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Step by step guide to planning your ideal holiday

Planning your ideal holiday

In your holidays, have you ever packed all stuffs in one night and set out to a destination which you never heard of? How great that experience was?

Is this how you are doing in your holidays? Then this post is for those people, who never used to plan the holiday journeys properly.

Unless and until you are traveling like a kite, you should know the actual steps you need to follow for executing a cost effective holiday trip whether it is backpacking or family trip

Let’s go through this step by step guide.

Decide Your Destination

Deciding your destination is very important whether you are into backpacking, glampacking or traveling with your family. I have seen many people traveling without a destination in mind. Most of them are merely following a group or family without even knowing which all destinations they are going to visit.

Sounds similar? Choosing a destination is very important while planning your holidays, as it will give you a definite goal. Deciding the destination should be your first milestone which will help your planning much easier.

Your holiday destination is of crucial importance to getting what you want out of your time off – be it relaxation, exploration, adventure, or a mixture of all three.

Estimate your expenses

So you know where you’re going and how long you’ll be there, but to really nail down how much money you need, your next task is to research the costs in your destination at the style of travel you want.

How many days you want to travel? Which hotel you are planning to stay? Are you preferring couch surfing? Do you have the answers for similar kind of questions?

If you have answers in mind it’s well and good because you can estimate the cost of your trip. Planning everything in advance will help you to bring down the total expense of your holiday trip.

Start saving the money

Save each and every penny

Estimation will give you a rough idea of how much money you need to save or accumulate for your holiday trip. Saving money is really important in the life of a traveler.

Saving is not only keeping something from what you are getting, but the way you spent also matters. So spent each penny wisely.

Skipping some teas or pizzas would save some pennies for you but accumulating some money for the entire trip is crucial.

Online crowd funding and selling your talents are some of the options to raise money for your holiday trips.

Hope the things are clear now, start saving for your concrete goal.

Check the last minute deals

every one is busy

There are deals at the last minute which you will mostly miss. There can be alternate and cheaper options for what you are looking.

Planning everything in advance is a good option but always keep an eye on these last minute deals. May be the benefits you will be getting can be more than your cancellation charges. So always keep track of the deals available.

Flight and cruise booking sites will blindly offer great deals at the last minute so grab the opportunities when they appear without losing.

Book the flights

Book your flights

Booking the flights are very important in your holiday trips since it is a major part of your travel expense. If you are planning to book the tickets in long weekends or vacation time there can be chances for inflated rates for air tickets. So booking the tickets well in advance will save some bucks for us.

There are plenty of sites offering pretty decent price comparison of flights like Google Flights or Skyscanner. Doing some research will give you good and profitable results.

Moreover, it’s always cheaper to fly during the middle of the week than on a weekend, because most people travel on the weekends and airlines hike their prices then.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t travel in weekends. It’s all about your flexibility and your budget. Taking an additional leave along with your holiday is a good option since prices are also cheaper if you fly after a major holiday.

Early-morning or late-night flights are cheaper because fewer people want to travel then. The difference of one day can mean hundreds of dollars in savings.

Book Your Hotel

book your hotel

Booking hotel is yet another important part of the journey. The type of accommodation is completely up to you.
There are people who wants only luxury hotels, some needs economy hotels, some needs local lodges, some are pretty happy with couches.

In my opinion Couchsurfing is a cheaper option for the backpackers and economy hotels are good for family.

Plan accordingly to get your cost effective accommodation in the journey. Giving feedback and rating the accommodation will help other travelers for their trips. So feel free to give feedbacks and ratings after your stay.

Plan your activities

You should prepare an outline of your activities which needs to be carried out during the journey. You are in holiday with less time to waste. Planning the activities will save some time in your destination.

Don’t make the things very complicated by scheduling everything like a military camp. There should be some space for spontaneity for that relaxation only you planned everything so far, Right?

Pack for the trip

pack for the trips

Packing is the most cheerful part of the holiday trip. Most of the travelers will not get a proper sleep only because of the anxiety about the trip. Sounds similar? I am also falls under that category.

Less luggage is always gives you more comfort while traveling. I know that, you can’t minimize it beyond a limit if you are traveling with family. But I have some packing tips for travelers which will help you while packing.

Start your packing process days or even weeks ahead of your departure date; this gives you time to craft a complete list, plus purchase any additional items you might need for your vacation.

Enjoy your Holidays

Enjoy your holidays

This part should I explain? You all know how to enjoy your own holidays. It’s all up to you my travel mates.
Go on your trip and have fun! Enjoy the fruits of your labor. By using this post as a guideline, you can better organize and prepare for your trip.

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