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Dani Tribes of Indonesia, who will cut their fingers for the beloved

This is not a travelogue or a post on picturesque destination, but a story about the Dani tribes of Indonesia. Knowing the history and different cultures of mankind is also important as photography in travel. You can see so many tribes around the world, some are very aggressive and threat to our life like the tribes in Sentinel Island, and some are friendly with people. We can see very interesting and surprising rituals followed by these tribes which is not even known to most of the outside people. Recently I did get chance to read about the Dani tribes of Indonesia and that made me to write an article about their community and culture. The Dani Tribes of Papua The Dani tribe of Papua New Guinea can be mostly seen in the area of the Baliem Valley, which is located in the central highlands (Papua New Guinea). They are the most exposed tribes to the outside world than other tribes in the area mostly because of tourism focused in Balien Valley. Contact with the Dani …