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Travel tips to save your wallet

Travel tips to save your wallet

Travelers always seek for new places. A place far away from home, with a different culture and environment is definitely in any traveler’s wishlist. But most of us face the issue of money. Long Trips means, more money.

It is always important that you save enough for one and this should be done without hurting your living budget. In the mean time it is essential that you save for your future as well.

Looks pretty complex, isn’t it. No, we are not talking about money savings plan here. These are very small things which you can change without much strain on you monthly budget. But the magic of the same done in a few months is pretty amazing.

The money saving tips

Calculate how much you can save for the trip without hurting your monthly expenses and long term savings. Think of those spending which can be avoided and create a minimum amount that should be going to the trip savings. Try to save more than the minimum amount every month

Reduce the number of chai and coffee and say no to that tasty snack sometimes. Snacks are something that reduces your budget without you even noticing. Try to shorten the intake to 2 or maximum 3 per day. In a month or two, it will make a difference in your savings.

Plan your stay and travel early. This is very important for a long trip. Research well about the places you wish to go and finalize it before going.

If there are chances of bad weather which can hamper your trip, always think of a plan B which will not waste your time and money.

If you know about someone having contacts to the places you are going, get in touch with them and find cheaper travel and accommodation options. Planning this can save your overall trip expenses.

Try cooking. If you are already good in this, try it more frequently. Else, its never too late to start. Cooking will save you money as well as health problems from eating out frequently.

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