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What is the best travel breakfast ?

What is the best travel breakfast

A very simple question, but which can lead to a debate topic between readers. I am not going to address this question very specifically with some general suggestions.

The mode of traveling will also have some role in our breakfast. If you are doing a road trip, things can vary from a luxury travel.

Let’s consider we are backpacking and see how we can plan the best travel breakfast. You can carry the below mentioned food items which will be very handy.

  • Rolled oats.
  • Dry Fruits and Nuts.
  • Rolled Omelet with 3 eggs.( depends on your hunger level )
  • Milk/Water in Bottle.
  • Fruits like Apple/Banana.

You don’t need to carry this for all your road trips. You can manage it from the nearest town/city through where you will be passing to reach your destination.

rolled oats
Rolled oats, Image credits:

There can be chances to stay in a remote place and find it difficult to locate a hotel or restaurant. This portable food items will help you in those situations.

Suppose you are already traveling with a decent budget and don’t want to trouble your stomach. Here you can consider some of the food items which are not heavy. Having a heavy breakfast will demand a quick nap while traveling.

  • Having some light breads with Jam/Honey
  • Soya Milk/ Milk
  • Juice is a good source of nutrients.
  • Granola is good for energy—and it’s easy to digest

Image credits : Wikipedia

If you want to go for a one day outing then you are free to go with almost all options available. But I would recommend to have the breakfast from home itself rather than looking for fast food shops outside.

Non-Vegetarian menu is not recommended as a breakfast while traveling. Heavy breakfast also can be avoided during travel.

I have seen people are bringing hot water and noodles during travel. It’s not a bad idea to bring it,but won’t kick start a very good metabolism.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this article, This is not a complete list of best travel breakfast suggestions for the travelers. Any help from the readers on this topic would be much appreciated.

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