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Questions you might have faced when you announce your solo travel plan

Questions you might have faced when you announce your solo travel plan

Nowadays it’s common that people are traveling solo. It’s take courage and commitment to plan a solo trip. Definitely your friends and family will ask you 1000 questions regarding this. Certain questions will doubt ourselves to proceed with the solo trip plan. It’s easy for planning a solo trip, nobody will be there to control you, no need to follow and strict time lines. You can spend as much as time you want at your favorite destination. But it’s little painful to execute the solo trips. Here are some of the questions and worries you might have faced from your dear and near. Why you are going alone? Can’t you go with your friends? The answer to this question is pretty simple. Tell them you have enough friends, but you value your time with yourself more. Traveling alone will give you more responsibilities and capabilities. So it’s always a learning experience in life to travel alone. Won’t you get bored traveling solo? It’s a perspective question. Traveling solo will help you to find new people …

solo backpacking india

Solo backpacking tips in India

You are a very passionate traveler but none of your friends are interested in traveling. I know this situation is very familiar to you. In similar situations, have you ever thought of going for a solo trip to an unknown land? If your answer is yes to that question then you are in the right place to learn about solo backpacking. Backpacking is adventurous and thrilling but at the same time it is risky as well. Many travel mates have asked me about solo trips and solo backpacking tips which made me writing something for my friends who are looking for their first solo backpacking trip. I tried to cover up almost things to do while backpacking. What is backpacking ? In my words, backpacking is nothing but traveling to a destination where your mind is tempting you to travel without any plans.Backpacking is basically a form of low cost, independent travel. Usually the travelers will be having a light weight backpack that can be carried easily with them for long distances or long periods …