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Trekking, some useful tips.

Trekking tips

The power of trekking is that you will stretch your mind and body together. A trekking trip can always give you memories that last for a lifetime.


In every walk with the nature, one receives more than he seeks – John Muir

Here are some tips that can come in handy during Trekking…..

Get your body ready. Making your body ready for a stretch is very important for trekking. For a week before the trip, do some stretching exercises or  at least go for a small walk every day. Preparing our body to feel the heat is equally important.

Closed Shoes with good Grip. This is very important while you go for trekking. A closed shoe should be used even if the terrain is little damp. It is always better to use shoes with good grips.

Know your Limits… During the trip, once you feel your energy level getting low, take a break. It is always good to have short breaks in between rather than a long walk which can lead to an extra long break. Taking long breaks during walks can also make you feel more tired.

No Compromise for Essentials. Minimizing your luggage is important for a trekking trip. But it is equally important that you must carry some essentials items with you. These include First aid kits, ropes, a knife, flashlights with extra batteries, water and extra clothes.

Carry Light Food Items always. This is very important. If you are going for a long trek, you certainly wont know when you can have a good meal. So it is always good to carry light food items like Breads or biscuits. It is advisable to avoid oily food which will not be good for digestion.

Put on some Research. It is good to spend some time and research about your trip. This will help you to plan better.

Travel in Groups. Travelling in groups is always much better than travelling alone. As Tim Cahill said, A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.

Don’t Litter. Remember that, with each step we take forward, we leave a trail for generations to come. So it is very essential that we should not spoil the nature’s beauty by Littering..

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