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6 places you should not miss in vagamon trip

Vagamon cover

Vagamon is a small hill station located in the Idukki district of Kerala state towards its border with Kottayam. It is also called as the sleeping town due to the lack of commercialization quite opposite to that of Munnar. The ease of accessibility and the exhilarating experience of this small town makes it a must go place for all the tourists visiting the God’s own country. Here are a few places in and around the town, which you should not miss

Marmala Waterfalls

Vagamon marmala waterfalls
Marmala waterfalls

Marmala waterfalls, located in the Erattupetta route is the best and the easily accessible one near to Vagamon. Though, it is slowly becoming popular for a tourist place, this amazing falls gives a refreshing experience to the mind and body. Make sure, you don’t go too near to the falls as the depth and force of the water is too high to bear.

Though not much popular, Marmala Waterfall offers a really attractive and pleasing view to the beholders, the tourists. It remains a good spot for trekking as well. However, unlike other spots, trekking remains a necessity for the tourists to reach the site as the road is too hard for the vehicles.

Vagamon Town and View Points

Vagamon city
Vagamon city

The Vagamon town is a very small  where you can enjoy the cool climate sipping hot tea in one of the numerous tea shops/ restaurants. Although no resorts/ big hotels are present in the town, it has some small tourist homes where you will get rooms at economical rates. There are numerous view points near to the town where you can see the beautiful valleys surrounding the hill station.

Vagamon Lake and Boating

Vagamon lake
Vagamon lake

The lake is the perfect companion for its silent and small town. Though not a big one as in Munnar or Kodaikanal, this lake is an ideal place to shed some calories and not feel exhausted at all. Both Pedal Boats and rowing boats are available at very marginal ticket rates.

Meadows of Vagamon

Vagamon meadows
Vagamon meadows

This is the most popular place of Vagamon. Located in the Vagamon Elappara route, the meadows are unique for its vastness and beauty. The place is a common spot for film shooting as well. Tickets are available at entrance and the meadows are open till 5 PM on all days.


Thangal Para view
Thangal Para

Considered more as a pilgrim centre, thangalpara is a large boulder of rock which is also the resting place of Sufi saint Hasrath Sheikh Fariduddin Baba . It is considered as one of the most sacred places for Muslim pilgrims around this area. A small prayer centre has been constructed for the pilgrims and tourists are also allowed to visit the place. The thangal para also holds some breathtaking view of the Vagamon town and the areas around it.

Pine Forest of Vagamon

Vagamon pine forest
Pine forest

Yet another favorite spot for the movies, the pine forest of Vagamon is actually a man made one created during the British regime of India. This enchanting valley of pine trees is also the most common place for visitors to Vagamon. This is also located in the Vagamon Elappara route.

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