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Ramadevara Betta, A fantastic weekend getaway from Bangalore

Ramadevara Betta

If you are looking for a weekend gateway from the concrete jungles of Bangalore, where you can enjoy peace, cool breeze, trek a bit and enjoy fantastic valley views, then Ramadevara Betta is something where you need to venture. This off beat place, located just 60Km from Bangalore, can provide you some unforgettable experience.

Ramadevara Betta (hills) had gain popularity due to the fact that the famous Hindi movie, Sholay was shot here. This hill had also featured in one of the famous movies called “Passage to India”. This place is roughly around 3000ft above sea level.

Ramadevara Hills are located in Ramanagara village. Ramanagara is accessible by both bus and train. Almost all trains heading towards Mysore, has a stop in Ramanagara. As Ramanagara is located in Mysore Road, you can catch any Bangalore-Mysore bus to get down here. But, in my opinion, your trip will be even more memorable if you opt to drive till this place.

Biking through Nice road and Mysore Road is an experience that any biker will love to enjoy. You can drive till the foot hills of Ramadevara. A nominal fees of Rs.5/- is charged for parking 2-wheelers, and then you are all set to experience the Ramadevara Betta.

The divine steps of Ramadevara Hills

staircase to the hill top
Staircase to the hill top starts here

There are two temples at the top- One being Rama Temple another being Rameshwar Temple. From the foothills, you need to climb around 300 steps to reach the fist temple. The route is in the middle of the forest and is quite exciting

While climbing the stairs, you can see few more temples. But, the best part is that in between the staircase, you can take deviations and enjoy some breathtaking views in between. Such deviations, helps you to catch your breath and enjoy some natural beauty.

Scene you can enjoy while uphill
A majestic view while climbing up

After climbing some 100 steps, you can take a deviation on right and enjoy valley views with multiple hill formation. It can be an ideal place for friends and families to chit chat for some moment and have fun. Later, again after climbing some 50 steps, you can deviate right and have some photos clicked with the large rock foundations.

Scene you can enjoy while climbing the stairs

Ramadevara Temple


At the top, you will find Ramadevara temple. This temple is believed to be more than 1000 years old. Some people believe that Lord Rama had visited this place and killed the demon named ‘Kakasura’ who was ruling the hills. From that day onward, not even single crow fly near the hill! Well I didn’t really observe any crows flying around this place..!!

From this point near the temple you can have a good view of the hills and places around. The view of the Ramanagara city and granite rocks formations provides excellent scenery around. The scene of landscape covered with rocks and granite hills and thin vegetation is a treat to enjoy.

Scene you can enjoy while climbing the stairsView from the Ramadevara temple

From Ramadevara temple you can witness a natural pond. This pond at the hilltop is called ‘Rama Tirtha’. From the hill top, you can get some fantastic views of this lake. It is believed that the depth of this pond is still unknown. Due to safety reason, this pond is fenced to prevent people from accessing the pond.

Rama Tirtha Ramadevara BettaRama Tirtha 

Just around 50 meters from Ramadevara temple, you have Rameshwar Temple. Actually, Rama Tirtha is in between these two temples. Beside the Rama temple, there is a way to go on top of the hill. This route is little difficult to climb. You need to walk through the forest and hills. There are few spots where you can sit and enjoy the cool breeze and scenery.

Steps to trekSteps to trek

You have to almost trek a hill on a 60 degrees track. This is not that tough as you have railings which you can utilize to trek

View from Ramadevara Hill

But once you climb this, you can get amazing view of Ramanagara town, and other hills. On reaching the top you will enjoy 360 degree panoramic breathtaking views. From this point you can see all the seven hills which constitute Ramanagara.

View from Ramadevara Hill

In this peaceful environment you will enjoy the smooth blow of cold wind and a blanket of greenery in the valley. Ramanagara is a place which has the endangered vulture sanctuary. From the hilltop, you can witness these endangered vultures flying around the sky. Apart from the views, you have some cactus at the top and green grasses in patches. Its absolute bliss to be here at the top and you won’t feel like going down.

Before you head to Ramadevara Betta

It is advisable to go there early in the morning and with ample time in hand. The scenery at the hill top and the excellent views which are offered at the top is something which you need to cherish and enjoy.

There are quite a few getaways, which you will discover while trekking and it will tempt you to go there and venture the natural beauties. I won’t advise you to visit this place in rain, as the rocks will become slippery and it can be quite risky to trek.

How to reach Ramadevara Betta ?

By road, you can take Nice Road, from Electronic city, and take a deviation to join Mysore road. Drive in Mysore road till Ghousia Engineering College. From Ghousia College, drive further 500 meters and take a U-turn. Take the first left and drive further 3Km to reach the base of Ramadevara Betta.

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