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What can I do if I have lost my Indian Passport?


We all are humans and chances are there to loss our passport. It can be during your travel or can be a theft at a foreign country.

Once you lost passport, there is no alternative for that. You may need to apply for a new passport.

I am not going to cover the entire procedure for reapplying a lost passport like a tutorial. I just wanted to share some important steps which you need to follow after losing it.

Contact your Indian embassy or consulate

As traveler mostly you will be traveling to different foreign countries with your passport. So what you will do, if you have lost your passport during traveling?

In this situation also you can come to India on the basis of an emergency certificate. For the issuance of emergency certificate, you need to contact the respective mission/post of that country.

This is the very immediate step you need to take. Contact the nearest embassy for taking it further.

If your passport has been stolen, file a police case

Nowadays the thefts are very common in flights as well. Filing a case in the nearest police station will substantiate your request for an emergency certificate.

stolen your passport

Don’t expect the case will get resolved within a day or so like in Sherlock Holmes.

Submitting the photocopy of your passport will help you to take the procedure in a smoother way. Not having photocopy is also not a problem still you have the chance.

Photocopy of the old passport is not a mandatory document to be submitted in case of lost/damaged/stolen passport. It should be produced, if it is available.

Get ready with everything

Your emergency certificate also needs that “honorable face” to be affixed in the application. On your way to consulate try to manage a passport size photo of you. If you already have one, it’s well and good.

passport photo

But you will be required to produce, the previous passport details like passport number, Date of issue, Date of expiry and place of issue, while filling the passport application form.

If you do not have that information, then contact the respective mission/post of that country.

Be prepared for some extra fee if any

This will depends on the country, you may need to pay a little for the things to get done. So be prepared with some peanuts in your wallet.

Don't flash money

Don’t try to flash hell lot of money in your wallet which will lead to a case of Passport + Money loss.

As an international traveler, you should know the real power of your passport which will be useful in your future trips.

Hope this article will be useful for my fellow travelers who is traveling abroad with an Indian passport.Feel free to ask your queries in comments.

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