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Do you know what is the power rank of a passport ?

Power of a passport

How many of you know what is the power rank of an Indian passport ? Which country have the best passport power rank ? As a traveler, this information is important for a traveler who have international travel plans.

What is a passport’s power?

Simply the number of countries it allows you to travel to, without a visa. An American or a UK passport lets you enter more than 150 countries without a visa – at best, you’ll automatically get a Visa on Arrival. This is how the firm’s Passport Index website has ranked passports based on a ‘Visa Free Score’.

This passport power will vary every year, hence the passport index website will publish the latest rank on every year.

passport power rank
Passport power rank of India, Indian passport holders can only travel to 49 countries without visa/visa on arrival.

What is Welcoming Rank ?

Welcoming rank is nothing but, countries ranked by how many passports they accept visa-free, with visa on arrival or with eTA.

welcoming rank
You can see the most welcoming and least welcoming countries from the map

India is having a welcoming rank 22 which allows 145 countries.

welcoming rank india

I hope this information will be useful for travelers who have international plans . Feel free to share the same with your travel mates too.

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