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The Great Ocean Road & 12 Apostles

Great Ocean Road is one of the most adventurous trip for all travelers going to Melbourne. This road  trip is meant for people who love driving beside beautiful ocean. The scene will make your heart go ferly.

The Great Ocean Road is at a stretch of 243 kilometers which is also an Australian National Heritage. It is one of the world’s most scenic coastal drive.The easiest way to reach this place is to hire a vehicle/car rental and drive to enjoy the beauty of nature. For people who are not comfortable with driving don’t worry there are many Tour & Travelers who are providing a day packages.

Great Ocean Road

View from great ocean road


We opted to travel via a Travel Agency which has a one day bus package with pick up from different points within Melbourne city. We boarded the bus from a near by stop at Federation Square at 7:30am.

On the way  there are beautiful scenic places, if your driving you can stop at at your own convenience but in case you are travelling via bus in a day tour package , they will stop at dedicated stops and give you some time to see the place.

Its a place which can entertain any one with any preferences and taste.There are many beautiful beaches were you can do surfing, the most famous place among a lot is the Bell beach. Other water activities include Kayaking, Canoeing, boating , sailing and scuba diving.

You will see people relaxing on the beaches, walking beside the ocean, cycling on the beautiful curved roads, fishing and enjoying the beauty of nature.

12 Apostles is another main attraction on the stretch of Great Ocean Road. It is a collection of limestone stacks off the shore of the Port Campbell National Park. The strong waves from the Southern Ocean has given a different look to this site today.The Port Campbell National park protects some of Victoria’s most dramatic underwater scenery. As told by our guide, this place is a habitant for both aquatic as well as terrestrial animals like sea birds, seals, lobsters, reef fish and sea spiders.


Entry point to the great Apostels

Entry point to the great Apostels


Here if you want to have a sky view there is a provision to pay 100 AUD and have a helicopter ride which will take you top in the sky all around and you can have a wonderful view of the apostles. Also they will provide you a CD of your ride if you pay some dollars extra 🙂

Approx 5 min drive from 12 apostles is another breathtaking spot named Loch Ard Gorge. From the main bus/car parking, you can walk to the Loch Ard Gorge spot and finish at Mutton Bird Island before returning to Port Campbell. This place caries a history of the wreck of the Loch Ard.

How about seeing a London Bridge in Australia!!! Shocked right ?? Yes there is indeed a London bridge in great ocean road. This arc was formed by the slow process of erosion and early 1990’s it resulted into a  natural bridge which looks quite similar to the structure of London Bridge.

Great Ocean Road and 12 apostles along with other spots mentioned above are the major attractions near Melbourne city and are not to be missed at any cost 🙂


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