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Cochin tramway (Chalakudy tramway) where the history sleeps

I think it’s been months, that I didn’t cover anything for the history buffs. Most of the recent articles were on the hills stations and travel tips. Yesterday I did get a chance to read about another wonderful destination for the history seekers. It’s nothing other than our Cochin State Forest Tramway. For most of you it might not be a new information, but I am trying to share the knowledge about this to my fellow travelers People who are planning to visit Athirappilly waterfalls and Vazhachal can easily cover the Chalakudy tramway. The rail lines cuts across the Western Ghats, went through lush green forests, crossed streams and rivers and was considered to be a scenic and enjoyable journey. Cochin State Forest Tramway Cochin state forest tramway was meter gauge railway line constructed between Parambilkulam wildlife Sanctuary in Palakkad and Chalakudy in Thrissur. The total length of the tramway is about 49.5 miles (approximately 79.5 kilometers). This total length is covering 3 sections, first section covers the Chalakudy – Anapantham with a length of …