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Nilgiri Mountain Railway Heritage Train

All you need to know about Nilgiri Mountain Railway

I took a journey along the mystical mountain through the generations old contraption but still young and cheerful Nilgiri Passenger Train commonly known as Ooty heritage train. The cool breeze, the “chuchchuch”, the “wooo wooo” all made me go through a trance which made me think what brings this on? Here I have attempted to write almost everything you need to know about the Niligiri Mountain Railway. The History of Nilgiri Mountain Railway The first plans to build a mountain Railway from Mettupalayam to the Nilgiri Hills was in 1854. But it took the decision-makers 45 years to cut through the bureaucratic red tape and complete the construction and installation of the line. The rail line was completed and opened for public in June 1899. It was operated first by the Madras Railway Company under an agreement with the Government. The Madras Railway Company continued to manage this railway line on behalf of the government for a long time. Later the South Indian Railway company purchased it. Coonoor was initially the final hill station on …