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Pillar Rocks and David Gelli’s great tribute of love

Whoever visiting Kodaikanal can’t skip the majestic view of pillar rocks. Some travelers are lucky to see the clear view of pillar rocks and some are unlucky, they might have seen only the partial view of the rocks covered by mist. Pillar rocks were always a miracle for the tourists. Travelers who had visited pillar rocks at earlier point of time might have seen a big white cross of almost 30 feet height on the rocks. Once that cross was a point of attraction for all the visitors, but now that cross is not there on the rocks. The cross would have been a normal thing if there weren’t any story behind it, but it has a story to tell. This is not a fabricated story it’s a history. That cross is one of the saddest symbol of everlasting love. Story of David Gelli and the tribute of his love Some tourist guides and shopkeepers in that area knows this story very well. The David Gelli from England has fallen love with Kodaikanal and its …


Why people visit Kodaikanal again and again

Whenever I heard about kodaikanal during my childhood, first thing that came into my mind was its suicide points and chocolates. The most famous was of course the suicide point. But the Princess of hill stations has much more to offer. Be its the scenic beauty or the best place to cool off the summer heat, Kodaikanal is one of the favorite hill stations for the travelers to South India. The taste of the chocolates and the charming hills on western ghats can be the main force that brings me again and again to love Kodaikanal. Located in the upper Palani Hills of the Western Ghats in Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal has got very good road connectivity to Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Although the nearest railway station is Palani which is 64 KM away, the best one to chose if you plan to visit Kodaikanal will be Madurai Junction. From Madurai Junction, buses or taxis are available in ease to Kodaikanal. Here are a list of few places you must not miss in Kodaikanal Pillar Rocks …