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Swing at the end of the world, largest swing in South America is located 8500 feet


Swinging is a fun and you would have enjoyed a lot when you were kid. Getting on a swing as an adult is just as fun and thrill. But this South American country will surely give you an adventurous and breath taking experience on a swing. Known as the Swing at the end of the world, the largest swing in South America is located 8,500-feet high in the Andes mountains in Central Ecuador.

The instructor at the platform tells riders to shout as they fly through the air so that they don’t experience any chest pain. The swing, which hangs over a steep slope, is overlooking the beautiful terrain of Mt. Tungurahua Volcano.It’s amazing and pretty when the clouds are clear so you can see the volcano.

Swing-at-the-end-of- the-world- ecuador

Tungurahua is an active stratovolcano located in the Cordillera Oriental of Ecuador. The volcano gives its name to the province of Tungurahua. The cab to this place will cost you $10 and it’s paying that money for such an amazing ride as well.

Falling would probably mean death, but that doesn’t stop adventurous swingers from giving the swing at the end of the world a go.Who invented this swing, who implemented this is still unknown to most of the people, but a huge traffic is flowing to Ecuador just to enjoy the swing at the end of the world.

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