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Exploring Aazhimala , the hidden beauty near Kovalam

When I heard about this beach from my friend, Honestly I didn’t expect it would be this amazing. Aazhimala beach will really tempt you for another visit. I expected a typical beach atmosphere of Kovalam or Varkala beach, but Aazhimala beach really surprised me. I traveled on my bike to Aazhimala beach and its quite near to Trivandrum city, some 45 minutes journey. No need to worry you can take your four wheeler also till there. Mind was full of a typical beach atmosphere and usual expected verity of people. But the Lord Siva Temple at the sea shore was really a value addition for that trip. The place has some mythological stories associated with it and I can brief the story as well. Bhima the Terminator prince of Pandavas of the Great epic ‘Maha Bharatha’ had passed through the place during his self exile from the kingdom along with the other Pandava clan and who on being thirsty gave a soft pounding with his ‘Gadha’ or giant club on the rock which instantly sprouted a fresh water …