive guide to exploring the countries of Southeast Asia.
  125. The Fish Egg Tree – New Zealander’s adventures through Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.
  126. The Travel Lush – Living and backpacking around South east Asia.
  127. – Packed with information, guide for independent travellers and backpackers to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia and other Asian destinations.
  128. Travel Happy – A personal guide to travelling in Thailand and South East Asia.
  129. tropiXblue – Stories, photographs and video of travel and adventure in SEA.

  131. Bangkok Girl – A British expat: working, drinking, eating and exploring my way around Bangkok.
  132. Jamie’s Phuket – The original Phuket blog since 2006.
  133. My Thai – Insights from the Land of Smile. 4 years and counting. Experience regarding Travel, Teaching, Working & Living in Thailand.
  134. Phuket101 – 21 years of Phuket exploration in a photo blog.
  135. Thailand Red Cat – Living and loving in Thailand with focus on nightlife and dates.
  136. Thailand Tips – A fast, easy list of Thailand travel tips for backpackers and budget travelers.
  137. Thai Travel News – Number one source for what is happening in Thailand by Richard Barrow.
  138. Thailand Expat Photo Blog – Thailand expat life in pictures.
  139. The Facetious Farang – Funny expat family living in Bangkok.
  140. Tieland to Thailand – Two expats in Chiang Mai, where life is easy and the cost of living is cheap.
  141. Visit Chiang Mai Online – How to get the very best from your visit to this most beautiful part of Thailand.

  143. Go Borneo Travel – Borneo travel guide. Borneo is a great destination for budget traveler, it is not as expensive as it’s said to be.
  144. Let’s Go Kuala Lumpur – Travel Information to visit Kuala Lumpur from local experience.
  145. Living in Malaysia – Expat living in Johor Bahru and travels around Malaysia.
  146. Malaysia Asia – David specializes in travel around Malaysia, but also cover other Asian countries.
  147. Malaysia Food & Travel Blog – Malaysia food and travel blog.
  148. Sleepless In KL – Filipina married to a Malaysian living in Kuala Lumpur. Mother of 6, career woman and incidental world traveler.
  149. Travel Malaysia Guide – An unbiased tourist travel guide to Malaysia.
  150. Whoa Adventures – Some of the best adventures found in Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo.
  151. Wonderful Malaysia – A blog by a couple from The Netherlands enjoying expat life in Malaysia.

  153. Come Singapore – One-stop travel guide to Singapore.
  154. Good Morning Yesterday – A blog describes growing up in Singapore in the 1950s and 1960’s.
  155. My Singapore Diary – A Singapore expat blog about travel, lifestyle, food and photography.
  156. Tails From The Lion City – A British expat living in Singapore for 4 years. The blog is about the sights to visit, the food to eat and all other experiences.
  157. MYANMAR

  158. BambooDazed – Myanmar society, politics, travel, opinion.
  159. Becky In Burma – Becky is a writer living in Burma with her husband and daughter. She blogs about transition to a new country and expat parenting.
  160. Feisty Blue Gecko – Life and work of a Scottish woman based in Yangon.
  161. Jessica Mudditt – Jessica is a British/Australian journalist based in Yangon. She spend nearly three years spent in Bangladesh as a special correspondent.
  162. Myanmar Travel Essentials – A website focused on Myanmar, its people, its culture and its sites.
  163. VIETNAM

  164. Along the Mekong – The travels and thoughts of a young American based in Saigon, Vietnam.
  165. Expat Heather – Heather is a secondary English teacher currently living in Ho Chi Minh City, with her husband and their two-year-old son.
  166. Go Vietnam – A candid view on life in Vietnam and ideas of activities and fun things to do.
  167. Sticky Rice – What to eat in Vietnam. Hanoi food news, restaurant reviews and street food tours.
  168. Vietnam Channel – Discover Vietnam culture, places, and vietnamese food.
  169. Vietnam Travel – A guide to visiting the beautiful country of Vietnam, with information on destinations, hotels and food plus a travel blog.
  170. LAOS

  171. Apocalypse Lao – Chronicles of an Australian volunteer who spent a year living in Vientiane.
  172. Enjoy Laos – Informative Laos guide runs by an expat from Holland.
  173. See Think Explore – Multimedia tales of life and travel of an expat based in Vientiane.

