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What is the best travel breakfast

What is the best travel breakfast ?

A very simple question, but which can lead to a debate topic between readers. I am not going to address this question very specifically with some general suggestions. The mode of traveling will also have some role in our breakfast. If you are doing a road trip, things can vary from a luxury travel. Let’s consider we are backpacking and see how we can plan the best travel breakfast. You can carry the below mentioned food items which will be very handy. Rolled oats. Dry Fruits and Nuts. Rolled Omelet with 3 eggs.( depends on your hunger level ) Milk/Water in Bottle. Fruits like Apple/Banana. You don’t need to carry this for all your road trips. You can manage it from the nearest town/city through where you will be passing to reach your destination. Rolled oats, Image credits: There can be chances to stay in a remote place and find it difficult to locate a hotel or restaurant. This portable food items will help you in those situations. Suppose you are already traveling with …