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Gulmarg Town

Gulmarg is ready for National Ice Skating Championship

The announcement of the opening up of Kashmir’s favorite winter destination Gulmarg for the 12th National Ice skating Championship has been made. The Government hopes to make this event a huge success with an eye on the 2018 Winter Olympics as well. Around 150 athletes from 17 states are expected to take part in the events which include Short Track Speed Skating, Dancing and Figure Skating in the Golden meadows of Kashmir. Gulmarg,  must go place for the tourists visiting Kashmir,  is also known for its deep and dry curry powder snow during winter. As per the experts, the snow quality here is a unique one due to its high altitude and southern exposure of the continent at around 35° degrees latitude. These types of events can definitely boost up the confidence of professional skaters across the country and hopefully India can get a good number of representations in the next Winter Olympics which is to be held in South Korea on 2018.

Kerala Tourism bags Conde Naste Travellor Award

The Kerala Tourism has been rated as the runner up for the Favorite Indian Leisure Destination prize. This has become a proud moment for the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation, which has been keen on the tourism development and promotion across the state for the past several years. The winners, in fact, were chosen by the readers of Conde Naste Travellor magazine. The factors that which got considered were travel, tourism and hospitality. The ease of accessibility, the different varieties of places and of course the wonderful climate makes Kerala one of the best places in the world for all seasons.  Signifying the importance of this award, the Kerala Tourism Secretary G Kamala Vardhana Rao said, “As a top tourism destination in the world, we would continue to maintain the highest standards of quality and excellence desired by the travellers,” So, Travelors, never miss the warmth and freshness of the God’s own country.

Feel the nature’s beauty in one day

The Eco tourism project of the western ghats in Kerala is getting a big leap with a brand new program headed by the Forest department of Kerala. A one day tour covering the best and indigenous part of forests of Western ghats in kerala has been made a reality recently. The one day starts and ends in Konni, situated in Pathanamthitta district of Kerala. From Konni, famous for its elephant museum, the trip will cover the places like Adavi, Thannithodu, Aangamuzhi, Muzhiyar, Kochu Pamba and reaches Gavi. From Gavi, trip takes a new route through Vallakkadavu, Vandiperiyar, Kuttikkanam, Erumeli, Ranni and Kumbazha to reach back to Konni. The entire trip costs around INR 1600 per person which includes breakfast and lunch that can be carried alongside. The Forest department has procured specially designed air conditioned vehicles with a capacity of 16 people for this nature kissing venture. In addition to this, there is a coracle ride in Adavi and Boat ride in Gavi planned as part of this program. This is going to be one of …

Varikkassery mana cover

Varikkassery Mana, where heritage wins time

‘At dusk Mangalassery Neelakandan sitting in front of his palatial ancestral home ‘a scene which inspired all the film lovers and I was actually in search of “Mangalassery Tharavadu”. Finally the search completed in Manissery Village, Ottapalam Town in Palakkad District, Kerala where the Tharavadu was actually the Famous Varikkasery.The magnificent marvelous structure which speaks volumes of past glory in present tense. Varikkassery Mana Varikkasery Mana is an old Nalukettu Tharavadu in the place Manissery in Ottapalam Town, which is an old Ancestral home used by the Namboothiri Clan from Kerala for more than 1000 years. The Mana situated in a picturesque landscape of more than 10 acres which contains a beautiful Pond, Two Temples and two Pathayapuras and trees that includes all types of indigenous ones. Archaeology In 4 Acres, Varikkasseri Mana consists of one Nalukettu, two Pathayappuras (Outhouse): one to the south ( Thekke Pathayappura) and other to the west ( Padinjare pathayappura), A Sreekrishna temple, Oottupura and a marvelous large pond with kulappura ( a building at the pond-entrance). Mana was built …

Reptile Park and Golf Course in Sikkim

New Reptile Park and Golf Course in Sikkim

Sikkim, an Indian state is the planning to develop a new tourist attractions including a Reptile park in Sikkim and a new golf course. The Reptile Park will be showcasing some of the verity reptiles that are native to Himalayan State. This will be a new place of interest for the travelers and backpackers heading to Sikkim. In addition to the Reptile Park, Sikkim’s minister also proposed a new golf course to be developed near the Nathula Pass. The name to the golf course in under discussion but likely to go ahead with the name “Yak Golf Course” and which will be the highest in the world. This place is about 4,300 meters above the sea-level. To make this new projects more accessible for the travelers, the government showing good interest in completing the Sikkim’s first airport in another one year. As of now the places like Sikkim are not easily accessible because of the transportation constraints. This will be an appreciable effort from the Indian government to promote the tourism in the northeast of …

Dal Lake

Fallen Leaves in the Valley of Beauty and Guns

Whether it is between the rulers, nations or politicians, the fight for Kashmir is a cruel way to hurt nature. When it reaches its peak, the nature gives back something more disastrous like the floods of 2015. Yes Kashmir is the place of heavenly beauty for centuries. But it is also a place for cold blooded wars, political instability and what not. How Carelessly imperial power vivisected ancient civilizations. Palestine and Kashmir are imperial Britain’s festering, blood-drenced gifts to the modern world. Both are fault lines in the ragng International conflicts of today – Arundhati Roy The first look of Kashmir is of course, its snow covered peaks and valleys even in the spring season, the time which we chose to visit. By February, the harsh winter was over and summer was on its way. The area around Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir was cold, but without any snow. Like most of the South Indians, the visit to Kashmir was indeed a dream come true even though it was a brief one. First Glimpse of Kashmir It was …