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Mumbai’s first under flyover garden in Matunga

matunga flyover garden

The city which never sleeps now have something to offer in green environment. This should be really appreciated especially in a busy, bustling city like Mumbai.The area under a flyover have completely turned into a picturesque garden called Nanalal D Mehta Garden.This 600-metre stretch has greenery and rock formations and is a perfect respite from the busy city just outside its gates. Since it has opened last week, neighbouring citizens, kids, families and even those from other areas seem to have made this spot their hangout.

The area was a kind of empty stretch, with hawkers, squatters and taxi drivers which the citizens of Matunga wanted to convert as a place where they can hang out and enjoy.

The fund raised through crowd sourcing helped them to keep the area clean and green with the help of securities. After the some approval things have changed to a new dimension. The dreams got wings! After two long years of ground work, Garden is ready.

It is based on the Narmada theme and the pathway of the garden also looks like the flow of the river. It snakes through the entire stretch, replete with rock formations on the sides.

A beautiful island of greenery is built toward the Southern end, and all along the route are places where you can sit. The garden’s beautiful lights in different colours that make it come alive at night.

The garden is open from 8 am to 1 pm and 4 pm to 9.30 pm, but there is a move to try and push that to 11 pm.

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