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Government to roll out e-passport with electronic chips in India

Indian government has decided to roll out e-passport with electronic chips and bio-metric details. The Ministry of External Affairs will roll out chip-embedded e-passports, which can be incorporated with passports ensuring the information can be verified electronically. The e-passport is likely to secure the data and curb the menace of fake passports. An e-Passport contains an electronic chip that holds the same information printed on the passport’s data page. The government eased the rules for obtaining passports for various categories, including single mothers, orphans, sadhus and adopted children on December 23, 2016. The important changes in rules were put in place, after considering various requests and demands from different groups of people. The process of getting the duplicate passport also will be easy when it comes to e-passport. More than half of the nations across the globe, including Germany, Italy and Ghana already have bio-metric e-passports. What is Bio-metric passport? Biometric passports are commonly known as digital passports or e-passports. Biometric passport is a combined paper and electronic passport that consist of biometric information to …