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Tiger Caves of Mahabalipuram

The hidden Tiger Caves of Mahabalipuram

Tiger cave is a rock-cut temple believed to have been constructed in 7-8 century by Pallavas like all other similar monuments in Mahabalipuram/Mamallapuram. Tiger caves are not real caves like structure and you will never find a tiger there. A single large rock carved with tiger heads around the cave temple. With elephant and a horse carved to the left. One can see the carvings on the rocks which looks like a tiger (few research helped me to identify that the animal on the rocks were a mythological creature called ‘Yeli’). Tiger Caves Mahabalipuram The place were assumed to be a gathering spot for the Pallava king to address his people. The Tiger caves are now part of ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) protected monuments and the venue is maintained neatly with proper parking space and lush green lawn/trees for visitors. It’s a calm and quite place to enjoy with your friends and family. There is a nice lawn maintained by ASI and the large trees provide some shade and cooling. This place has a …