  175. Alison In Cambodia – A blog about archaeology and related issues in Cambodia.
  176. Around Cambodia – A blog about various travel destinations in Cambodia.
  177. Inside Cambodia – A photo-blog that shows the everyday life in Cambodia.
  178. Move To Cambodia – Expat Cambodia travel tips, advice, and info.
  179. Our Dear Lady Expatriate – All about living a lovely expat life in Phnom Penh.
  180. Phnom Penh Post – Cambodia’s only international award winning newspaper.
  181. Phnomenon – A blog focused on food and restaurants in Cambodia. Khmer food, restaurant reviews and recipes.

  183. All Indonesia Travel – Unbiased and independent travel information on itinerary, tourist attractions, transports in Indonesia.
  184. Bali Backpacking – The ultimate travel guide for backpackers visiting the island of Bali in Indonesia.
  185. Bali Expat – Tips, advice and information for anyone interested in moving to Bali.
  186. Bali Homeland – A blog about Bali from Balinese perspective.
  187. Discover Your Indonesia – Promoting Indonesia’s tourism to the world.
  188. Indohoy – Information on awesome places in Indonesia.
  189. Indonesia on the Trail – Personal and first hand travel information on Indonesia.
  190. Jakarta News – Jakarta-based Luke is sharing his life and his experiences as he lives and travels in Indonesia.
  191. Katherine and Bruno’s Adventures – Adventures of young marriage in Indonesia.
  192. Our Spice Islands Adventure – Living in the Indonesian Archipelago.
  193. Vilondo – A collection of Bali’s top villas.

  195. Byahilo – Discovering the hidden and not-so-hidden gems of the Philippines.
  196. Expat in the Philippines – A Dutch expat blog about the life, cultures and meetings with Filipinos.
  197. Historic Old Philippines – Historic people, buildings, churches and other interesting things from the Philippines.
  198. Island Girl Traveller – Island Girl Traveller will lead you around Philippines.
  199. Journeying James – James has traveled around the Philippines for 100 days, non-stop, the cheapest way possible.
  200. Langyaw – An award winning travel blog, stunning photography, great features on food, adventure, heritage, culture and architecture in the Philippines.
  201. Life And Travel in Philippines – A blog about living and traveling in the Philippines from an expat married to a Filipina.
  202. Life Beyond The Sea – Find out how is it to leave everything and move to a tropical island.
  203. Live In The Philippines – A website all about living in the Philippines.
  204. My Philippine Life – A blog by a couple who have chosen the Philippines as their retirement home.
  205. My Planet Philippines – A blog about the Philippines, its beauty, the life of the Filipino people and the reason it is called the Pearl of the Orient Seas.
  206. Out Of Town Blog – Travel photos, adventures, recommended travel destinations and hotels in the Philippines.
  207. PhilFAQS – An authoritative guidance and personal advice for people interested in moving to the Philippines.
  208. Philippine Beaches – Promoting beach tourism and raising awareness about responsible travel by providing tips and insights on how to protect and preserve the beauty of Philippines beaches.
  209. Philippine History Blog – Learn some history of Philippines.
  210. Pinoy Adventurista – Traveler, mountaineer, food lover and adventure seeker that has visited all the provinces in the Philippines.
  211. Pinoy Travel Freak – Explore the best of the Philippines with Gabz.
  212. Searching Paradise – A blog about survival camping on one of Palawan’s deserted islands.
  213. Simbahan – A blog dedicated to Philippine religious colonial heritage churches, cemeteries, convents and fortifications.
  214. The Philippines Expat – An expat blog and local guide to culture, food, travel and the nightlife in Cebu City.
  215. The Travel Teller – Exciting travel adventures, first hand experiences and best kept secrets of the 7,107 Islands of the Philippines.
  216. Tropical Penpals – Philippines latest happenings in news, celebrities and general life in the Philippines

  218. Caravanistan – Complete and updated travel guide on Central Asia.
  219. Monk Bought Lunch – A budget travel blog from Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, the Silk Road and beyond.
  220. Off Silk Roadin’ – A documented journey from Western Europe through Central Asia.

