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Reptile Park and Golf Course in Sikkim

New Reptile Park and Golf Course in Sikkim

Sikkim, an Indian state is the planning to develop a new tourist attractions including a Reptile park in Sikkim and a new golf course. The Reptile Park will be showcasing some of the verity reptiles that are native to Himalayan State. This will be a new place of interest for the travelers and backpackers heading to Sikkim. In addition to the Reptile Park, Sikkim’s minister also proposed a new golf course to be developed near the Nathula Pass. The name to the golf course in under discussion but likely to go ahead with the name “Yak Golf Course” and which will be the highest in the world. This place is about 4,300 meters above the sea-level. To make this new projects more accessible for the travelers, the government showing good interest in completing the Sikkim’s first airport in another one year. As of now the places like Sikkim are not easily accessible because of the transportation constraints. This will be an appreciable effort from the Indian government to promote the tourism in the northeast of …