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Kakkathuruthu, The best place for sunset in the world by NatGeo

Kerala is known for its rustic beauty and an incredibly picturesque landscape, verdant hills and quiet backwaters, which attract tourists from across the world. The small island of Kakkathuruthu in Kerala’s backwaters has made it to a select list of stunning destinations across the world compiled by the National Geographic magazine. To be at Kakkathuruthu at sunset is considered as one of the best destination in the world by the National Geographic’s travel magazine ‘Around the World in 24 Hours’, a photographic tour of travel-worthy spots across the world. Now you might be wondering how this tiny island which is almost 75km from Kochi airport has become world famous. It’s a small island surrounded by backwaters waters near Eramallur. There are no bridges from this Island to the mainland and thus it’s an isolated island. Kakkathuruthu is accessible only by boat. The main feature is that there are no tarred roads. All roads within the island is lean and are not constructed properly. Kayal, The real Island retreat In this tiny island we have Kayal, …