  222. Pared Blanca – Rachel’s Peace Corps experience in Afghanistan.

  224. Newbie Academic in a ‘Stan – The meanderings of one newbie academic in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

  226. A jaunt in the Kyrgyz Republic – The misadventures of a TEFL teacher in Bishkek.
  227. Keen on Kyrgyzstan – Denis was a Fulbright Fellow studying eagle hunters and Kyrgyz culture.
  228. Walking Almaty – A guide to the visual landscape of Kazakhstan’s “southern capital”, Almaty.

Americas Travel Blogs

  1. – Great travel resource with a focus on backpacker and budget travel in Central & South America, by Jason and Aracely.
  2. Latin Flyer – South and Central America travel trips, reviews, photos and travel videos.
  3. Mike’s Road Trip – A road trip blog for driving across US and Canada, national park and hidden gems of the road.
  4. NileGuide – Local recommendations for people looking to explore popular travel destinations in Americas.
  5. Quirky Travel Guy – Scott’s travel adventures throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico, with a focus on unusual roadside attractions, road trips, arts & culture, and national parks.


  7. AdventureDrop – An easy way to find adventure travel by location and activity in US.
  8. Alaska TravelGram – Alaska travel junkie from Anchorage.
  9. America For Travellers – Destination tourist attractions in the USA including cities, hotels, cottages, scenery, culture, food and events.
  10. America Travel Destination Guide – Focuses on American tourism attractions, cities, culture, events, national parks.
  11. Amtrekker – Amtrekker travels across the US sharing his adventures with the world on his quest to complete all 50 items on his to do list.
  12. California Through My Lens – Josh, together with his wife and a bulldog, explores California and photographs everything.
  13. District 365 – 365 things to do in Washington DC.
  14. Go Visit Hawaii – An award-winning Hawaii travel guide from Sheila and Andy.
  15. Idaho For 91 Days – Guide to Idaho, how to see almost everything that state has to offer.
  16. Just 5 More Minutes – Travelogue documenting non-stop outdoor adventures and culinary discoveries in the Northwest with her Airstream travel trailer.
  17. Kristi Trimmer – Kristi is on the move since 2013. She drove all 4 corners of the US thru 38 states and ran 10 half marathons. Currently traveling in Alaska.
  18. Living in New York City – Guide to living in New York City aimed at young travellers moving to New York to work, study or just hang around.
  19. Miami On The Cheap – Keep up with latest news on deals, discounts and free events in South Florida.
  20. Savannah For 91 Days – Guide to Savannah, how to see almost everything that city has to offer.
  21. Southwest Compass – Juliet and Lane are road trippin’ the American Southwest and uncovering the natural beauty, unique culture and highlights of the region.
  22. The Brooklyn Nomad – Tips about NYC travel.
  23. The Daily City – Orlando’s oldest most awarded city life blog.
  24. The World of Deej – Where to sleep, eat, where to go and what to do in Florida.
  25. Urbane Nomad – Living in Chicago and rediscover the city.
  26. CANADA

  27. Correr Es Mi Destino – Stories from a French woman who moved to English Canada, with immigration tips, photos, Canadian culture, politics and travels.
  28. Dear England, Love Canada – Journalist, travel writer, filmmaker and broadcaster Anne Kostalas writes about the differences between living in Britain and living in Canada.
  29. I Backpack Canada – Explore Canada with Corbin Fraser as he backpacks across Canada.
  30. K and K Adventures – Karin and Kieran are a British couple who recently emigrated to Toronto, with a thirst for travel and adventures.
  31. Toque & Canoe – A nationally award-winning blog about ‘real’ Canadian travel culture.
  32. Toronto Newbie – A UK-born journalist from London who moved to the fantastic city of Toronto and tells you how you can do it too.
  33. Working Holiday in Canada – How to spend a season up a mountain on a Canadian Working Holiday.
  34. MEXICO

