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Makalidurga Trekking

The fascinating experience of Makalidurga trek

Makalidurga Hill offers a splendid trekking option for people staying in Bangalore over the weekend. Away from the concrete jungle which Bangalore has now converted in to; trekking offers a unique option to get away from this jungle and have a peaceful time on a hill top and enjoy nature. Though there are quite a few trekking options around Bangalore, but Makalidurga trek is going to be something special for everyone. The Makalidurga Trek The first major charm of Makalidurga Hills is the location itself. Makalidurga is located quite near to the city which is well connected through road and rail. Frequent buses are available from Bangalore since it’s a popular trekking destination for the beginners. View of the Makalidurga Railway Station, the point from where you will start  trekking Makalidurga railway station is the starting point of your challenging journey. Unless other trekking destinations in India, Makalidurga offers you a trek through railway tracks. For me this was the highlight of the trek. From the railway platform, start walking in opposite direction from the …