  35. All About Puebla – A gringa’s guide for what to see, do, eat, and explore in and around Puebla.
  36. Good Food In Mexico City – A guide to food stalls, fondas and fine dining in Mexico City.
  37. How To Say Tacos In Spanish – Rose, a girl from Chicago, spend 3 years living expat life in Mexico.
  38. Mexican at Heart – A blog dedicated to discovering all the amazing things in Mexico.
  39. Mexico City: An Opinionated Guide – Travel tips, cultural events listings, gossip about Mexico City written by a local resident.
  40. Mexico Retold – Susannah is a Mexico lover, living in Oaxaca. She is reporting about untold side of Mexico.
  41. Midwesterner in Mexico – Adventures of gringa in Mexico City and her travels around Mexico.
  42. Yucatan For 91 Days – Guide to Yucatan, how to see almost everything that this famous peninsula has to offer.

  44. A Taste for Travel – Michele Peterson is a travel and food writer specializing in Mexico, the Caribbean and sun destinations.
  45. Discovering Puerto Rico – An Independent travel guide for vacation planning to Puerto Rico.
  46. Life and Travel in the US Virgin Islands – Adventures and travel tips in US Virgin Islands.
  47. Pink Bike Pink Sand – To Bermuda and beyond. Info and musings.
  48. Rum Shop Ryan – Follow Ryan, Caribbean travel blogger and expert that shares his love of the Caribbean Island and everything that goes with them.
  49. SueCTravel – An award-winning freelance travel and lifestyle writer specializing in the Caribbean and Canada.
  50. Travel Experta – Find out where to eat, stay and play with your family while traveling to Central America.
  51. Women Who Live on Rocks – A collaboration of funny women writers blogging about the quirks and eccentricities unique to island living.

  53. Atitlan Living – Insider travel guide to Lake Atitlan and Greater Guatemala.
  54. The Guatemala Gringo – Gringo guide to Guatemala destinations.
  55. BELIZE

  56. Belize Adventure – Plan your Belize trip using local travel tips on the top things to do, cool places to stay and best restaurants to eat.
  57. San Pedro Scoop – Opinionated guide to Belize from an expat view.

  59. A Walk on the Run – An expat expert based in Roatan sharing her tips on how to move to paradise island.
  60. La Gringas Blogicito – A US expat living in Honduras since 2001 and blogging about everything from everyday life to cultural differences to Honduran politics.

  62. El Salvador from the Inside – Insider stories about living in El Salvador.
  63. Life In The Armpit – A view of life in El Salvador told from the angle of the wife of a deportee.

  65. In Nica Now – An expat adventures in Nicaragua of a Canadian couple who got married on a beach in Costa Rica 5 and a half years ago.
  66. Nicaragua Guide – A guide for expats living in or considering Nicaragua.
  67. Rewired and Retired in Nicaragua – Working, living and retiring in Nicaragua.

  69. Costa Rica Chica – Jen retired early and move with her husband to Costa Rica, simplifying her life and realizing that less is best.
  70. De La Pura Vida – Living in Costa Rica: tales of adventures, culture, food, location independence, teaching English, & expat life.
  71. Eye on Costa Rica – A unique prospective of an American that has lived in Costa Rica for 20 years.
  72. Family Freedom Project – Canadian expat family in Costa Rica, writes about living abroad and traveling with kids.
  73. Living Life in Costa Rica – Real info about living in Costa Rica.
  74. Mucha Costa Rica – Trip planning tips for your vacation to Costa Rica.
  75. PANAMA

  76. Panama Daze – Daily life and how to tackle it in Panama.
  77. Panama Dude – Funny (and not so funny) happenings in Panama.
  78. Panama Guy – Useful information about Panama from an insider Laura.
  79. CUBA

  80. Here Is Havana – Stories and experience after 9 years (and counting) working as an American journalist in Havana.

  82. Expat FAQ – Moving to and Living in the Dominican Republic – A book and accompanying website with practical, detailed advice for anyone considering moving to the DR.
  83. Your Saucepans – The story of the life of an expat woman and her Dominican husband, step sons and an assortment of animals.

  85. Cayman Expat – The adventures of a Canadian expat in the Cayman Islands.
  86. Cayman Islands Blog – Detailing an expat’s experiences of moving to and living in the Cayman Islands.

  88. 2 Gringos in the Caribbean – Tired of the rat race US couple decided to try something new and headed to the Turks & Caicos Islands, where they live since 2005.
  89. My Sea Story – Portuguese mum, wife and blogger – living the life in the Caribbean.

  91. Lost in South America – Joe’s one year backpacking trip around South America.
  92. Luxury Latin America Blog – Luxury travel news and reviews for Mexico, Central America, and South America.
  93. My Adventures Across the World – Claudia is blogging about Latin America and Sardinia. Abouts its beauty, culture and encounters.
  94. Real World – UK’s specialist provider of tailor made holidays in South America.
  95. Southern Cone Travel – Patagonia expert Wayne Bernhardson writes about the best of southernmost part of South America, Chile and Argentina.
  96. Unpaved South America – Jessie and Robert’s journey through South America, exploring culture, places, and people.

  98. BaExpats – An online community site of of expatriates living in Buenos Aires.
  99. Buenos Aires Foodies – Take a bite out of Buenos Aires.
  100. Buenos Aires For 91 Days – A guide to Buenos Aires, how to see almost everything that this famous capital has to offer.
  101. Buenos Aires Herald – Daily news about Argentina and Latin America.
  102. Good Morning BA – Daily news and information from BA to international community.
  103. Landing Pad BA – Your alternative guide to Buenos Aires.
  104. Living In Patagonia – Living, working, investing, and enjoying the wonders of Patagonia.
  105. The English Gaucho – An expat in Argentina running an estancia in the famous Argentine pampas.
  106. The Future Is Red – Expat family life in Argentina.
  107. Time Out Buenos Aires – A critical guide to hotels, restaurants and nightlife in Buenos Aires written by local experts.
  108. BRAZIL

  109. Becoming Brazilian – British woman enjoying life in Rio de Janeiro with her Brazilian husband and two children.
  110. Blondie in Brazil – Lori moved on with her husband to the cultural adventure of living in Brazil.
  111. Brazil My Country – An online resource for all things on Brazil.
  112. Brazil Travel Blog – 7 years travelling throughout Brazil with Tony Galvez.
  113. Cooking in Brazil – Cooking in Brazil from an american perspective.
  114. Daily Rio Life – A Canadian girl living life to the fullest in gorgeous Rio de Janeiro.
  115. Danielle in Brazil – US and Brazil love story and expat life adventure in Brazil.
  116. Pernambuco Gypsy – Ethnographic research from Recife.
  117. Rio Gringa – Brazil from a New Yorker’s perspective.
  118. BOLIVIA

  119. Blogging From Bolivia – Laura is sharing stories and informing what is happening in Santa Cruz.
  120. Bolivia For 91 Days – A guide to Bolivia, how to see almost everything that this country has to offer.
  121. Bolivia In My Eyes – Polish/English blog describing life and trouble in this beautiful Andean country.
  122. Bolivian Life – A comprehensive guide to travel in Bolivia written by Dan and Brig.
  123. The Bohemian Diaries – A blog by a freelance photojournalist currently located in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.
  124. Sucre Life – An informative guide to Sucre.
  125. CHILE

  126. Adventures in Chile – A blog about living in Santiago and adventures in teaching and traveling in Chile.
  127. Cachando Chile – Margaret, an American expat who lives in Chile, trying to understand Chilean culture.
  128. Emily In Chile – Expat life and travel adventures of a Californian Brit based in Santiago, Chile.
  129. ShortSightedYouth – Christian’s expat life in Chile.

  131. A Little Cameo – Life in Santa Marta, Colombia and everything that goes with it.
  132. Banana Skin Flip Flops – A diary of a blonde British girl of life in Colombia and adventures in Latin America.
  133. Flavors of Bogota – A blog dedicated to discovering Colombia’s vibrant food scene – restaurants, chef interviews, food markets and ingredients.
  134. Honestly Cali – Environment and development professional and food enthusiast blogging from Cali.
  135. How To Bogota – A blog for tourists and expats in Bogota. Featuring information, tips and general musings.
  136. Medellin Living – A Colombia travel blog highlighting the local culture and nightlife, with travel and living tips for visitors and expats.
  137. Try Colombia – A blog about moving from the UK to Colombia, discovering its amazing places and fantastic wildlife.
  138. ECUADOR

  139. Inside Ecuador – A complete guide to Ecuador travel and relocation.
  140. Latitude Ecuador – An expat blog from living and travelling in Ecuador and other places.
  141. Not Your Average American – Exploring many different cultures of Americas, while living in Quito.
  142. Retiring In Ecuador – Join Canadian couple as they experiences and learn about Ecuador living on a budget.
  143. PERU

  144. Academic Troll – Off-duty anthropologist, blogger & editor observing life in Peru: people, places, stories & flavors.
  145. A Gringos Life In Cusco – An American who fell in love with a beautiful Peruvian, moved to Cusco and opened a hotel.
  146. Dawn on the Amazon – A blog about the upper Amazon River, the Amazon rain forest, Iquitos Peru, and Amazon tours and cruises.
  147. How to Peru – Peru travel guide for budget backpackers, including travel tips, attractions, Peruvian food and more.
  148. Inside Peru – Find the best inside information on Peru. David and Linda are settled in Huanchaco, a famous surfer beach town near Trujillo, Peru.
  149. Kay Pacha Travels – Living and traveling through Peru. Peruvian recipes and volunteer travel.

Australia and Oceania Travel Blogs

  1. Australia Rocky Travel – Find out how to travel solo and discover Australia like a local.
  2. Australia Travel Guide – Australia travel and tourist guide, it includes maps, history, and culture, transportation, weather and the most popular places to visit in Australia.
  3. Backpacking Matt – A travel blog dedicated to offering advice and inspiration for the budget conscious traveler or backpacker traveling to New Zealand.
  4. Briar’s Travel Beat – Briar Jensen is a Sydney-based freelance travel writer. In her blog she shares her travel experiences to inform, entertain and inspire.
  5. CanucKiwiKate – Chronicles of a Canuck-gone-Kiwi teaching and traveling.
  6. Catching The Magic – A British family raising kids in NZ and traveling in a meantime.
  7. Cheskie’s Gap Life – Cheskie came to Australia for a gap year and ended up with a gap life, exploring the wonderful Queensland and rest of Australia.
  8. Coconut Radio – Insights from Celeste’s experiences living on a tropical island of French Polynesia and traveling as a Lonely Planet author.
  9. Dominique Kane – Dominique blogs from Bondi on Sydney life, events, travel and lifestyle.
  10. Eat, Show And Tell – A food blog run by group of friends advising about eating out in Sydney.
  11. Fiji Diaries – Mary spend two and a half years living in Suva, Fiji.
  12. Finally Woken – Anita, an Indonesian trailing spouse blogging about life in a foreign land.
  13. Heading Overseas – Independent travel advice and inspiration for Australians heading overseas.
  14. Hot Strong Coffee – A Kiwi girl living in Port Moresby, Papua new Guinea.
  15. Hunt In Fiji – Andrew spend a year in Suva volunteering with grassroots community projects.
  16. Jared Gulian – An American city boy in rural New Zealand. Hobby writer and farmer.
  17. Journey Jottings – A blog about Australia and how to highlight holiday memories forever.
  18. Living in Sydney – Advice on living in Sydney and moving to Sydney from overseas for young travellers.
  19. Pack Your Passport – Beverley left England to pursue a life of work and travel on the other side of the world, starting in Australia and then moving to New Zealand.
  20. Poms Away! – A British immigrant’s view of New Zealand.
  21. Sofia Na Australia – Sofia’s personal blog about travel and life in australia. Adventure, backpacking, budget, inspiration.
  22. South Pacific Blog – An island travel blog with news and views from the South Pacific
  23. Taraustralis – An American girl gone walkabout in the great Aussie bush.
  24. The Bike Wife – Helpful and not so helpful information about expat life, bike riding, nursing, and New Zealand.
  25. There’s No Place Like Oz – Stories from an American gal who loves Australia.


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